Obligatory Introduction Thread

Level 6
Aug 20, 2005
Hi, I'm just posted my first proper map the other day and now the site keeps bugging me to introduce myself, so here we are. I'm sure no one reads these things anyway :p. I'm interested in Mapping (badly) and 2d graphical work, I have some some old skool photoshop skills from my webdesign days so I should be more reasonable at the 2d given a few pointers. Check out my map Master Arena for evidence anyway :D. As far as the Warcraft 3 mapping goes I've toyed with AoS and TD type maps, they are really the only play types that hold any appeal for me, the survival and tag type maps that i know are pretty big here at hiveworkshop don't do it for me. As far as goals I really want to see people playing more than just bloody DotA, as good as it is it has turned the general Warcraft 3 playing base into a load of fickle bores, who aren't willing to try new maps and game styles. There are some really good AoS games out there like HosK and Age of Myths that aren't played nearly enough.