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A simple Archer/Ranger model. Made mostly from scratch, added some details to spice it up. Special thanks go to Wandering Soul for adapting animations, so credit us both if you use this model in your map.

UPDATE: Add mouth movement on talk animations, and added a background tc plane.

archer, ranger, arrow, bow, marksman, human

Ranger (Model)

15:58, 11th Sep 2012 Kwaliti: Another great archer model for the database!




15:58, 11th Sep 2012

Another great archer model for the database!
But, with a awkward walk animation and a portrait that's mute, it could still be improved :)

Agree about the muteness, don't understand why the walk is awkward.

Jeah, the peasant face is totally akward. Use another texture.

Actually, I think it looks fine, you're probably used to the poor big-eyed peasant.

Also the body consists of the same part of the texture, change that too!

No wai, I've done that to exploit wc3 textures and add faux detail xD

I think it is mostly the portrait muteness and the stand-4 animation that need to be changed, though, he is positioning stuff awkwardly, because model I use a skeleton from has different proportions. Maybe also add melee animations.




Nice job man, could you make a mounted version as well?
I don't know why everyone likes it that much. It's good, but not that much imo.
I agree.
I'm kinda confused, your previous models were much better. At least add a teamcolored plane and moving mouth to his portrait animations..

Seems I've lost my touch, though I don't really like my models. This is something to be worked on.
Level 2
Apr 1, 2018
This is a great unit! It feels quite official too. I found it while looking for a crossbow unit, ala Warcraft 1, but this little guy is perfect.