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Atrum Terra - 6 Map ORPG

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Level 4
Jan 25, 2009
Atrum Terra - a Warcraft III ORPG

  • Atrum Terra (eng. Dark Land) is a campaign installment for Warcraft III The Frozen Throne. The RPG features an Open-Roam stylized form of play, with bosses, quests, factions, items, respawning mobs, and many more features that enchance gameplay. The campaign is played as a six map combination, embodying an Interriors area, four regions and a tutorial map to get players started. More areas will get unlocked as work on the project continues (Extra region for each big patch predicted, no promises ofcourse...)

  • Since Atrum Terra is (atleast for now) a single man project, I do not expect it going beta any time soon (recruiting people will certianly speed up the proccess)...
  • Please don't mind the low progress - I just got started with the actual making of the maps, the only thing that is pretty much done for now is the mechanics.
  • Almost done with all of the parts of the first (and smallest - about 1/6 of the other maps) map - the Tutorial. The basis of this map is to introduce all the aspects of the game to the players and to initiate them in the games story line.
  • The features currently planned for the initial release are just what I wanted to release for the game to work. By patch 2.0 I plan to implement 24 more systems and improvements, not counting bug fixes.
  • Sorry if there are some lapses of no updates on this post for some time - it usually means that either I'm working on it but stuck on a system or bug, I'm taking a break from the map (I expect quite a few of these as I know it's gonna take a long time to finish the map), or I'm busy at the moment and cannot spare enough time to effectivly work on the map or update this post...
Progress List:
  • Complete Progress (~7%)
  1. Terrain ([96/2096]x[96/2096] - ~4.5%)
  2. Custom Units (0/?? - ?%)
  3. Custom Spells (0/72 - 0%)
  4. Custom Items (0/409 - 0%) - More items will get scetched as progress continues...
  5. Triggers/Systems (6/18 - 33%) - Character Creation System, Character Leveling System, Creep Leveling System (made by Maker, +Rep), Item Leveling System, Creep Spawn System, Map Transition System, Boss Encounter System, Flight Path System, Crafting/Enchanting System, Inventory System, Kick System, GPRS (Global Positioning Region System), Attack System, Attribute System, Equipment System, Trainer System, Difficulty System
  6. Bosses (0/27 - 0%)
  7. Regions/Maps (0/6 - 0%)
  8. Main Quests (0/20 - 0%)
  9. Side Quests (0/?? - ?%)

  • Every player controls a single character (the game is intended for play with a group of 3-4 characters) and every character holds attributes, class-oriented abilities and other stats that determine his/her general preformance in combat. The Attributes are Strength (Determines the character's melee damage and hit chance with melee weapons), Endurance (Determines the character's health and base damage reduction), Intelligence (Determines the character's mana pool and base magical damage reduction) and Dexterity (Determines the character's ranged damage, hit chance with ranged weapons and dodge chance).
  • On character level-up, characters gain points to enchance their attributes and can train at a Master in town to gain an extra ability in a chosen ability tree (Or alternativly, if all abilities are already tought then improve and upgrade previous abilities of the chosen ability tree). Also, on the start of the game, the characters gain the first ability of every ability tree.
  • Normal damage done (referanced with just damage) ignores Magical Damage Reduction (naturally), but is decreased by Damage Reduction, while the opposite is valid for Spells or Magical Damage in any form. Every attack has a basic miss chance, which is then added with the Dodge chance of the target being attacked to produce the Final Miss Chance which is the border an attack roll, when added with the attacker's hit bonus applied for the valid weapon type, must overcome for an attack to contact and deal damage (And/Or apply some other special effect).

  • Items will be leveled, so as the character levels up, items will upgrade as well to keep track of his abilities. Doing this means that all basic items will be advanced by 10 levels of materials. Some materials also contain special properties which will enchance the character further.

      • Waraxe (metal)
      • Longsword (metal)
      • Falchion (metal)
      • Claymore (metal)
      • Shortsword (metal)
      • Dagger (metal)
      • Cleaver (metal)
      • Spear (wood)
      • Glaive (wood)
      • Longbow (wood)
      • Shortbow (wood)
      • Crossbow (wood)
      • Mace (metal)
      • Morningstar (metal)
      • Club (wood)
      • Warhammer (metal)
      • Staff (wood)
      • Battleaxe (metal)
      • Katar (metal)
      • Javelin (wood)

      • 1 - Copper
      • 2 - Bronze
      • 3 - Iron
      • 4 - Steel
      • 5 - Tempered Steel
      • 6 - Mithril
      • 7 - Dark Iron
      • 8 - Dragonbone
      • 9 - Darksteel
      • 10 - Tempered Darksteel

      • 1 - Balsa
      • 2 - Alder
      • 3 - Beech
      • 4 - Fir
      • 5 - Dogwood
      • 6 - Ash
      • 7 - White Ash
      • 8 - Duskwood
      • 9 - Blackbark
      • 10 - Cinderwood

      • Buckler
      • Small Shield
      • Shield
      • Targe
      • Large Shield
      • Kite Shield
      • Tower Shield

      • 1 - Damaged Wooden
      • 2 - Damaged Iron
      • 3 - Splintered Wooden
      • 4 - Wooden
      • 5 - Iron
      • 6 - Hardened Iron
      • 7 - Sturdy Iron
      • 8 - Hardened Steel
      • 9 - Sturdy Steel
      • 10 - Darksteel

      • Leather (leather)
      • Studded Leather (leather)
      • Light Chainmail (metal)
      • Fur (leather)

      • Scalemail (scale)
      • Chainmail (metal)
      • Padded (scale)
      • Hides (leather)

      • Plate (metal)
      • Banded (metal)
      • Splint Mail (metal)
      • Breastplate (metal)

      • 1 - Worn
      • 2 - Flimsy
      • 3 - Boiled
      • 4 - Cured
      • 5 - Hardened
      • 6 - Sturdy
      • 7 - Tough
      • 8 - Drakeskin
      • 9 - Duskleather
      • 10 - Hardened Drakeskin

      • 1 - Copper
      • 2 - Bronze
      • 3 - Iron
      • 4 - Steel
      • 5 - Tempered Steel
      • 6 - Mithril
      • 7 - Dark Iron
      • 8 - Dragonbone
      • 9 - Darksteel
      • 10 - Tempered Darksteel

      • 1 - Copper
      • 2 - Seascale
      • 3 - Iron
      • 4 - Steel
      • 5 - Chitinous
      • 6 - Mithril
      • 7 - Carapice
      • 8 - Drakescale
      • 9 - Vilescale
      • 10 - Dragonscale

  • Items can also hold random enchantments which enchance the item's preformance in one way or another, either by increasing the wearers abilities or by increasing item's effectiveness.

Crafting and Enchanting Items:
  • Any (non-unique, ofcourse) item in the game can be crafted out of some basic materials obtained across the map. For instance, ore (or scraps) can be turned into bars and used to create weaponry of the metal used for it's crafting. Similarly, one can gather the pelts of wolves to create Wolf Fur, which is then turned to Refined Fur that is used to create Fur Armor.
  • Also, any basic, non-enchanted, non-unique item can be enchanted to give it magical properties. To enchant an item, simly drop it, and cast a spell according to the enchant's recipe while holding the proper Runes in your inventory. After the enchanting has been complete, the Runes will be destroyed and your new item stronger than it ever was :)
  • Recipes for enchanting and crafting items are found scattered all across Atrum Terra. On the recipes is a list of all crafting components needed to create such items or enchants, but recipes themselves are not required for any crafting.
  • Each crafting has an attribute that gives it it's success chance. On every try, a roll is made against the success chance to determine weather the crafting, or enchanting, was a success or not. If the craft failed, the materials will still be wasted but sometimes you will get scraps of the basic materials used that can be mended into a reusable piece.

    • Crafting Weapons - Strength
    • Crafting Armor - Dexterity
    • Crafting Potions - Intelligence
    • Enchanting - Intelligence

  • How to Create a Steel Longsword:
    • Required materials: 3x Steel Bar, 1x Handle, 1x Longsword Cast
    • Instructions: Smelt the steel bars into a hot piece of molten steel and pour it into the cast. After letting it cool for a while, smite the cast steel with the Smith's Hammer with force to manage it's shape and strength. Cool the forged sword in water and then heat it up again in the forge. Repeat this proccess several times to make the sword resiliant and strong. Finally, when done, attach the handle to the end and sharpen the sword untill you are certain it can cut through armor. Your Longsword is ready...
    • Attribute: Strength

  • Players are able to choose their character's class at the beggining of the game, starting on the Tutorial map (skip Tutorial with "-skiptut"). Classes determine the character's past, abilities and general attributes, although the player gets to distribute 10 points to increase attributes at will. The classes one can choose are: Berserker, Mage, Assassin, Champion, Priest and Shadow Priest (There is a plan for more characters in the future, but I don't want to get ahead of myself with creating classes.)

    • Berserker:
      • The tough, strong Berserker is a warrior of the Northkin. He is skilled in melee combat and excels at taking massive ammounts of damage without much of a fuss. The Ability Trees of the Berserker are; Arms, Rage, Survival.

        • Arms:
          • 1 - Disarm
          • 2 - Cleave
          • 3 - Powerful Strike
          • 4 - Sunder Armor
        • Rage:
          • 1 - Bloodlust
          • 2 - Adrenaline Rush
          • 3 - Wirlwind
          • 4 - Furious Blows
        • Survival:
          • 1 - Toughness
          • 2 - Tracking
          • 3 - Last Stand
          • 4 - Predatorial Instinct
    • Mage:
      • Arcanists (or Mages) are scholars of the Arcane arts. They are spellcasters that are able to summon and control the basic elements, manipulate time and space and even give or take life essence of a beign. The Ability Trees of the Arcanist depend on his/her speciality; Arcane, Fire (Elementalist), Frost (Elementalist), Conjuring (Necromancer), Corruption (Necromancer), Nature (Druid), Summoning (Druid).

        • Arcane:
          • 1 - Arcane Bolt
          • 2 - Polymorph
          • 3 - Slow
          • 4 - Mana Shield

          • Fire:
            • 1 - Burn
            • 2 - Fireball
            • 3 - Inferno
            • 4 - Blaze
          • Frost:
            • 1 - Frostbolt
            • 2 - Freeze
            • 3 - Summon Frost Elemental
            • 4 - Frostspike

          • Conjuration:
            • 1 - Raise Dead
            • 2 - Craft Golem
            • 3 - Vampirism
            • 4 - Bone Armor
          • Corruption:
            • 1 - Soul Harvest
            • 2 - Life Drain
            • 3 - Decay
            • 4 - Impale

          • Nature:
            • 1 - Enroot
            • 2 - Rejuvation
            • 3 - Summon Nature's Guardian (Wolf/Bear/Wisp)
            • 4 - Groundspike
          • Summoning:
            • 1 - Meteor
            • 2 - Consuming Flames
            • 3 - Ball Lightning
            • 4 - Gust of Wind
    • Assassin:
      • Assassins are stealthy and charismatic characters, prefering to hide or talk their way out of situations, rather than resorting to fighting, and take speed and agility for combat instead of strength. The Ability Trees for Assassins are; Stealth, Subtlety and Combat.

        • Stealth:
          • 1 - Hide
          • 2 - Decieve
          • 3 - Trap
          • 4 - Smokecloud
        • Subtlety:
          • 1 - Backstab
          • 2 - Deadly Poison
          • 3 - Crippling Poison
          • 4 - Sap
        • Combat:
          • 1 - Precise Strike
          • 2 - Evasion
          • 3 - Blind
          • 4 - Cut at the Jaguar

    • Champion:
      • Champions are sturdy and tough characters, able to take extreme punishment compared to their comorades. They are natural leaders but in combat rely on their brute strength combined with their technique of fighting for their strikes, while being able of taking all their enemies hits without falling. The Ability Trees for Champions are; Defence, Force and Technique.

        • Defence:
          • 1 - Shield Bash
          • 2 - Shield Wall
          • 3 - Counterattack
          • 4 - Defencive Stance
        • Offence:
          • 1 - Mighty Blow
          • 2 - Bash
          • 3 - Bleeding Cut
          • 4 - Battle Stance
        • Leadership:
          • 1 - Warcry
          • 2 - Battlecry
          • 3 - Unbroken Resolve
          • 4 - Inspire

    • Priest:
      • Priests are the magicly attuned worshipers of a divinity. They recieve spells reflecting the nature of their deity, respectivly. Priests are great men who put their faith and others before themselves. The Ability Trees for Priests are; Holy, Retribution and Discipline.

        • Holy:
          • 1 - Heal
          • 2 - Divine Grace
          • 3 - Divine Shield
          • 4 - Cleanse
        • Retribution:
          • 1 - Smite
          • 2 - Exorcism
          • 3 - Holy Light
          • 4 - Penance
        • Discipline:
          • 1 - Meditation
          • 2 - Unyielding Focus
          • 3 - Balance
          • 4 - Divine Inspiration

    • Shadow Priest:
      • Shadow Priests are the exact opposite of Priests. They care nothing about themselves and their own gain, they worship demigods or demon lords in cults or covenants and use their powers to destroy, influence and kill. The Ability Trees for Shadow Priests are; Unholy, Darkness and Chaos.

        • Unholy:
          • 1 - Harm
          • 2 - Divine Favour
          • 3 - Fear
          • 4 - Inflict
        • Darkness:
          • 1 - Unholy Smite
          • 2 - Possess
          • 3 - Dark Embrace
          • 4 - Frenzy
        • Chaos:
          • 1 - Instanity
          • 2 - Silence
          • 3 - Chaos Shift
          • 4 - Wither

  • Although this is currently a one man band, i would very much like it if I had some help with this project (Any help is greatly appriciated, even if it means just leaving comments. Oh and BTW, +Rep for any suggestion or advice ^^)

    • Someone good with the ingame UI (not the triggers, but tooltips, icons, game interface and that sort of stuff!)
    • A few modelers (I need lots of custom models)
    • A few skinners (To give the creeps some more variation - not realy needed currently but would be welcome as to give the project more character)
    • Some people good with balancing numbers (Theres alot to be balanced out and I can't do that all by myself...)
    • A terrainer (Probiably will be only needed at the end of the project, to give a little touch up for certain areas I would like to point out)
    • Someone with knowledge of JASS
  • Again, all help will be greatly appriciated, including your comments, so please, if you have an opinion about the project or any suggestions, please leave a reply.

  • For now I can only issue some requests as I don't yet know the full extent of the game's content (creeps and somesuch)
  • Be assured I do check all of the models similar to the ones I ask for on the Hive prior to posting a request here...
  • If you would like to take a shot at any of the requests here, feel free to P.M. me for more details and pictures (if I can find any...). Double +Rep for a try, be it taken or rejected for this project, keep that in mind...

    • A black unit that looks like a footman, but his armor should look abit more like the black dwarven armor from Dragon Age: Origins... Alternativly, if you don't know what that looks like (I couldn't find a nice pic for you to see it...) just a footman with spiky, black-ish armor - WARNING: this isn't a "evil" or "demonic" footman, just a footman in a wicked armor so pls, no red eyes, no dragonheads or anything of the sort ^^
    • A evil looking counterpart to the Templar we already have on the Hive; Templar by Callahan - Don't you just love that model ^^
    • A model of a Vampire that looks like the vamps from Blood Omen 2 or a Count Dracula-look-a-like wannabe
    • Can be anything from Icehowl in WoW to a big ass Yeti from a comic-book. I'll also need a bigger, meaner version of this aswell to fill in a boss (Again - not a demonic one, just an Elder Yeti, one that's bigger and older)
    • Yes, i know there already is a skin called darksteel golem but it isn't quite what i need... i would need the golem with a modified version of that skin with added spikes on shoulders, back and head - no, don't make it look like hellraiser ^^
    • I need a seperate model for each of the basic items listed above...
    • Various medieval, fantasy and other doodads, no need for animations since they'll just be acting as doodads (such as medieval buildings, different rocks cuz the default ones in WE are very ugly IMO, different trees, shacks, etc...)
    • An ENORMOUS citadel made from Darksteel wich gives it a, suprise suprise, Black color... Anyway, it needs to be walkable but not much detailed. It would probiably be best to pack it in several parts for the Level 1 Base, then several parts for the Level 2 Base and then add Wall segments (They're tilted! After all, it is a Towerlike structure) and a Door segment and small walls to make the rims of the Base levels. ALOT of work :p

  • Atrum Terra is divided into eight main regions:
    • Karadian Lowlands (forested lands populated with multiple rural areas as well as two city-states; Northshire and Westshire. PLAYABLE)
    • The Golden Coast (great plains on the western coast of the continent, a mostly peaceful area recently rattled by war bettween the local rulers of Sinadar and the rebels from Citton. PLAYABLE)
    • Dustwallow Desert (a very hostile area, filled with undead from the Numidian Era, Scorpicores and riddled with secretive cults and covenants located on the eastern shores. PLAYABLE)
    • Frostwind Mountains (northern highlands, starting with forested hills and swamps and then going on to the Frostwind peaks and finally reaching the north coast. The area has been ravaged by war bettween two of the three factions of this region; the Dwarves on the northern coast who battle against the Highlanders of the eastern mountains, while the Northkin remain neutral in this struggal. PLAYABLE)
    • Kael'Heras Jungle (a south-eastern region surrounded by mountains and covered by a deep jungle. Unreachable without a Zeppelin or Ship. UNPLAYABLE)
    • Havarian Mountains (the south-western corner of the continent, completly covered with high peaks and hardly reachable vallies. Unreachable without a Zeppelin. UNPLAYABLE)
    • Thivian Isle (an isle off the east coast of the continent, covered with sudden cliffs and lush green forests. Unreachable without a Zeppelin or Ship. UNPLAYABLE)
    • The New Lands (a newly discovered continent to the south-west. Currently uninhabbited and not reachable without a Zeppelin or Ship. UNPLAYABLE)

      • The Karadian Lowlands were only inhabbited recently according to historians, claiming that the first settlers of the Lowlands were Numidian explorers looking for fertile lands.
      • After the founding of Northshire, the early Karadians build various rural areas to supply their evergrowing thirst for resources, which in turn soon created great rage against the Karadians in the hearths of the Ancients (Remenant spirits of the Old Gods after The Sundering, guardinas of nature).
      • Soon after, Karadians found Westshire to create a "gateway" to the neighbouring region of the Golden Coast. At about this time, the Numidian Empire begins to crumble under its own weight.
      • Four devious and extremly powerful Necromancers ravage the land, calling themselves the Plaguelords. The scourge of monstrocities they create in their wake completly consumes the lands riches.
      • After the uniting of Westshire and Northshire against the Plaguelords and their demise, the rural areas are once again restored and are divided to the rules of Northshire and Westshire. Ofcourse, Westshire is unhappy with it's share and an angry rabble forces the Lord of Westshire to sign a declaration of war against Northshire, in hope of gaining more territories.

      • The history of the Golden Coast begins with it's colonialization under the rule of the Numidians. They are, until the Rise of the Plaguelords, considered a branch of the Karadian Lowlands colonies.
      • After the cruel attacks from the minions of the Plaguelords, authorities proclaim independance from the Karadians and in turn refuse to give military reinforcements. They then position Sinadar, a small fishing town on the northern part of the coast, as their capital, which didn't sit well with the council of Citton who were the only actual military force in the region, apart from the Sinadar Militia.
      • Unsatisfaction grows in Citton Castle, as they were not even present on the declaration of Independance from the Karadians, yet they were the only ones actually defending the whole region from the Plaguelord's minions.
      • After the Plaguelord threat has finally dissipated, Citton insurges a rebellion to overthrow the growing Sinadar state, who has over the years it spent in peace amassed a professional army of footsoldiers and cavalry to match Citton's forces.
      • The weakened Citton forces fight a loosing battle against the Sinadar army.

      • Considered by many to be the cradle of civilization, Dustwallow Desert has offered nothing but challanges and unfortune to its inhabitants.
      • The ancient Scorpicore race has been present since before the founding of the Numidian Empire, and are, as they claim, the complete rulers of Khar'Ankh (Dustwallow).
      • The actual beggining of civilization, as a general factor, began with the founding of the Numidian Empire, after the local Samatri tribe conquered all it's rivals and were reveared as the rulers of the region by their counterparts.
      • The Numidian Empire flurished under the rule of it's kings and in their Golden Age build many glorious monuments and buildings as testemants to their supremicy.
      • Soon after, the Numidians start sending explorers and settlers to other regions (Karadian Lowlands, Golden Coast) to exploit various other resources, not native to their lands.
      • After the advancement of the Karadian colonies, the Numidians steadily entered into decline, ushered in by corruption, deception and inwars.
      • Finaly, nearing the end of the Empire, the suppressed Scorpicore came out of hidding and stuck down the Numidian Empire to impose themselves as the ultimate rulers of the deserts.

      • The Frostwind Mountains are home to the Dwarves, short statured, hardy folk who love nothing more than a good drink. The Dwarves are also known for their masterful architecture in the old ages, such as the Kantanaar Tunnels that run through the hearth of the Frostwind peaks.
      • Around the colonialization of the Karadian Lowlands, the Human villiages of the eastern mountains begin unifying under the flag of the Warlord Hurntag (translated from Nord means Master of the Hunt). He rallied the clans into a single, massive kingdom, focused on sharing resources and troops.
      • At the time of Warlord Hurntag's death, some of the Karadian settlers try to break through north to find new lands, and found the Northkin State on the southern forested hills of Frostwind.
      • The death of Hurntag forced the creation of the Arena of Blood. Inside this arena, champions of all clans would fight for their Warlords, and the winners Warlord would be crowned new King.
      • The second Warlord, Gehn Caughan, began founding cities and outposts to the south, reaching the Blackwater swamps and creating a foothold there to control their southern neighbours, the Numidians.
      • Nordkiln is founded to provide the resources and people needed to supply the many outposts in the swamps.
      • After the fall of the Numidian Empire, the southern outposts and Nordkiln lost their main purpose, as the south no longer posed a threat and inturn fall into disrepair and lack of maintenance.
      • The Dwarven Kantanaar Tunnels fall to the beasts of the darkness, and with it, the Dwarves loose their mines and valuable minerals. As a result, the Dwarven King wages war against the Highlanders to sieze their natural ore.
      • As the war wages on, both sides come to a standstill at the Khanadan's Gates mountain pass. At this time, the mad scientist Kranomir the Mad manages to take over Nordkiln and turn it into a ruin with his monsterous creations and ingenious alchemical reagents.

    1. The Dwarves complete the construction of the Kantanaar main tunnel
    2. Founding of the Numidian Empire
    3. The Numidian Empire flurishes
    4. Colonization of other regions
    5. Karadian Lowlands colonies advance and start to progress
    6. Golden Coast colonized as a branch of the Karadian colonies
    7. Northshire is founded
    8. Highlander clans united
    9. Westshire is founded
    10. The Rise of the Plaguelords
    11. The scourge ravages the Karadian Lowlands
    12. The Golden Coast declares independance and denies assistance
    13. The Highlander Warlord Hurntag dies from natural causes
    14. Karadian settlers populize Frostwind Mountains, creating the Northkin State
    15. The Highlanders fortify their southern territories
    16. Nordkiln is founded
    17. The Numidian Empire crumbles to rubble
    18. The Scorpicore rise to power in the Dustwallow Desert
    19. Northshire and Westshire unite to defeat the Plaguelords
    20. The Plaguelords fall to the unified Karadian armies
    21. The Citton Rebelion openly commits treason against Sinadar
    22. The Sinadar-Citton war begins
    23. The Southern Highlander outposts and Nordkiln crumble under disrepair
    24. Westshire declares war on Northshire
    25. The deeper sections of the Kantanaar Tunnels fall to beasts and demons
    26. The Dwarves attack the Highlanders in hope to claim rich ore deposits
    27. Nordkiln falls to Kranomir the Mad

      • The Black Legion were, at first, warriors who defied the newly governed laws of the Temple of Divinity. They were hell-bent to make an army like the world has never seen before: an army of supersoldiers, footmen without mercy or compation and loyal only to their commanders. This theory was the beggining of the Black Legions founding
      • The founding fathers of the Black Legion were four battle-hardened veterans of war hailing from the Karadian Lowlands to Dustwallow Desert. The first two were expert combatants, trained to fight enemies in any terrain and in any condition. These were Duke Galgoy Falcresant and Thavron Comalie, Knights of the Northshire garrison. The other two were supreme commanders, tacticians and drill sergeants from the Royal Numidian army, by that time already crumbling to it's knees. These were Highlord Ahkk Malna and Khain Cabblah, Field Commanders of the Numidian army.
      • Together, they forged the plans to fight beasts, not men, and resist the always present Temple's priests...

      • The Black Legion was to be the worlds best fighting force, which it in fact did become in time. They built upon a strict set of rules, set by the High Commanders Ahkk Malna and Khain Cabblah, which states that there must not be a belief in a diety and there must not be family. Those things give hope, and hope = fear of death, as you think there is always something to be lost. The only thing to be accepted is the fact that death is innevitable, and the only factor of life is death.
      • In short, Religion = hope = lust for survival = fear of death... however, No religion or family = nothing to lose = acceptance of death = fearless, mercyless, compationless soldiers of unfailing loyalty.

      • The Black Legion made it's strongholds in the Wastelands, where they were not presued by the Temple's agents. But the Black Legionnaires see that their haven was being shared by a very nasty covenant, called the Cult of Doom. The Black Legion and the Cult battled for centuries, until finally the Cult withdrew into the Blasted Lands within the Wastelands. Quickly after the victory, the Plaguelords stormed the frontiers. As a chance of redeeming themselves in the eyes of the Karadians from the twisted views of the Temple, the Black Legion proved themselves to be the champions against this new threat.
      • The Black Legion, by crushing the scourge's progression in the land was called as heroes and liberators by the locals, but still they drew on. The Black Legion then led a counterattack on the Plaguelords and destroyed the dark necromancers along with the forces of Westshire and Northshire, who completly entitled themselves as the ones to destroy the Plaguelords.
      • And although the Legion was viewed as a group of expert fighters from that point on, ready to serve the coutries at any time, they still haven't mastered their opponents and archrivals, the Temple.

      • After the fall of the Plaguelords, the Legion was attuned by the governors of the Karadian Lowlands from outlaw heretics to heroes and master fighters. However, the Temple was not fond on the Karadian Lowlands being rescued by the hands of some heretics, so they mustered their Zealots and began a terrifying campaign against the Legion. They slaughtered them on sight as the Legionnaires were heavily outnumbered by the Zealot's guards. After witnessing what occured, a lone runner delivered the message of what has transpired to one of the four High Commanders. The immidiate retreat of all Legionnaires insued, to pull back to Darkfathom Keep (also known as the Keep of the Wardens) and the Wastelands.
      • Uppon their arrival, the Cult greeted them with a very hateful battle. The Legion barely managed to get to their once great forts and wait for reinforcements, as Darkfathom Keep was now the only foothold for the Black Legion.
      • With the Temple lurking on one side and the Cult on the other, the Black Legion's High Commanders decided that the best course of action is to stand and fight the ongoing massacre of the Cult.

      • The Cult of Doom is a apocaliptic cult that spreads belief of an Archdemon called Alzanar the Fallen, and his arrival to this world that will mark the beggining of the end - the Apocalypse (or the Reforming, as the Cultists call it).
      • The Cult's beliefs date back to the forming of the Numidian Empire. As the Numidians expanded, the various locals they encountered often had their own religious system. One of these local villiages was Akhn'Kahat - their religion stated that the world was forged out of the ashes of another. In the previous world, Demons and Angels battled to win supremacy, each with it's own agenda. On their final clash, the world shattered from the magical powers unleashed and from the ruins of that world a new one was born.
      • The Angels and Demons slain were translated into a higher plain of existance by the magic used and now battle through lower beigns on the current world as they are unable to materialize again. Only rare demonic or divine personna replenished enough to actually materialize on the material world.
      • The forces of Angels were ruled over by Archangels, a sort of commander, who commanded whole units of Angles that ranged from 100-1000 Warriors, Abjurers and Grandlings. The Angels as a race answered to a single, embodied diety - Kanameh, or "One of many names". The Demon legions however were much less organised. They had basic ranks of Servant, Minion, Demon, Archdemon and Malaxis and answered to their supreme monarch - ArchMalaxis. The ArchMalaxis at the time of the sundering of their world was Xayvris the Marked.
      • The Akhn'Kahat's main source was a lone written documet - the Prophecy of Doom, written by an elder Demon long ago. It stated that in the epic struggle of the world before, there was no "good" or "bad" side. Angels struggled to spread their own influence and way of life across the land, while Demons struggled for power and gain.
      • The repenting Demon stated he was the Archdemon Alzanar the Fallen, or as he later on called himself the One that will Return. He said that one day, he and his army of servants will return to have their say. He stated that his nemessis Archangel Kalanel Darkbane will also return to rid the world of Alzanar once more as he has done before, but Alzanar will win the battle and his reign will prove supreme.

      • The Cult was really created when the Numidians chose to enforce their own religion on the locals. The locals (as did many others) went stealth with their own beliefs, away from the prying eyes of the Numidian authorities.
      • The sole goal of the Cult was to prepare the world for the arrival of the Archdemon Alzanar who will recapture his lost lands and reign over them once more.
      • The Cult, as any other religious sect, did not preform this act directly, but rather sit in secret covenants and praise their fallen lord. This ofcourse changed after a few decades of practice.
      • About 23 years after the creation of the Cult of Alzanar (The Cult of Doom called itself the Cult of Alzanar before their Third Age), Numidian priests discovered their three covenants and immidiatly amassed the Arn Keth ("Holy Warriors", warriors who gave their service to the Numidian priests) and launched a raid on the covenants.
      • The massacre lasted about 2 hours, during which an estimated 200 cultists were slain at the hands of the Arn Keth. This marked the end of the First Age of the Cult and opened the doors to the Second Age to the frightened cultists of Alzanar.

      • As the massacre draw to a close, the remaining cultists were forced to flee from their homes and into the unforgiving deserts. They all headed for the only place that offered them safty from the Numidian priests - the Wastelands; a piece of scorched land inhabbited by a few tribes of nomads and deadly monsters.
      • The cultist families that survived the onslaught and the harsh journy formed a small settlement in the Wastelands called Kadan Hhut ("Place of safety"). With increasing numbers of runaway cultists taking the safty of Kadan Hhut from the priests, it grew increasingly desperate in the small villiage. With supplies running low, the cultists were forced to starve if no food was found soon.
      • Fortunatly for the refugees, the Wastelanders (as they were known to the priests) found a cavern, which they called the Cave of Truth, and in it found a rich system of water, a mini-ecosystem of plants that relied primarely on the rare light shining from holes on the cavern cielling far above the floor. The caverns were also home to many little creatures adapted to foraging instead of hunting that mostly didn't pose a danger.
      • Relying on this cavern, the Wastelanders could survive in this new, harsh environment. Until the Arn Keth cought up with them that is...
      • The end of their security came quick as the Arn Keth managed to successfuly interrigate a cultist prisoner on his way to Kadan Hhut. The remaining cultists were arrested, brought to trial at the Royal Numidian Tribunal and were unfairly found guilty of treason, herecy, murder on multiple accounts and rebellion. They were all quickly executed soon after their trial.

      • As the final blow in the eyes of the priests was dealt to the increasingly worrisome cult, there was no need for further investigation, so the last surviving cultist hiding in the Cave of Truth could finally act without suppression. As the years past, the cult gathered refugees from all accross the Numidian Empire and instated a very strict hierarchy. The Cult would be led by the Darklord, who was in turn supported by five advisors, known as Supreme Acolytes. Each of the Supreme Acolytes commanded a part of the cultist forces with one Supreme Acolyte taking care of the non-religious and non-combat duties. The Supreme Acolytes were in command of ten Acolytes, who then further commanded Adepts (Mage-like cultist combatants), Bloodletters (Warrior-like cultist combatants) and Cultists (Religious followers of the Cult).
      • The Cult also featured other newly formed views on the world. It became a dark, gloomy and unforgiving society of fanatical desciples.
      • As the Cult became bigger, the Cave no longer suited it's purposes, so they settled in a small region of the Wastelands, surrounded by sharp mountains that rendered any approach other than a small pass on the eastern side rendered as a completly useless attempt. They soon discovered massive ammounts of Darksteel on the western side of the valley and began construction of a massive fortress from which they would spread their cause once more.
      • By the time of the fall of the Numidian Empire, the Cult managed to construct more than half of the new fortress they called the Black Citadel and had more than 500 members in it's grasp. Around this time, an Acolyte accident caused the complete destruction of the Cave of Truth's flora and fauna.
      • Increadible discipline, unwavering loyalty and unmatched ambition were the traits of the Cult in their Third Age

      • It was at around this time that Lord Bane, an Acolyte of grand ambition and of increadible power, challenged the Darklord Fyrn and defeated him in single combat, killing him by shattering a Soulshard that made one piece pierce his chest and enslaving his soul in the proccess. The remarkable reforms done by Lord Bane alone are marked as the beggining of the Fourth Age, which still continues to this day...
      • Lord Bane reformed the hierarchy, making the title of Darklord supported by three High Lords, each commanding a single fraction of the Cult forces (those being the Blackguards (High Lord), Psykers (High Psyker) and Acolytes (Archnecromancer)).
      • After he saw his reforms done and reshaping the Cult, the Darklord turned his attention to the other most prominent ambition he had: finishing the Black Citadel's construction. He spent huge ammounts of gold and resources to finish it in an increadibly short time, saving the crown for his ultimate goal - the aquisition of the Dark Orb, an artifact from the Demons of unimaginable power.
      • In the aftermath of the Plaguelords destructive march, the Darklord could move through the lands unnoticed, so he siezed the oppertunity to retake his beloved artifact. He traveled through all of the regions, aquiering powerful allies on the way before finally reaching his goal; a lost temple of the Numidians in the middle of the Dustwallow Desert. He took the Orb but had no control over it since it only later came to his attention that the Orb cannot be wielded by anything other than a Demon.
      • The only way Lord Bane could get around this was to infuse himself with the blood of a real, materialized Demon, something that wasn't seen on this world in more than 700 years, when a powerful Demon Mage managed to harvest enough energy to materialize himself in a cave in the Golden Coast.

      • At first, the Gods were asleep. Then suddenly, a loud noise awoken them from their slumber in the universe and they had no knowledge or recollection. As they stumbled upon one-another, they saw that they possessed supreme divine powers, such as the power of manipulation, control and fate. Only two Gods were blessed with the grandest gift of all - the power to create anything that comes to their minds. Those two were the Gods Orin and Velith. Orin was the greatest of the Gods, possessing the strongest power and the will, being a natural leader of the others. Velith, however, grew very hateful towards Orin, for his gift was treated as "ordinary", while Orin's was treated as unlimited and grand.
      • Velith, his brother, Xaras, God of Destruction and Murder, and his sister, Lyrla, Godess of Pain and Treachery, grew more and more distant of the others for not appriciating Velith's powers. When Orin made himself the King God and ruler of all other Gods, the three siblings rebeled - attacking Orin and his group. A great battle raged for hundreads of years untill, after exchanging a few blows, one of which blinded Velith's right eye, Orin defeated Velith by creating himself a hammer for exactly his proportion of strength and knocking Velith with it.
      • The siblings were forced to flee, with Velith creating a second plane of existance - the Material Plane, and escaping to it with his brother and sister. Quickly followed by Orin and Kelar, God of Justice and Punishment, the now-called Dark Three, fled through space and avoided capture. Orin created great balls of energy on his way to remember his way back, those being the stars. After pursuing the Dark Three for years, the two Gods saw the beauty of the stars and summoned the rest of the Gods to this new plane.
      • There, the Gods glared to the stars for ages to come, growing more and more tired of their constant companionship. They decided to make Orin create something new, something to make them interested. Orin thought hard for years on end until finally grasping concept of his greatest creation; life. He would first make the Sun, to give light to the new world he would create. He then crafted the great ball of rock that would be the basin of this new world and he made it vast, supplying enough room to suite all of his ideas. He then rose and lowered parts of this new ball to make it uneven and interesting and then made rainclouds that would engulf the world in rain to make the world have a sea. When he saw it was enough, he made the rainclouds disappear and appear randomly to make this new world always fresh and new.
      • He then made the clouds never visit some regions and yet commonly visit others. But he saw it was still bleak and ordinary, just uneven. So he created vegetation. He made it in various colors and made it suit it's own needs. But now, the world lush and nice, he saw that, besides of being a nice picture, the world was still dull. So he created animals and fish. They would need to feast on others or on plants but also he made them reproduce to create a constant balance.
      • The Gods found this new world still undeveloping - there wasn't anything that was actually doing something. Then he thought of a new form animal - far more intelligent. He created Angels in his own form to create on their own from all the things he gives them. And he made the animals serve the Angels in whatever they wished and the Angels were pure and brilliant creatures indeed.

      • Before the Gods crafted this world, they created the Before-World. In that world they created Angles to serve them and granted them intelligence, strength, beauty and increadible arcane talent. Jelous of their beings and their power, Velith created another race of his own: Demons. They would inherit all the traits of the Dark Three and would serve none, not even them. His creations were dominated by greed and the search for self-power, attending only to themselves and their closest of allies, resorting to betrial whenever needed.
      • Angels, suiting Orin, were cultured but dominative and unforgiving. They sought to spread their grand way of life to the Demons, but they refused. And the Demons, seeing the wealth and glory of the Angels, saw prey in the Angels and started to pillage, raid and rob the Angels. This scorched land was called the Dradoqe but the Demons chose to call it Sinquis, or Blood in the language of Angels. Before long, the two raced waged war. Orin, unpleased with his archrival's doings, tried to influence the war so that the Angels would defeat the Demons but all of his efforts were countered by Velith.
      • The Angels and Demons clashed battle after battle, leaving themselves, their masters and their world scarred and burnt. In one final decision to end it all, both sides confidant of their victory, the Gods sent their races a message to attack with all forces. The two races faced eachother in the battlefield and the battle raged for months on end. At the very end of the battle, the Angelic and Demonic mages summoned spells of destruction and obliterated the land, completly destroying the world. All that was left was the sea and the mountains, eternal and everlasting.
      • Then Orin and Velith saw what they have done and their hate flew deeper than ever. That was the end of the Before-World, and the beggining of our world.

      • Seeing the remains of the land before, Orin decided it was time for another try. He recreated all plants and animals, all the fish and the birds. He then created a race of far less powerful intelligents, one that would mimic the Angel's creativity but would also be driven mostly by their will and their inquisitive nature. He then created more Gods that would better regulate this new world, giving most things a patron-God. He called this new race, Humans. He then created more races to balance the world better, but Velith corrupted the first Humans and planted in them the traits of Demons aswell and Angels.
      • Then he did so with all the new races, those being Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, Lizardfolk, Goblins and the other, smaller races. Divided the Humans stood, so did the other races, and from hate and jelousy, they waged war against eachother. And the Gods called this new world; Atrum Terra, the corrupted (dark) land in the language of Angels.
      • But the magic released did not fully destroy the Angels and Demons - it sent them to another plane of existance, unknown to the Gods before. This plane was the Void, the plain of the dead. And the Gods saw that when any of their creatures dies, it's soul transfers itself to the Void, into it's endless gray mist. From there, the dead could through various means, contact the Material Plane once again. That is how the most powerful of Angels (Archangels) and Demons (Devils) actually could materialize.
      • And so inside each mortal, there is a battle of good and evil, but the final choise is ours to make. To take the path given to us by Orin or by Velith...

        • Orin, the Creator - God of Creation and Birth, Creator of everything, husband of Ayla
        • Ayla, the Beautiful - Godess of Beauty and Family, wife of Orin, Patron-Godess of Mothers and Children
        • Kelar, the Just - God of Justice and Punishment, the Righteous Punisher, Patron-God of Zealots and Holy-Warriors of all kinds, Protector of Temples
        • Zinthor, the Madman - God of Insanity and Mediums, Lord of Madness
        • Synna, the Serene - Godess of Nature and Tranquility, Lady of the Forests, sister of Ayla, wife of Hylos, Protector of Forests
        • Marabesh, the Beast-God - God of Beast and Animals, the Beast-Lord, Patron-God of Animals, Favoured by Rangers and Druids
        • Hylos, the Quick - God of Travel and Exploration, husband of Synna
        • Kranass, the Sly - God of Subtelty and Tricks, Patron-God of Rogues and Thiefs
        • Rangas, the Marksman - God of the Bow and Hunting, Patron-God of Hunters and Archers
        • Yulas, the Forgemaster - God of Smithing and Metalcasting, Patron-God of Smithies, Protector of Forges
        • Kelesen, the Doom Guard - God Protector of the World, the Defender, Patron-God of Guards, Protector of Watch-houses
        • Girydinn, the Archdruid - God of the Druids, Patron-God of Druids and Rangers, Protector of Groves
        • Gryor, the Warrior - God of Fighters and Battle, Patron-God of Gladiators and Warriors of all kinds, Protector of Arenas, husband of Tyvina
        • Kopesh, the Wise - God of Wisdom and Intelligence, Patron-God of Mages and Wizards, Protector of Libraries, Previous Patron-God of the Numidians
        • Quetzalcoatl - God of Colors and the Wind, Patron-God of Snakes, Birds, Lizardfolk, Protector of the magical beasts the Coatl
        • Mineq, the Mourning - Godess of Sorrow and Mourning, Patron-Godess of Banshees and Widows
        • Durogg, the Deathlord - God of the Dead and the Underground, Patron-God of the Dead, Protector of Tombes
        • Tyvina, the Shadowlady - Godess of Shadows, the Night and Darkness, Patron-Godess of Assassins and Ghosts, wife of Gryor
        • Tronol, the Wraithlord - God of Wraiths and the Undead, Rival of Durogg, Patron-God of Necromancers and the Undead
        • Olvek, the Allseeing - God of Sight and the Future, Patron-God of Seers and Shamans
        • Velith, the Darkmaker - Creator God of Demons and Corruption, Patron-God of Cultists and Warlocks, Protector of Dark Shrines, brother of Xaras and Lyrla
        • Xaras, the Destroyer - God of Destruction and Murder, Patron-God of Killers and Sorcerers, brother of Velith and Lyrla
        • Lyrla, the Devious - Godess of Pain and Treachery, Patron-Godess of Love-Affairs, Cheating, Torture and Executions, sister of Xaras and Velith
        • Tyr, the Great - God of Order and Duty, Patron-God of Law, Protector of Cities, second to Orin

      • [*]Kallanax, the Reaper - Demigod of Death and Dying, Servant of Durogg, created by Durogg from a lifeless corpse and imbued by "splinters of thousands of souls" to serve his master without question
        [*]Herod - Demigod of Adventure, Strength and Endurance, immortalized by bards in their songs and poems, Human at first, tasked by Orin to complete a list of ten quests only an immortal could endure, yet against all odds, Herod completed his list and in return, Orin granted him a seat as an immortal Demigod. Now, he is the strongest of all the Demigods and is a loyal servant to Orin, although perhaps still not as close to him as Gravitar.
        [*]Tillia - Bastard child of Kranas and a Human mother, Born Demigodess of Arogance and Ambition, Patron of parent-less children and bastards, raised by a lonely hermit who died in a Highlander raid when she was only 9, she was forced to scrape a living off the street as a pickpocket then to become a great rogue and later, masterful assassin...
        [*]Kladranox, the Guardian of the Orb - Orin himself, being the creator of the powerful artifact called the Dark Orb that possessed almost God-like powers, felt responcible for it's safety from the hands of mortals. He hid the Orb in an unreachable place and then created Kladranox, a gigantic snake, to guard the Orb with it's life.
        [*]Dihjohn, the Builder - the building of the walls of the Numidian capital of Histar fell upon one man - Dihjohn, an immigrant from the Kharadian Lowlands and a master architect. After seeing the greatness of the walls, the Gods descided to make Dihjohn a Demigod, to allow him to live much longer than the city of Histar which sank into the sands of the Dustwallow Desert even before the collapse of the Numidian Empire.
        [*]Gravitar - Orin and Ayla once had a child that, for an unknown reason, was a half-God (or Born Demigod). Orin gave the child the name Gravitar and gave him to the Highlander court to raise and train as one of their own. Gravitar soon became the strongest warrior of the land and was seen fit by the other Gods to join them as a true Demigod. He now guides dead soldiers that fall on the battlefield to Durogg and is the most loyal servant of Orin. Some also think of him as the Avatar of Orin's power.
        [*]Nihlious - the Nihlious is a fearsome creature made of onyx, similar to an intelligent golem. He was created by Girydinn, the Archdruid, as a personal guardian of his, but he was cast out of Girydinn's Grove after being proclaimed absolete right after Girydinn created the Darkhunter. Now, Nihlious is hidden somewhere, plotting to destroy his once beloved master. His hate and knowledge of magic has gifted him the ability to create lesser demons to serve him.
        [*]The Darkhunter - the successor to Nihlious' purpose - the guarding of Girydinn's Grove and Girydinn himself from other Gods and mortals alike. The Darkhunter is quick and agile and takes the form of a completly black giant wolf. He can vanish at will and can stay invisible for as long as he wishes. The Darkhunter, along with Girydinn, is Nihlious' arch-enemy, although the Darkhunter is far quicker and far smarter than Nihlious and beaten every Nihlious' attempt to destroy him and his master.

  • More soon to come; History of the Temple of Divinity, History of the Old Gods...

Wrap-Up Notes:
  • Since the project isn't even near the finish line, I would like to keep it closed, atleast for now...
  • Feedback greatly appriciated (+Rep for suggestions and/or opinions)
  • This is actually my first time leading a project so I would greatly appriciate it if someone could give me some pointers or something like that...
  • The main concept of this project is to make a huge RPG by combining 6 maps in total (4 regions, 1 interriors map and 1 tutorial map) into a single map pack, saving the characters, items and everything else in the proccess so that it loads properly at map transition.
  • As I have already pointed out before (several times infact ;/), this project is just a one man band for now, but I would very much like it if someone could help out a little, atleast with certain aspects of the map (remember, comments can be very helpful too, +Rep for effort and/or helping out, credits if something you provided is used in the map...)
  • Anyone who would like to contribute to this map is VERY welcome to join the team (Just me for now... Always seems the hardest to get the first few people.). Remember, a map needs resources, but it also needs ideas and suggestions to keep it interesting.
  • I will soon be releasing the alpha of the first map, I just still need to finish the Item System and the map's quests.
  • I changed the names of the classes due to multiple requests, hope this is better. Also, I'm still thinking of what name to give to the Priest and Shadow Priest, so far the best are; Sacredos, Priest of the Temple & Umbravir, Priest of the Dark Three.
  • Please don't mind the updates section; it's just for me keeping track of all the changes I make (every time I try to keep track of something it goes up in flames, hope this too won't turn into just a bunch of scribbles...)

  • Edited the number of bosses from 35 to 27.
  • Maximum HPPL (Health Point Per Level) modification for creeps is now +/- 5, down from 8.
  • Added the Attack System and Attribute Systems to the Progress List; forgot to add them from the start.
  • Completed Inventory System and updated progress, added Equipment System and Trainer System to the list, fixed typos, added a note.
  • Defined map size for each map (400x400 for each map, 96 for the tutorial) so I can now redo the progress % on terraining.
  • Changed Class names to offer more originality; Barbarian -> Berserker, Warrior -> Champion (Redid some spells), Mage -> Arcanist, Rogue -> Assassin. Still thinking about Priest and Shadow Priest.
  • Changed the Warp-up notes to better fit the current status of the map.
  • Wrote another Lore entry; Sanctus Libri Templum
  • Added another system to the list that I forgot to add from the start; Difficulty System (Defined how hard the game is, depending on an input from the host and the number of players playing the game)...
  • Divided the Pantheon into two parts; Gods and Demigods - and added entries to the Demigods section. Also transfered "Kallanax, the Reaper" to the Demigods section. Some Demigods will be found throughout the world as uber-bosses and probiably won't be associated with quests.
  • Added a note about non-updating progress; the reasons as to why this could happen.
  • Bumped! This map is STILL in progress! (Slow progress mainly for 2 reasons; 1. The trouble with the Equipment system (Fixed... I think...); 2. Americas Army 3 (You couldn't imagine how many hours in one day I am able to spend on that damned game...)... I expect updates and progress to return to normal any time now...)
  • Added 2 more Demigods; The Darkhunter, Nihlious
  • Work resumed after a *relativly* short break
  • Denied Beta reliese of the first map - after much tinkering about and deliberation I have decided that it will be too much of a spoiler to let out an open beta... Also considering reversing the class name changes back to the original, 'ordinary' ones...
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Jun 19, 2009
well you did a basic mistake
starting something enormous alone
also another mistake of yours is
posting a map of nothing
you are just saying
hey i have an idea
i shall post a thread
and say i have mechanics and nothing
first post an idea thread to gather
ideas on what will make you rpg good
then try to find some one to work with you
then bump this
and start working
Level 5
Oct 5, 2008
I'd suggest you to add more infos about the story line, as for know there's really nothing to go on.
I like the material system, but what I'd REALLY like would be a good crafting-system. I've never actually seen an RPG with a good one, so it would be great if you could do that in your project.
Level 4
Jan 25, 2009
@foo_sharp : thx for the reply, and yes, i do plan on implementing a crafting system (should pretty much imitate the system from neverwinter nights 2) as there will be lots of areas that will give you (or atleast should) materials such as ore from golems or leather from certain beasts.

now, about the storyline, as it is an ORPG and not a RPG, i didn't want to make a strict storyline, but rather focus on the history and stuff like that. again, thx for the reply and i will update the first post as soon as i can to add history, main quest line and side quest scheches... :p

EDIT: there... added the Lore section under the post which should pretty much clarify alot of stuff about the timeline and history (i dont want to include any quests yet - spoilers ^^... dont worry they will come in time)
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Oct 25, 2006
Why do you post that in Idea Factory ? It would need to be posted on Map Development. But maybe I didnt see where you asked for ideas ?
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Jan 25, 2009
Why do you post that in Idea Factory ? It would need to be posted on Map Development. But maybe I didnt see where you asked for ideas ?

well, this was first posted in Map Development, but i got redirected to post this here... also, i am looking for more ideas, so i think its in the right place (suggestions, advice, ideas concerning quests, bosses, etc...) and if im not mistaken, i did ask for it... :p
Level 18
Oct 25, 2006
• Rework on your classes, all RPGs got same
• You need a bit more armors (maybe two or three more)
• If you put a craft system, make it more efficient and useful than other RPGs
• Try to make original quests
Level 4
Jan 25, 2009
• Rework on your classes, all RPGs got same
• You need a bit more armors (maybe two or three more)
• If you put a craft system, make it more efficient and useful than other RPGs
• Try to make original quests

well, tbh, i dont rly c anything wrong with the classes i alrdy have; theyre the basic classes that are found in any rpg and i dont consider this rpg to be anything different (i find completly new classes either very dull or simply useless in other maps)

next off, yes, i could make more armors and i think thats a neat idea, i just didnt want to get ahead of myself before i got the basics done first

the crafting system *should* prove abit more than the other systems (far as i saw theyre just either a recipe system or something similar) as it should immitate the NWN2 crafting system or, if nothing else works, the WoW profession system

and finally - yes ofcourse im gonna try to make original quests but if you have any idea that you think is nice and can be implemented here, i would like it if you could post it here :p +Rep and credits for good ideas ^^

thx for the feedback and sry for the wall of text :p
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Jan 25, 2009
thx for the compliment Death_Minion_ :p

idd, i was gonna go with wc3 models for the most part before the initial release, the custom model requests i posted cover only a small ammount of what i rly need - the small part that i can't rly find a good replacement for... also, to minimize map size, i was going to use as many wc3 models as i can and import the lowest limit that i can come up with

thx again for the reply :p
Level 4
Jan 25, 2009
@WherewolfTherewolf; thx,im trying to get some help for this, recruitment thingy an all, but so far, no1 seems very interested in joining :/
anyway, im almost done with the first map, i will probiably be posting it in the upcoming week or the next one...

@Gladius_Tito; that would be great! rly anything is very welcome currently, i can't model for crap and my skinning is even worse, and i like your idea ^^ +Rep for a try

p.s. if you can terrain it would be very welcome abit later, since i dont rly do that very well either (triggers and balancing only im afraid... ideas dont count ^^)
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@WherewolfTherewolf; thx,im trying to get some help for this, recruitment thingy an all, but so far, no1 seems very interested in joining :/
anyway, im almost done with the first map, i will probiably be posting it in the upcoming week or the next one...

That's how everyone goes about it - they present people with a huge wall of text and no pictures and expect people to get interested. Unfortunately as a rule of thumb, people are lazy, thus expecting them to read your concrete slab of text, no matter how good, and get interested isn't going to end well. You need some pictures before people start getting interested (ooooh pretty - pretty much)
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Jan 25, 2009
ye i guess, it's just that i dont rly have many pic's to show just yet (except for the terrain i did for the first map, but im not exactly a very good terrainer (or a moderate one to say the least) so that doesn't make for good encouragement :/

anyway, i do have a couple of ideas for the terrain an stuff but i can't rly make it look ... well lets just say its not exactly eye candy :S
Level 4
Jan 25, 2009
well, since this has been brought up for the second time now, then i guess ill have to reconsider the classes (the style of the classes should still remain the same, no?)...

thx for the advice ^^ +rep to both of u
Level 1
Nov 8, 2008

Id be willing to give you my full support in this map i have an intermediate knowledge of gui, can help with ideas and can put in alot of time
Level 4
Jan 25, 2009
first of all, thx for the reply raventheblue...

so, if you want to work along with me on this project you are most welcome - in any segment of the project (i have been working on my equipment system for ages now, no idea how to make it work...)!

anyway, if ud like ill send u a pm with the map attatched to show u my current progress (still pre-alpha and needs alot of work...), especially since i havent even finished the first, smallest map (this one is 96x96, the rest will be 400x400)... so ye... quests, triggers, items, tooltips, terrain, models, skins, sounds... im gonna need some help atleast with all of that...

thx again for the repl
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