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Last Activity:
Jul 3, 2018
Jul 25, 2008



I'm baaaack Apr 22, 2018

Lord_JiangWei was last seen:
Jul 3, 2018
    1. Lord_JiangWei
    2. Legacy18
      hi lord jiang wei!
    3. KAIL333XZ
      Hi! Well, you can use default Peasant's portrait, or I if don't like to do it, I'll include Portrait model in the archive.
    4. chaoslord301
      You still modding on WC3?
    5. sethmachine
      Hello ^^

      Which script are you referring to? And vJASS is "plain" vJASS (Vexorian JASS).

      Also I forget where we met, please remind me haha!
    6. RED BARON
      Okay :smile: And as you can see I didn't get the time (ended up painting the final stuff on the house instead). Anyway I'll try to get it completed as soon as possible.
    7. RED BARON
      Yea, I actually came very close to finishing it in my distraction moment while I was supposed to be preparing for finals :grin: I am on my way to bed and is somewhat swamped due to my sister having a confirmation party in 3 days, but perhaps I'll get the time to work/finish it late tomorrow (or actually today since I just haven't been to bed yet) - but can't promise it with certainty. Hope your finals went well :smile:
    8. RED BARON
      Hehe, well I thought to finish it at the conference I was at - which didn't really happen as I was basically to tired/or came home to late. But now that I am back I should finish soon (as in I had thought to do it today :smile:)
    9. RED BARON
      Yep, and I am also back from my vacation and my polterarbend - though I still have a wedding coming up and some other stuff to do. But I am back and have time to work on stuff again :smile:
    10. DivineLight
      thnks lord ^^
    11. RED BARON
      Indeed I am :smile: Just getting a grip with everything that have occurred while I been gone.
    12. T. D. W.
      T. D. W.
      Deleted Message
    13. DivineLight
      sorry, just mad to you :3
    14. T. D. W.
      T. D. W.
      who said the word shithead??? o.0
      and ty for deleting it
    15. T. D. W.
      T. D. W.
      Can you Please Delete This Post of Yours? the Workshop is moving to another Thread and we want that the 1500 post of mr bean will be the last, so please delete it
    16. DivineLight
      can you delete your latest post in Spellworkshop please
    17. Mr_Bean
      Nearly done :)
      Just need to finalise it.
    18. Mr_Bean
      About your gate system:
      - So when the guards die, they respawn x seconds later at the same captain?
      - If the captain is dead, they just don't respawn?
      - If the captain dies, what happens? Can I clean up the system (remove hashtable values, deallocate structs etc)?
    19. KenshinUesugi
      Yeah, just I don't have an internet access. I been making maps for lan parties and shit that me and my friends do. Eventually I will get internet and return.
    20. Map Designer
      Map Designer
      Hay there sir JiangWei
      How are you doing? and how is that dynasty thing of yours?
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    Kirin Tor
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