Orc Captain (War of the Ring)

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"...and there was Grishnákh again, and at his back a couple of score of others like him: long-armed crook-legged Orcs. They had a red eye painted on their shields. Uglúk stepped forward to meet them.
'So you've come back?' he said. 'Thought better of it, eh?'
'I've returned to see that Orders are carried out and the prisoners safe.'
answered Grishnákh."

- The meeting of the Hand and the Eye

Texture came from "War of the Ring (2003)", and has been modified and refined to fit in with Warcraft 3

- Still nothing, working in his explosive barrel ability and Wolf Speed

Orc Captain (War of the Ring) (Model)

General Frank
Works in-game, performs appropriately and is a good addition to the model section. Excellent work!