Random Unit (help request)

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Level 1
May 23, 2010
Hallo everybody,
i am about to create a new map, my first one.
It s called random unit and i still have a few problems.

i want to make a unit called super scv with the ability of the phoenix (anti gravity) to lift a other unit up. but this seems to be a little bit tricky.

i am still not very familiar with the data editor itself so i need help to do this.

what i allready have:
-a unit called super scv with a correct actor and custom stats.
-the unit has the ability anti gravity copy and an adidional button do activate it.

my problem: it does not work correct if i activate the abillity the scv only goes to the targeted unit (in anti gravity range) it seems like it trys to start the animation but i think the copy of this ability has no actor. but even if i give my scv the normal anti gravity ability (not the copy) it only starts the effect but dont rly lifts the target up.

plz help me i dont get it....

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