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Post Count Problem/Bug

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Minor inconvenience
My post count just stoped (at 200)...
It dosnt matter how manny new posts i make...
Iv :
- Refreshed the Page
- Restarted Pc/Internet
- Logged out/in again

-Edit (5 Minuits later)

Well Fuck u God.. You got me good!

Obviously as soon as i posted the Bug thread my posts went up by 1...
I shouldn't masturbate so much, i think god realy gets pisst off!

Anyway, nevermind

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 64
Jan 18, 2005
Mind your language please, I think the cusing was slighy unneeded.

Some forums like "Something Else" and "Introductions" (I think) have had their post count disabled so posting in them does not add to your post count.

This was to prevent people spamming in them just to up their post count to look like a more active memeber.
Not open for further replies.