Prisonbreak 2 v0.4

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Prisonbreak 2

Map Type: Mini-game
Estimated Gametime: 15-30 Minutes
Suggested Players: 6-12 Players

New Features:
New Features:

  • New Classes
  • More Items
  • New Branching Levels
  • Variable Guard Placement
  • Unreal Spree Sounds
  • Better Balance
  • Silly Things
  • Secrets
  • Fun
  • More Fun

Inspired by the TVshow Prison Break and Ninjas vs Samurai, this is an assymmetrical mini-game which can last up to 30 minutes. The point of the game is to escape prison or shoot down the escapers as a guard. Your hero can only take one hit from hand combat or bullets from guards. The game progresses as escapers unlock doors and reach checkpoints. For every checkpoint the escapers gain additional time which can be used to escape. If the timer runs out, the escapers can be killed, but won't respawn. So escapers can still complete the game when the timer runs out, if they manage to survive. The map is easy to pick up and learn, but hard to master. Escapers are somewhat more difficult than guards for first time players.

The guards may have guns, but that doesn't mean escapers can't put up a fight. The inmates are experts at hand to hand combat and one hit will kill a guard. Using simple movement maneuvers the escapers can dodge bullets and close in. They also have a wide array of abilities and items to aid them. Each escaper has a various set of abilities. There a three different classes: Strong, Sneaky and Smart Escaper.

The guards are equipped with guns and can shoot the escapers. They will generally want to distance themselves from the target and play it safe. Often hugging to barricades to fall back on. The guards play the more defensive role in the game, as they must set up lines of defense or set up traps. Their objective is to stall the time for the safezones to go down. So that escapers can be killed permanently. The best strategy is often to guard keypoints. The guards can pick between three classes: Grenadier, Hunter and Engineer.


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Hero Selection

Meeting Room

Guard and Doggie

Sewer Level

Forest Level

Medical Bay


The Courtyard

Sniper Towers


The Tunnels Level

Final Exit


Afronight_76: Television
Amigurumi: Evil Toilet + SpinningKnife
Antihero: RiflemanElite Skin
Bisnar13: Bed
Blizzard: Blizzard Icons + Nuclear Launch Detected
Blood Raven: Toilet Paper
Cavman: Rat Ogre
ChevronSeven: AncestralGuardianMissileBlue
Crazyrussian: Detonate Icon
Darkdeathknight: Camera Icon
Deolrin: Crate
D.O.G: Cheese + Banana
Domokun: Sentry Gun
EdwardSwolenToe: orb03
Epsilon: PulseBuff2 + Container + HighspeedProjectile
Gamegear: Rifleman Scope
General Frank: Rolling Barrel + Bear Trap
Goldwolf: Shelf
Grendel: Engineer
HerrDave: Spruce Tree
InfernalTater: Villager Top/Bottom Half
KC: Villager in robe
Kofi_Banan: Train+Wagon
Lord-T-Rex: Mine
Mc!: Goblin Remote Airplane
Muoteck: Nuclear Icon
Mythic: BananaMissile
PrinceOfFame: Molotov Coctail
Rising_Dusk: Knockback System
Sephiroth_VII: Straight Track
Splatt: Bomb
Solu9: Falchion Icon
Solus: Wooden Mug
SuPa- : Simple Club
Teaspoon: Fence + Wire + Spotlight
The6thMessenger: Nuclear Strike Spell
Turiel: Rifleman Elite + Brahn Bronzebeard
Unreal Tournament: Spree Sounds
Villager: Villager


New Class: Mental Escaper
New Class: Sniper

Map Terrain Changes:
-New unit placements
-New destructable: crate

Level: Office: door security only opens the left door now
Level: Office: narrowed down the left hallway
Level: Tunnels: has been shortened greatly and visually updated
Level: Forest: has gotten trench points around the train
Level: Sewers: has less entrances to the waterway

Hero Pick: Visually updated

Strong Escaper: Visually updated
Strong Escaper: Fixed a bug where Focus Power didnt work
Sneaky Escaper: Visually updated
Mental Escaper: Mind Tap is active ability now
Mental Escaper: Fixed bug that caused desync

Hunter: Visually updated
Hunter: Has Stab instead of Radar
Engineer: Visually updated

Items: Net works differently
Items: Removed Nuclear Console
Items: Needle is now Knife
Items: Increased the price on Land Mine
Items: Lowered the price of turret
Items: Increased the price and limit of Helicopter

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Prisonbreak 2 v0.4 (Map)

Level 6
Jul 9, 2006
Finally an update! Great map! :D
Just needs some more depth for the experienced players...
And guards have become imba... There are levels where there are just too many chokepoints... And escapers have no way of killing barricades from a long range...
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Level 6
Jul 9, 2006
Mines are imba at certain points where there's only one entrance... The only one I can think of is the 1st level the lever and exit and 2nd level just the exit. The only way to defuse them is to have a smart escaper defuse them... But that takes 3-4 sec casting time and then you have to wait 60 sec to defuse the next one...

EDIT: New version!
You do know you have to improve description now, right? :)
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Level 5
Dec 20, 2007
Can u rework this prisonbreak?

I think 3.7 is more fun than 3.9c.

Example , 3.9c police got many heavy guard and their side got a small time in order to escape and i think you should be added more sound like killing spree same as version 3.7
Level 6
Aug 29, 2011
On garena, a version V4.3 Last circulates by the author name Jokar111.

Credits are given to Solu9, SAO.MIdoRas, Ladrot and Dontcryman.

I have Jokar111 as friend :D
and DCM's account has been hacked ..

Anyway What's the point of this, sharing in here? (no offense just asking) :D
Level 2
Dec 27, 2009
Hi ive been playing Prisonbreak 2 recently and there's been some bugs:
- sometimes we get a horrible fps drop which can vary in intensity and lasts until the end of the game.
- an escaper used soulstone on me while i was a guard, it worked but I never respawned again after dying (not even in next zone), but he kept respawning normally

those 2 bugs above happened in v.01, I haven't played v.02 much yet so idk about it

- in v.02 a sniper guard couldnt shoot. Bullet trail effects just appeared and stayed at where he was standing. Other sniper players could shoot normally.
Level 2
Feb 16, 2011
So I played the map, tested in single and in multiplayer. I gotta say the idea is amazing but the game seems a little short. You could add 2 more targets to reach or expand the ones already existing. But so far I haven't noticed bugs or glitches... To me it seems the map is working pretty good, except that it's pretty short and has little choice of classes and items. But the map is deffinetely worth playing - I enjoyed several games in a row with friends! :D Can't wait for the next update.
Level 24
Nov 9, 2006
I don't have any plans expanding the map for now.
I think 6 levels are enough honestly and they offer a great deal of variety.
The unit placement also changes every time you play the game to mix things up.
I would add more items if i could come up with any that would benefit the gameplay, i just don't want to include items that barely get any use.
So if you have any ideas, by all means throw them at me.
As for classes, there will only be 4 for now.
Unless i can come up with a new hero that fits my criteria of fun, balance and synergy i don't want to make any new ones.
For v0.3 i will rework strong escaper, sniper and engineer.
Level 3
May 26, 2010
is it intended for a mental prisoner to be able to mind control a nuke onto guards

like you're basically better off not having a sniper on your team if that huge "fuck you" is going to be there

also the helicopter bomb thing doesn't seem to work half the time
Level 24
Nov 9, 2006
like you're basically better off not having a sniper on your team if that huge "fuck you" is going to be there

also the helicopter bomb thing doesn't seem to work half the time
It's happening because of a lazy solution that i went it. When you fire the bombs, they won't go off because target area is unpathable, which also means they're unlikely to kill anyone.
Level 4
Apr 24, 2017
This game need to implement more areas and extra to no repeat just the same area over and over,still is amazing map and just so fun to play!
Keep update some day to improve new things, and balanced others.Have a good day sir 5/5 rating :)
Level 10
Jul 4, 2016
Interesting, a update to an ancient map after all these years. Surprised to find out who the author of this classic.
Level 4
Jan 20, 2016

We played a lot with people on BattleNet recently! This is a great map :wgrin:
I have a few suggestions:
- Make it possible to somehow kill the helicopter? Not an easy way of course. People were complaining.
- Make it possible to pack and unpack mines, because they're useless after teleport to the new area.
- Optional friendly fire mode?
- Difficulty setting both for escapers and guards. If escapers want to have harder game, they can vote for it (for example by -hard command) and give additional gold income to guards... the same for guards hard mode.
- Additional map with different theme. I would love to see something with arctic theme. Idea: Players start within scientific facility. They were test objects and it's time to escape. Areas such as laboratory, underground caves. snowy zone outside... However the minimap is already cluttered so I would wait for the next Warcraft III update, they need to add actions for manipulating minimap ingame... I know this is a big one.
- Rare item for 1-hit protection? Like a shield or something.

Feel free to ignore all of them :ogre_hurrhurr:
Level 24
Nov 9, 2006
Im glad you like it :)

Right now you can kill it with mind control and i believe with explosives.
But you're right, having more ways would be healthy for the game.

Packing Mines:
Thats a decent point, but im not sure if restocking guards with traps is something escapers will be happy with.

Friendly fire mode:
Uhh no lol.

Difficulty Setting:
It's not that this isn't possible, but i'd rather add some sort of slingshot mechanic to help the team thats struggling.
The core problem right now is that whatever team im on, the opposite team usually starts yelling OP because they're so bad and they start leaving.
Its just impossible to get balanced teams or have games without leavers now that bots are dead.

New map:
I'd love to make one, but it's time consuming. My other map Warcraft Royale takes much higher priority.

Protection Item:
You mean like a kevlar? I'll see what i can do.
Level 24
Nov 9, 2006
I've uploaded a fixed version that should work on battlenet.

I planned to release v0.5, but all the imported files got scrambled because of a corrupt file.
Which means i either have to work with a backup or reimport all the imported models and textures.
Theres still the work of finding and eliminating the file which caused the problem in the first place.
So the workload has been piled up and i'm honestly just fed up working on the map since theres no easy solution.
It's also not helping that blizzard is releasing new patches that break the editor, the map protection software that i use and that i have to use backwards solutions to fix problems.
So im honestly just fed up with blizzard, warcraft 3 and working on bugs like corrupt files.
This will be the last version.

If anyone wants to continue the project then PM me.