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Magic Lands (RPG) - Need a crew!

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Level 9
Apr 25, 2009
Hi there!

I am making a map and now I could need some members from Hiveworkshop to help me with systems, spells and so on. Note that the name (Magic Lands) can be changed.

This is a list of what I am looking for:

Spell maker (GUI and vJASS).
System maker (GUI and vJASS).
2D art maker (Icons).
3D art maker (models).
Not more than 6 members can join this project.

Map information:
Size: 480x480 (maximum).
Players: 1.
File size: n/a.
Type: RPG.
Terrain: Advanced.
Spells: Advanced.
Systems: Advanced.
Icons: Medium - Advanced.
Models: Easy - Advanced.

The map is a large single player map. There will be tons of quests, professions and achievements to get. The map has a advanced terrain, walk-in-able houses and buildings, custom shadows from trees and walls and much more! The map will have custom models, weapons and gear that shows on the character, character editor (change color and more), custom sounds and so much more. But I will need help...

There are screenshots attached to prove this project is alive and real.

You who want to join...
Is a person who is nice and easy to talk to. You understand most/everything about the WC3 editor. You have access to computer daily and love making maps. You can handle stress and can communicate easily.
You must have MSN and/or Skype to communicate with the other crew members. You must be skilled in what you do and really be ready to do a great work! It will be tough, but we got no time limit so we can take our time. If you help making the map until it is released, you will be granted "Administration" award in the website, you will also be listed as a "Map creator" in the map! But most important, we do it for fun and to give the WC3 players a great new map!

Want to join?
Reply or send a PM to me!
If you need more information, feel free to ask!


  • Magic_Lands_screenshotid001.png
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  • Magic_Lands_screenshotid002.png
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  • Magic_Lands_screenshotid003.png
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Level 9
Apr 25, 2009
Thanks guys, well it must be singleplayer due to the large map and amount of doodads, I don't like that either but I want to create a beautiful map with tons of things to do, and that can't be done in ORPG maps. I wish the maximum file size for usage in Battle.net was larget :(
Level 9
Apr 25, 2009
Haha ye well they must be leakless and so anyways, still needs a bunch of work when it comes to spells :)
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