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[General] Pathing type for tileset

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If i recall correctly zephyr's editor allowed you to modify the overall pathing map of a map, but i would much prefer to simply edit a tileset so it is build able.., i was wondering if there was a way to make a non-buildable tileset build-able, or should i just import a new tileset over a previously build-able one one?

Yes i also know i could make buildings build on walkable, but i have some other buildings that have walkable maps, that i dont want built over
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Apr 20, 2009
If you are using JassNewGenPack you can simply go to UMSWE -> Customize Tile Pathability

Here you can select any tile and change it's pathing. Simply save and restart the editor to make it work.
thanks, and i was aware i could modify the pathing map, post save.. but i still have quite a bit to change terrain wise, as i play around, so for the final version i might just do that.., if i dont just import the textures i want over the pathing i need.

and @ JNGP; interesting i didnt know about that feature.. would those changes persist if someone opened the map in regular world editor?, (trying my best to keep my map 100% backwards compliant lol)

EDIT: @ editing the path map that the map uses; this i can do, but trying to edit the pathmap that the texture uses... any idea where in the mpq i could find these?, ill do some diggin though
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