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Nid icons n models for dota hero idea

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Feb 21, 2008
Sorry if this is long but...... dont close this immediately after you see its length.

Hero Story~

Cefiro was in the ranks of the gods a long time ago, when he was found to have introduced to Easrth the ways of gambling, Zeus banished him from heaven. Reborn as a lowly peasent his sleeping powers were reawkened when Motred tried to cheat during a game of poker. Recruited by Kel'Thuzard as a elite hunter after being reccomended by Motred.

Thats it I think if i sounds weird help me think of one??

Skills~ For this i wan to name the skills with poker terms.....

1st skill~ Deal

As Cefiro gains back his powers he gains the skill of dealing, using his specially made set of poker cards, he deals damage at a distance by throwing them at his enemies.

Lvl 1~ Extra 100 range + 10% chance of X0.5 critical
Lvl 2~ Extra 150 range + 15% chance of X1 critical
Lvl 3~ Extra 200 range + 20% chance of X1.5 critcal
Lvl 4~ Extra 250 range + 25% chance of X1.5 critical

2nd skill~ Fan Of Cards

Cefiro throws his deck of cards around him, cause a fan of cards.

Throws in a 550 AOE
Lvl1~ Deals 100 damage Manacost~ For all lvls 110
Lvl2~ Deals 180 damage Cd~ 20/18/16/15
Lvl3~ Deals 260 damage
Lvl4~ Deals 340 damage
Stuns for 2 seconds if hit

3rd skill~ Raise and Call

Cefiro tries a bluff and decreases his armour for more damage

Lvl1~ Minus 1 armour + 10% damage Manacost~ 80/90/105/120
Lvl2~ Minus 2 armour + 15% damage Cd~ 30 seconds
Lvl3~ Minus 3 armour + 25% damage
Lvl4~ Minus 3.5 armour + 40% damage

4th skill~ Showdown! (Ultimate)

Cefiro can't accept the fact that he is losing and goes into a mad fury.

Lvl1~ If health is below 25% Gains 5 extra armour 15% atk speed 20% movespeed and heals 100hp
Lvl2~ If health is below 35% Gains 6 extra armour 18% atk speed 25% movespeed and heals 150hp
Lvl3~ If health is below 40% Gains 7 extra armour 20% atk speed 25% movespeed and heals 200hp
Only activatable if health is below 25%/35%/40%

Manacost~ 150
Cd~ 60 seconds

I nid the icons for hero and skills and a model please.

For the hero icon could you make a like blood elf one with a not so big helmet

For the model make a blood elf like gambler may ignore the gambler part

For the skill Deal make a icon(passive) take shows a card flying

For the skill fan of cards(active) ummm i have not much preference for this as the name is self-explainatory

For the skill Raise and Call(aura like) make it like a try to bluff in a game of poker?

For the ultimate ummmmm have like the hero's head in like a head to head combat with another hroe's head like the faces are facing each other looking angry or fiecre
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