I done a bad

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Mar 10, 2008
Hey it's another one of my stupid questions

I duplicated an SCV and I'm trying to make a builder.

Now, i went to a tutorial to see what to do after that, but I noticed that I needed to duplicate things like actor and build so I can create my own version.

Is there a way to change a linked one to a duplicated?

or is there a way to remove a link? Cuz I made my own actor for my SCV, but i believe you're only supposed to have 1 actor? So how do I remove "terran construction"

man they made this too confusing >.>

Okay you know what,
I SERIOUSLY don't get it. Could someone explain the stuff in the tree below when you click a unit?

Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
The actors are linked to unit objects via their events.
Under almost all actor types, there will be 3 fields for their events. The unit the actor links to is difined in an actor's creation event. It is possible for the same actor to respond to creation events of many different unit types (if they are added to).

Basically, you have to make sure all the graphics (actors) link to the unit and all that goes with it via modifying the events to point at your unit.

Also be aware that duplication does not take into account strangly named references and is quite well capable of mangling them (so they no longer point at something valid).
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