[Solved] Play music from path?

Level 18
Jan 12, 2011
oh thanks a lot, though you know how to play it again every x seconds?

and play music action makes you select a music you got in the editor and you can't
select something that isn't in the editor because i haven't edited the slk files.
i may do but for now i need a trigger for that
Level 8
Dec 9, 2009
It wouldn't work because each song is more than likely a different length,

with 2 variables
song array
songtime array

music1 is 40 seconds
music2 is 70 seconds
music3 is 120 seconds

set song[1] = Muisc1
set songtime[1] = 40
set song[2] = Music2
set songtime[2] = 70
set song[3] = Music3
set songtime[3] = 120

When songtimer expires
set tempint = random number between 1 and 3
play song[tempint]
set songtimer = songtime[tempint]

You could put in a way it won't repeat the exact same song that ended as well.