Paladin Pack

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Based on:Paladin and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Skin for Scarlet Crusade are Scarlet Knight, Scarlet High Commander, Scarlet Oracle and Scarlet Huntsman by Heinvers

Thanks for optimalizations to RexusMax52

More of my work you can find here: Edited and changed work of Ujimasa hojo by Ilya Alaric

If you yourself want use these models for own work or projects, you are absolutly free to do it.








Scarlet Crusade


Sigmar's Church


Uther the Lightbringer

Aliance Paladin (Model)

Alterac Paladin (Model)

Alterac Paladin Black (Model)

Alterac Paladin Black Green Eyes (Model)

Alterac Paladin Blue Eyes (Model)

Alterac Paladin White (Model)

Alterac Paladin White Green Eyes (Model)

Bandit Paladin (Model)

Bandit Paladin Black (Model)

Bandit Paladin Black Green Eyes (Model)

Bandit Paladin Blue Eyes (Model)

Bandit Paladin White (Model)

Bandit Paladin White Green Eyes (Model)

Sigmarite Priest (Model)

Sigmarite Priest Black (Model)

Sigmarite Priest Black Green Eyes (Model)

Sigmarite Priest Blue Eyes (Model)

Sigmarite Priest White (Model)

Sigmarite Priest White Green Eyes (Model)

Aliance Paladin Black (Model)

Aliance Paladin Black Green Eyes (Model)

Aliance Paladin Blue Eyes (Model)

Aliance Paladin White (Model)

Aliance Paladin White Green Eyes (Model)

Dalaran Champion (Model)

Dalaran Champion Black (Model)

Dalaran Champion Black Green Eyes (Model)

Dalaran Champion Blue Eyes (Model)

Dalaran Champion White (Model)

Dalaran Champion White Green Eyes (Model)

Gilneas Paladin (Model)

Gilneas Paladin Black (Model)

Gilneas Paladin Black Green Eyes (Model)

Gilneas Paladin Blue Eyes (Model)

Gilneas Paladin White (Model)

Gilneas Paladin White Green Eyes (Model)

KulTiras Paladin (Model)

KulTiras Paladin Black (Model)

KulTiras Paladin Black Green Eyes (Model)

KulTiras Paladin Blue Eyes (Model)

KulTiras Paladin White (Model)

KulTiras Paladin White Green Eyes (Model)

Lordearon Paladin (Model)

Lordearon Paladin Black (Model)

Lordearon Paladin Black Green Eyes (Model)

Lordearon Paladin Blue Eyes (Model)

Lordearon Paladin White (Model)

Lordearon Paladin White Green Eyes (Model)

Scarlet Paladin (Model)

Scarlet Paladin Black (Model)

Scarlet Paladin Black Green Eyes (Model)

Scarlet Paladin Blue Eyes (Model)

Stormwind Paladin White Green Eyes (Model)

Scarlet Paladin White (Model)

Scarlet Paladin White Green Eyes (Model)

Silverhand Paladin (Model)

Silverhand Paladin Black (Model)

Silverhand Paladin Black Green Eyes (Model)

Silverhand Paladin Blue Eyes (Model)

Silverhand Paladin White (Model)

Silverhand Paladin White Green Eyes (Model)

Stormwind Paladin (Model)

Stormwind Paladin Black (Model)

Stormwind Paladin Black Green Eyes (Model)

Stormwind Paladin Blue Eyes (Model)

Stormwind Paladin White (Model)

Uther Lightbringer (Model)

General Frank
Simple, but probably useful to some people.
Level 4
Aug 29, 2021
The models are really good, but I think they could be better. How could you change the hammer for a sword or put a shield in the other hand. What I mean is that if you could change some things so that there is more variety. But keep it up, I like your work
Level 3
Jan 14, 2016
Damn... just damn. You are very precise I very like your work... oh shit no I Love your work just keep it going this model pack is so great. 10/5