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Problems concerning editted LordSNatural.blp

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Level 3
Apr 20, 2010
I've made my own custom LordSNatural.blp however it is causing World Editor to crash.
If a map contains anything using the texture on loading, it will crash World Editor. Specifically, when loading Doodads.
If the map does not contain anything using the texture, it will load successfully, however all objects that use the texture will be in full black (I don't know if this is actually Team Colour or not, I've only seen Doodads use LordSNatural.blp). Placing one of these doodads will make World Editor crash. World Editor will also crash while exiting if I don't close the map first.

I have resaved the skin in 32bit TGAs (Which in my experience worked perfectly for everything else) and converted (and reconverted) to BLP with Warcraft 3 Viewer.

The texture works in Warcraft 3 Viewer just fine, in-game all uses of the texture are full black and World Editor crashses.

The texture itself has had no changes to the alpha channel, indeed only a small portion has been changed (Specifically the section texturing the corpse doodads).

I'm stumped.

The texture is in the correct place "Textures\LordSNatural.blp", I tested importing the texture as exported by WinMPQ. If anyone has any ideas that may fix the issue I'd be delighted.
Not open for further replies.