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[Capture the Flag] (opinions need) best ctf gamestyle

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Level 23
Feb 6, 2014
Hello hivers,
I've got some few questions regarding CTF gamestyle.

1. What is the better gamestyle of CTF in Hero Arena?
a. Die and Spawn (respawn after being dead for a few seconds.)
b. Round Modes (like Counter-Strike where players will only respawn after a team successfully captured a flag and the round has a timer. when the timer expires and no one captures a flag, the round is a tie)

2. Is it better if players can carry their own team flag? (If yes, do you think it will make the game SIGNIFICANTLY harder?)

If you ask me
1. b
2. Yes, no
but I like to hear other opinions.
If you can suggest ideas too (like if you chose 1. B, what is the appropriate Round time), that would be great.
Level 25
Jul 10, 2006
1. a - games can be very boring if you spent 50% of the time dead
2. no - makes defense too easy, plenty of dirty tactics you'd need to design around

The most notable problem with respawning is that it makes defense very easy, since an attacking team basically needs to kill your whole team twice. The solution to this is to move the spawn point away from the flag area.
Spawn points go at top left and top right
Flag locations go at bot right and bot left
I think respwaning after certain delay is fine.
It's usually fun to kill more and more people. :alol:
But it must be balanced, the enemy team should definitly get
some kind of advantage when killing and not instantly face same person again.

I would also say don't make it possible to carry the own flag in normal gameplay.
I could imagine it would be a feature that could annoy people quite fast, when abused.
Level 10
Aug 30, 2007
maybe make it so after dying the corpse stay on the ground and a teammate has to revive you (by channeling for example)? If no ally comes to rescue you, you can join in again at a spawn point after some time (just like in battlefield)
Level 12
Nov 3, 2013
I'm going to chime in and say that when it come to capture the flag my personal preference is not when there's two flags (one for each team) but rather a single (neutral) one in the middle to fight over, kind of like that campaign map where you have to rescue Illidan from Maiev.

I think that's more engaging since you don't have to have people sitting in your base doing nothing as guards while someone else is out there having fun (From my experience people will run and do their own thing which starts the toxicity going about whose fault it was and such.).

This would also let you have a short respawn time that only has to be increased for a team that's close to score a point (The closer the flag is to your base the longer respawn for your team.) to not give an overwhelming advantage for the team that's all ready winning (shorter distance to run) and instead leave room for epic last second comebacks.

It's probably less difficult to make it work with more than 2 teams as well, if you're planning to have extra game modes.

Given your questions this didn't even seem to have been considered, maybe it would be against your map idea that you've all ready got but I thought I should mention it since like the title said this is, in my opinion, the best CtF gamestyle.
Level 12
Nov 3, 2013
How about if you can carry your team flag...

If you can make it so that it's not just going to be abused, like taking it and running to some place where it's going to be almost impossible for the enemy to retrieve it.

If it's done right then it's much more engaging instead of having a whole team bunkering down after taking a one point lead, but it's more difficult to make as well with a whole lot more to think about for it to not be abused.

The most basic but still important measures would be to not let anybody carrying their own flag get anywhere near their own spawn and to not have the defenders come back to defend faster than the aggressors after death. The point of carrying your own flag would be to run around and try to survive to stall as long as you possibly can but inevitably the enemy would eventually knock you out so that it doesn't grow dull. The flag carrier should probably recieve penalties to make it difficult to survive if he's trying to fight back head on to put emphasis on being on the run and for your team mates to do their best to protect you, reducing healing recieved (or maybe not letting them get healed at all.) could be one such thing, you'd obviously have to think about what's appropriate for your own map here.

Lets say that you have the penalty to not allow flag carriers to be healed; there could be a few check points in each teams territory that allow the flag carrier to pass on the flag for a switch with another team member to try to carry the flag to another one of these locations. (Probably have something like 3 - 5 of these to leave room for some options but not make it too easy.)

This would encourage constant movement and no dull moments, with constant switching of the flag carrier role nobody will feel like they're stuck with it (Regardless if it's because they lost it to the opponent or that they passed it on to a team member.) and it would feel more fair if as an aggressor you have just struggled to take the carrier down but he manages to pass it on before he dies instead of just having some team member show up and heal him to full health.

There could be special short cuts reserved for only the enemy in the territory to make it less difficult to get flags from the opponents side to your own but harder to get the whole way back since eventually the short cut advantage would switch instead.

Obviously the flag bearer should have their movement speed reduced a bit so they won't just blaze through the map without letting anybody to catch up.

Like the minimap is showing where the flag is located but you have no vision of it. Bad idea?
Not at all, it's pretty common to ping the minimap at regular intervals with one red and one green to show both of your and the enemy flag locations. And honestly I wouldn't mind giving vision to have the flag bearers being revealed to the enemy completely.
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Level 11
Jun 2, 2013
For Option 2:

Do Both
You could make the point system more versatile. Let an offensive Flag Carrier Kill equal 1 point, while a flag capture equals 5.

That way there would be some risk to actually carrying your flag to defend it as opposed to letting it sit in the base.
The Pro to carrying the flag is, mobility while defending. The Con is the enemy can gain a point for the kill.
The Pro to leaving it in the base is, they can only gain points by capturing. The Con is there is no mobility.
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