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[General] Ward Turret Bone Spell Issues

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Hi y'all, I am attempting to do something that may seem simple to some, but iv looked a lot through the forums and cannot find the answer.

my example is: I am trying to mess with the serpent ward, I already know how to make it clickable and command able (remove ward classification) but what I am trying to do now is utilize the turret movement on the ''Bone_Turret''.

When I command a serpent ward to attack a target unit, the serpents ''snake'' body (the turret bone) spins, leaving the wooden ward half of the model stationary.

but if I command a serpent ward to cast blizzard, or any other point based ability for that mater, the spell simply gets casted but the turret (snake) of the model does not spin, it remains stationary.

I am attempting to Model Edit my model LavaSlagv037:


to become a raft, capable of being a nice sketchy, dangerous ride, and being able to be dismounted, sending you off, using the attachment point origin, similar to this model:


but by using the Bone_Turret function my idea is to being able to cast this animation of the attachment point flying forward in an ark much like this Mine Cart, but to any direction the model's turret its self is facing. much like the serpent ''strikes'' in any direction the turret is facing.

problem is, casting spells does not perform this turret turning act that I require, so before I even try to build a model that has an attachment point that arks out over using a ''Bone_Turret'', I need to know this can be done.

so basically my goal is to get a serpent ward to cast a spell (any in game spell, as long as its ground targeting/AoE/channel) while the wooden ward half of the model is remaining stationary, and to turn in that direction while the body of the ward's stem remains the same,

this is similar to what I shall do with my Lava Slag model iv uploaded but with the turret being an invisible attachment point for the riding unit, and the ward of the serpent being the actual lava slag model its self. hence an attachment pointed unit ''hopping off'' the lava slag in any direction you please. movement of the ward will be trigger based, so this is not an issue.

can making a serpent ward turn using spells cast by the ward without turning the serpents wooden lower half be possible? without using some trigger to order this lava slag to attack some dummy? because I don't want the lava slag unit to have an attack damage visible.

thanks for you're time.
Level 13
Oct 10, 2009
Try using some form of this:
  • Animation - Lock (Casting unit)'s Head to face (Target unit of ability being cast), offset by (0.00, 0.00, 90.00)
Edit: Seeing as you are using a point casted ability, you'll have to do some funky shit with the X,Y offset in order for it to face target point
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