[Crash] Problem with DD Universal Spellpack (Jass NewGen Pack error)

Level 1
Jul 17, 2011
When I save the spellpack, there is a message:

How can I fix it?
Link: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/spells-569/dd-universal-pack-v4c-107913/
Level 11
Jul 7, 2010
You need newgen and also ddup_x.j
My spell pack requires Jass NewGen Pack v5b or v5d. As well make sure to have newest JassHelper

This works with my edited libraries "ddup_x.j" which need to be placed in your jass folder that can be found in JNGP folder. So download ddup_x.j file here.

And it also tells you what to do if you read the triggers in the map, Always helps to read you know.
You aren't supposed to make a ddup folder, instead place the file "ddup_x.j" inside this folder:
Warcraft III\jassnewgenpack5d\jass

If you still get the error, then you might need a special version of NewGen that DD released a long time ago. (He added some of his own functions, and you need the UI data for the map to load/save) I think the link was taken down though, so I recommend you get in contact with him if it doesn't work.

EDIT: Also, you can open ddup_x.j with notepad or any other text editing tool, copy the text, click on your map's header (open the trigger editor, and click your map's name listed above all the triggers), and then paste it all over there. Then remove the line //! import ddup_x.j or whatever it is.