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Pudge @ MMA Fight (Need a Crew)

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Level 19
Feb 15, 2008
(NAME DONT KNOW YET) MMA fight something.

I started on map and got inspired by the Warlock map. And got a new idea. So the idea was to make abomination fight instead of wizards. And when i tested the map it was funny (Real funny).

Map goal.

1. Start in arena there you fight each other with knock back system.

3. Just a few items so it wont be to much to think of then just fighting.

5. 4 spells with no mana use to make it easy.

6. Its like an aim_map training for abomination.

This is what i need to fix in the map.

1. Kill when you kill hero should get gold and say 100 gold is split etc.

2. Normal mode doesent work. When typing normal mode it should ask how many rounds and you type in the rounds. And then say 1.2.3 FIGHT!.
The mode restart randomly or something i dont know why.

9. Making so the Trigger bots buy items when they have x of gold.

Thats pretty much them all.

So back to the map.

350 kb big
10 players
2 observers
some easy modes
few items
just fight and score

Cant be more easy and better.

What i need a crew for is probably things i suck at my self.

So what i need is.

1. (GUI/JASS Trigger) Anything and should be pretty good at it. (Little of work to finish so).

2. Terrainer who can make terrain a bit better.

3. Story writer. Some one whos good at making storys.

4. Some one whos good at helping me post the map at hive so everything looks clean and nice. Like hidden tags and more i suck at those sry for that.

5. Art designer who can make loadingscreen mybe cnp work to. Also a good minimap.

6. Would be great with some beta testers to.

1.(GUI/JASS)=Doomguy80, DotCa
2.(TERRAIN)=Shanghai, Hell Master
4.(HIVE WRITER)=Losam, Daffa the Mage
5.(ART DESIGNER)=Legal Ease (YouTube Video)
6.(BETA TESTERS)=Shanghai, Daffa the Mage, Arcadia

Here is the Crew list.

1. Doomguy80
2. DotCa
3. Shanghai
4. Hell Master
5. Losam
6. Daffa The Mage
7. Legal Ease
8. Arcadia

Under here will be some Screenshots also in game screen.



  • MMA In Game Action.JPG
    MMA In Game Action.JPG
    173.1 KB · Views: 405
  • MMA Pudge Arena.JPG
    MMA Pudge Arena.JPG
    308.5 KB · Views: 183
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Level 30
Nov 29, 2012
Maybe I can help you on terrain?

To start off giving tips about your screenshot, I think you can still iimprove on how the arena itself looks like, I do think it needs more dread feeling or deadly feeling, maybe putting blight tile in the arena will be a good idea and just some decors outside.
Level 19
Feb 15, 2008
Nice. I will add you to team. I just wait for map. its being fixed by DotCa. So when its finished you can remake the terrain better if you like to. But dont change the size of the fightning ring just. Would be great with a good terrainer in the team.
Level 19
Feb 15, 2008
DotCa did fix all things. Just 2 things missing. Ye would be nice with youtube video. You wana join team?

Thnx DotCa for fixing loads of stuff.

This is what i need to fix.

1. Normal mode. When choosing normal mode you should see text asking how many rounds. And then you type for example 10. Then should be 10 rounds.

2. When normal mode is choosen. It should work like this. If its 5vs5 then if 1 team kill the other team then round 2 should start after all r dead in enemy team. Now it just start respawning the hero. Like in death match.

Normal mode should be normal mode then i think most things r fixed.
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