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  • If I fail, then you fail more than a failuring failure from the failyness of fail.
    You are german? Ew, I didn't know that. Anyway, great job on the remake. We can play if you want.
    I don't really know whether you stop or continue it right now?!
    It would be really a pity when you stop developing. It's (Imho) one of the best maps for wc3 (until yet).
    What about your project? Is it rescued or dead?
    I fixed all the inventory bugs now. (Really all)
    hmm i downloaded the map and it works fine, i can open and save it... please try to download JNGPS from last link and make sure to extract it in new folder (not overwrite files) and then go to that folder, run the NewGen WE.exe and make sure EGUI is enabled. then click on "open map" icon and select ur map. for me works fine! if it still does not work please tell me which JNGPS version is that and step by step on what did you do and what error tells you. would be good if u can take picture of that JNGPS error.

    Ahh, yeah since its JNGPS from my friend he has different name for it... anyway i made an full JNGPS pack so u just need to extract it and run the editor, open ur map and ur done.

    if it does not load! then please send me ur map and ill try to decode the EGUI report you told me about. reason why it occures might be because you did not update (used latest patch for JNGPS) coz old one had some different events... this is the new-est one with more features and some old bugs fixed...

    anyway if u still cant open ur map ill try to fix it myself on my pc and send you the the fixed map which works with new-est JNGPS.

    All best!
    Well, the map isn't lost.
    Also, why did you use JNGPS?
    A new Editor doesn't mean you should use it.

    Anyway, you can still ask for the editor with saying that you need the editor and help to bring your map again to JNGP.
    The CustomInventory white icon bug is fixed and the hand only weapon bug also.
    If you still need help implementing it, I can help you.
    If you need to get help how to install JNGP, make sure to read the tutorial I wrote in my signature.
    meh, just forget it. I just wanted to know why you didnt like the WoW UI.. becouse that is exactly what the whole thing was about. the wow inventory..
    Then why did you make that useless post there? D:
    The thread is made to talk about the inventory, and you respond with a message telling us that you hate wow >.<'

    I used visitor message becouse i didnt want to go off-topic aswell.
    You said that you didnt like wow in the inventory system thread.
    and may i ask you, what makes the wow interface bad? it is simple & perfect.
    If you dont like questing well, thats one thing, but he was refeering to the wow overall.. and you respended that you agreed.

    So seriously, what is wrong with the wow interface?

    PS. I do not play wow anymore so dont tell me that im one of those wow freaks, seriously i hate grinding and all such things, but the interface is almost as great as it possibly could be.
    I only do this because I've headache and can't concentrate, and waited for CloudWolf but he obviously isn't coming.
    I see.Yeah i can understand that. However wirhout previews, threads and such I don't know what people are waiing for
    Check our conversation:
    LTGH and Anachrons Conversation.

    Btw, I am making itemsets aswell, which have bonuses if you have all items of a set. But that only if you have the FullScreenUI and all of the items equiped, or if you have the normal UI. This will take a while.

    Also, I am working on the stacking part, on a save/load system, on an advanced seek systems for the items and last but not least, a very nice addon. You can now enable BonusStacking, meaning that charged items with bonuses do give bonuses multiplied by their charges. 2x Clawns of Attack +6 give +12 dmg, and so on. Thats just optional and can be disabled if you wish.
    Slow me down? Who cares... tell me please, I want to know if my system is able to implement that. If yes it wouldn'T take that long,... :)
    I didn't want to pwn him, just wanted to show him the things he didn't cared of and what actually makes an inventory system good.

    I am sorry for my delay, but its worth it.
    yeah, I checked it, please check my review so you can see in which points king did not do a good job.
    The post.
    well you didn't say anything anymore
    seems like it worked for you,
    if you found any bugs then tell me
    i dont need credits or something
    here's the new link
    im sorry for making that fault, i copied everything into a new map and changed some things
    also: you saw the second system which is in there? it's a loot system, the orange/golden balls show that an item dropps, the white balls just give exp
    i'll upload it soon together as a pack and with some documentation, mb also more efficent dont know yet

    here's the link: http://rapidshare.com/files/324014669/blublabla.w3x.html
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