Question about Wards

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Level 2
Sep 3, 2011
Is it possible you could use an ability to create a ward at an attachment point on the body of something like a ship or building, and it attack like a summoned ward instead of just being eye candy?
Thanks in advance
You can use it as a special effect (Special Effect - Create a special effect or the ability "Sphere") and use a dummy unit with no model and change the Art - Projectile Launch Z to fit the height of the attachment. This dummy will be moved periodically, but not with the GUI action Unit - Move unit, which will not allow it to attack, but with the functions:
  • Custom script: call SetUnitX (udg_Dummy, udg_X)
  • Custom script: call SetUnitY (udg_Dummy, udg_Y)
Not open for further replies.