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[Escape / Maze] Pyramid Maze The impposible 1.1

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Pyramid Maze The Ruins v1.3.1

Pyramid Maze
The Ruins



1.This gameplay is easy, the only thing you have to do is to search for survivors and kill them.
2.You spawn on the middle of the map.
3.Don't worry about the players they have 4 or 5 other walking problems ,and the problems do their job good how you.
4.When the time is over,monsters win the game!
5.Survivors can be invisible for 10 sec,and they can get a little bit boost of speed.
6.U can find more info about the gameplay in the Survivor Gameplay(can be useful).
This gameplay is truly hard.
1.Only one survivor can win the game,so you can use ensnare to trap the players and they will get eaten from the monsters, then their have to start again from the start.
2.Ensnare is not only for trapping players this is too useful to stop monster from hunting you.
3.Your only weapon is Ensnare(or how i call the fish net) so be careful ,because when u use it,u can use it again after 240 seconds.
4.Use the command -end if you don't know where is the end.
5.Every 240 sec. shows all monsters on the minimap map instead the demon(the player that is a part of the monsters).
6.It exist 5 types of monsters they are:
-Soul Eater(he moves in the underground and he can kill you with one hit ,but he has very slow attack speed)
-Dark Speed(He is fast if he chase you then you can't survive without Ensnare or ShadowMove)
-Mummy(just a heavy ranged units,sometimes you don't hear this monster shot be careful)
-Deep Shadow(he has true sight,and he have the permanent invisibility ability but he has low damage ,and you can see him when he is close to you ,or sometimes is it to late for you ,because he have already touch you.
-Demon(he is the only one monster that is not pinged on the map ,he can stun anything around him with a ability, he have a big sight,he can be invisible and fast before the ability duration is not over,he has the ability far sight,and he is the only one in the map).
7.On the middle of the map spawns 1 monster,2 left and 2 right ,and on the middle is the demon.
8.All monsters are invulnerable so you can only Ensnare them.
9.You have a ability named ShadowMove,can be very useful,but take care of it,because when you use it,then u can use it again after 350 sec.
10.You can learn more about the gameplay in Monster Gameplay(can be useful).

-1 open slot for a player that wants be a monster.
-All players have the name Survivor,except monsters.
-Earthquake effect.
-10 open slots for survivors.
-1 open slot for the guy who wants to be a monster.
-Custom units.
-Custom abilities.
-AI for 4 monsters,5 if you put computer in the demon slot
-1h Timer.
-Map size is Epic.
-5 types of monsters.
-Custom UI.

[email protected] or where you think i will see it!

-Fixed lag.
-The units from not playing players are not more ingame.
-Add earthquake.
-Add black mask to monsters.
-Add new terrain for the spawn point of the survivors,for the spawn point of the monsters ,and for the end.
-Fixed ingame description.
-Add effects and doodads to some places.
-Deleted some sound effects and some weather effects to reduce the lag.
-Add music.
-Add locked time to 00:00.
-Add the same color for players ,and the same name ,except the monsters.

-More information in F9(info).
-Changed terrain a little bit.
-Add new abilities.
-Deleted some abilities.
-Edited some abilities
-Deleted 4 monsters,so u can find now on the map maximal 5 monsters,if the demon plays too
-Add custom map preview ,and loading screen
-Fixed bugs
-Changed some effects
-Add new interface

-Fixed some bugs
-Edited some units
-The camera is not more locked for the demon(in main,the monsters have not a locked camera)
-Add more commands
-Add more information in F9(info)
-UI changed

-Edited Units
-Edited Abilities
-Fixed some bugs
-Survivors are not more pinged in the minimap for monsters
-Edited the information in F9(info)

-Add limitless rounds
-Fixed Icons
-Changed UI
-If you put now a computer on Demon slot,then you will add one more AI(bot,computer)
-Add more information in F9(info)

-Fixed some bugs
-Removed limitless rounds
-Add more information in F9(info)

-cmds (shows the commands)
-end (to know where is the end)
-suicide (if u want die,but u will respawn after 60 sec.)

Author and creator(owner):
THE Bora_Balboa
Skins,Icons & Models:
This stuff are from the members of Hiveworkshop.com
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Time to answer some questions xd:
So what stops the WC3 path finder from routing you to the end? Can it not cope with mazes of this scale? Or does it fail due to the black mask?
I even don't know what is a "WC3 path finder",but i know that is a cheater app.So cheating is lame in WarCraft III ,and we all know that only kids use cheats.So basically if the path finder can't move the units trough a invulnerable gate ,that opens a button ,that is in the front of the gate.Anyways you seriously can't reach the end without to get ensnared with a net from a another player ,or without to get murdered from a monster.

Does the game randomly generates the maze? Because that will be more challenging
Nope the map didn't have this,is it even possible to make it?(if this is possible,then i am seriously it will be not in the next version, because it sounds like it will be hard for me to trigger this.)
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Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
I even don't know what is a "WC3 path finder",but i know that is a cheater app.,so cheating is lame in WarCraft III and we all know only kids use cheats,so basicly if the path finder can't move the units trough a invulnerable gate that opens a button that is in the front of the gate,okey...that means i have read about this cheater app.,anyways you seriously can't reach the end without to get ensnared with a net from a another player or without to get murdered from a monster,the map is enough big to make the paths tiny in the map,so what is in the map so difficult for players:
1.you can not see through the fog and with black mask you cannot explore the map and that can make the players confused while playing the map.
2.other players can ensnare you with net and it can happen that a monster find you with ensnared status and that means that he can kill you,if he has enough damage to kill you while you are ensnared.
3.So it exsist a 1h timer that is for me a enough hard time,i played it a half hour and was confused a hell,so i created the map and its hard for me to reach the end,basicly i never reach the end, becasue i am to busy for this,why?i work on other maps!
What are you talking about? I said that the unit pathfinder (which all RTS games should have) used by WC3 to move units between two points on the map is able to solve some mazes automatically. What is to stop me from simply clicking at the maze "centre" and letting the game work out how to get there? Lack of vision does not help if the centre is always in the same place, even if the path to it is randomized.

Nope the map didn't have this,Is it even possible to make it?
Yes random mazes do exist. Algorithms were created for them. Think of Diablo II.
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