Cutsom Unit Pathing

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I am making a map in which there are several small islands.
These islands are not connected in anyway. The only way to get from one island to the other is to make a path of walkable/buildable platforms. But I am having trouble getting the system to work.

The way I look at it there is only 2 ways to fix it.

1st way:
Change the unit's pathing and make it so a unit can not walk on buildable, only ground-pathable. If I can find how to do this I can make the land between the islands buildable and just make the islands nonbuildable and change construction reqs on buildings.

Problem is changing what land units can walk on.

2nd way:
Make the land between the islands abyss, ex make it unbuildable/unpathable. Then make a platform that can be built on it with a map that is pathable and buildable. Problem is the buildable pathing map is ressecive to the nonbuildable pathing map, in other words, if the building with the pathable path is on top terrain with unbuildable path... the result is unbuildable.

Also side note,I tried having triggers that changed the path under the building to a different terrain but this only changed what it looked like but not the pathing map.

So if anyone can find a way to edit what Foot movement type units can walk on, or if someone can find a way to make buildable terrain dominant instead of ressecive, please post it here.
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