Orc Spearthrower Models (Pack)

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Orc Spearthrower
- Added Frostwolf Orc Spearthrower, Alternate and Missile
- Added Blackrock Orc Spearthrower and Missile
- Added Warsong Orc Spearthrower and Missile
- Added Burning Blade Orc Spearthrower, Alternate and Missile
- Removed the unused tracks
Base Model Credits
Unit Type
Ranged Unit
Author's Notes
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Blackrock Orc Spearthrower (Model)

Blackrock Orc Spearthrower Missile (Model)

Burning Blade Orc Spearthrower (Model)

Burning Blade Orc Spearthrower Alternate (Model)

Burning Blade Orc Spearthrower Missile (Model)

Frostwolf Orc Spearthrower (Model)

Frostwolf Orc Spearthrower Alternate (Model)

Frostwolf Orc Spearthrower Missile (Model)

Orc Spearthrower (Model)

Orc Spearthrower Missile (Model)

Warsong Orc Spearthrower (Model)

Warsong Orc Spearthrower Missile (Model)

General Frank
Lovely edited and optimized models. Useful for many mappers. Models work in-game and perform well. Good job.
Level 31
Feb 14, 2018
Excellent. Any chance for Black Tooth Grin or Dragonmaw?
I plan to make more clan variations in my grunt, raider and spearthrower model packs. :smile:
would it be possible for you to maybe also transfer the Alternate Anims that Ujimasa implemented to the base Bandit spearthrower in his derivatives to yours as well? so they can be used as proxies for the regular troll headhunter and berserker?
I actually removed the alternate animations hehe. But I'll try to bring it back.:thumbs_up:
Damn awesome, you are adding more and more clans!