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  • Hello there, i wanted to ask if you'd give me permission to edit the texture of your Paradise sword. i need a different color for my map.
    hey p.e how are you :D !! that was a long time !! and how goes your job :) !!
    sorry i cant help you guys much and can't complete requests anymore since I got a full time job as lead artist at an iphone games company 2 days and as you can imagine its super exciting and a wonderful opportunity for me. I'll keep you guys posted...

    Take care,
    Hello once more. I have questions, are u using 3ds max for creating models (i think u do). I have 3ds max 9 from few days ago and I would like some of ur help for improving my skills. And one more thing: answer on my page(that's how all do, for excample I didnt know u have respoded to my suggestion few posts down xD)
    HammerFist132 thanks for the positive feedback and the suggestions! very useful!
    FRENGERS of course I remember you dude and that's me indeed.
    Somehow looks like some medieval buildings from dmcp(art of war) really perfect job. U can look that pictures to get ideas xD
    Yo paradise. You suggested that I should register at two places, to place my requests, which I did. Register, that is.
    But I can't really find a request section on either site. Just asking where I should place my post to get some reasonable amount of attention.
    I've managed to create some scratch modelers these years[/quote]

    I don't doubt that a single bit, i am quite enjoying the tutorials.
    Too bad i am too busy atm to produce anything of my own, when exams clear out i may have time.

    Until then i hope to see more of your quality work both here and there.
    Really glad you find them useful mate! dont like to brag but I've managed to create some scratch modelers these years, some even more talented than myself.
    I will see what can be done about the possible affiliation.
    Lowpoly Workshop is better to hold tutorials since most of us are artists there...
    I am really enjoying your video tutorials.
    You could post them on here in the tutorial sections or maybe affiliate with THW (you would have to talk with Ralle about this).

    Anyhow i really like what i am seeing atm.
    Thanks for your support, Drunken_Jackal!
    Kingz: that and to prevent those who download and run away who most of the times forget about giving credits to our artists. both lowpoly workshop and chaos realm are friendly communities where people really help each other to reach new levels. glad you decided to join us
    I registered on lowpolyworkshop, the website looks great, atm i am just viewing the models/2d art sections and tutorials tho.

    The community seems nice.

    But i got to ask, why the prevention of guest viewing? To save bandwidth?
    I guess it means the first time you entered since you haven't logged in.

    I use 3ds max for modeling and unwrapping and Photoshop for texturing.
    Blender is very good too and free, lots of our badass modelers back on LPW use it and have outstanding results. I personally never got used to its interface.
    Thanks for the kind words!
    I love your texturing on that last sword model.
    Could you tell me what software are you using for modelling/texturing and most important for unwrapping.

    I only used Blender for modelling so far.


    The low poly workshop site... it is odd.
    It is counting the time i last visited the site as my total time.
    Last time i tried to access it i got a message:
    "You have been browsing these forums for 1296 minutes", which i assure you, have not.
    they are 2d based on 3d as I can tell.

    hmm the project sounds heavily wip atm since you need serious php+mysql knowledge to make that happen. I don't think they will make it using flash.. html+php seams like the normal choice

    atm Im trying to improve my texturing skills even more so making stuff like that would only hold me back..
    i know they are outdated, but we think that they fit perfectly with the medieval theme

    and they are not 3D, they are basicly 2D.. hmm... gifs as i can tell, that point to X direction when they move or do actions, hehe they are learning php, mySQL and then we will execute the game with flash or html
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