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  • Still doesn't understand.. But i can test doing them and i hope you can change the damage yourself.
    How much should the slash spells dmg? And the overtime dmg its the whole dmg right? not that he/she does the spell then it dmging all units in x range for 100 dmg and then 100 over 4 sec.?

    And the dash spell what do you mean with the 20% thing ? and dash do you mean stun? and the rage he dash them is it circle round the caster ? If not Wide = ? Lengh = ?
    Im very happy that you ask me :)!! but sadly im doing a grunt challange for my clan right now. Clan CBS. And my task is to make a map so i wont be available this week. But post your spells to Xilinger in his thread im sure he will make them :)

    PS: If you got some more spells please post them to me next sunday! I love making spells and make other people happy :D
    And i haven't made a thread about requesting spells cuz i can't do all spells Xilinger are 50 times better then me ^^
    Once again thanks!
    Regards Chewii
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