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Looking For Beta Testers

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Jan 8, 2008
Base Zero Under Siege is a defense and strategy map I have been working on and I would like to hear comments on it so far I made this map for fun and its one of my smaller ones and I will be making nuch larger projects too (NOT EVERYTHING IS IMPLEMENTED YET) it features 8 waves of attacks has 3 unique monsters and has 1 event.The Game Uses Custom Models Projectiles and skins made by others mainly and some by me.

Zombies and monsters have invaded the lands of the world only a few live and now call themselves "The Survivors" and now must stop the invasion.
The Game Will Feature This in Future
- Over 20 unique and powerful weapons each with its own pros and cons, and also features 5 secret weapons.
- Has over 100 different monsters, Over 40 Unique Monsters and 10 Boss Monsters
- Granis Heavyfire can be equipped with over 30 different weapons,gadgets,power ups and more.
- Build up to 3 different barricade types also features 1 secret type.
- Base includes secret exit and a zombie Repel Shield allowing you to search the defeated monsters for any loot.
- Can hire over 25 different survivors to support the Base

Thanks To
General Frank
Talon the Mage

For Custom Models/Skins used in game

Would Like to hear comments or suggestions on the map.


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