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Fix my hero

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Level 6
Aug 17, 2011
My spelling is a bit bad but i will fix it.........

Dalaran never finished experiment,completed when scourdge invaded dalaran,instead of searving forces of Light,necromansers turn his peacefull nature in soul trsty creature......
Ok my ideas:
Dark Burn (pasive)
Hero hands start burning whit black fire,adding (depeands on lvl attack speed) and Bash to every(depends on lvl ) atack.
LVL1 +20%
LVL2 +30%
LVL3 +40%
LVL4 +50%
Dark Bat(something similar to War club):
Fergot unrot the tree and use it to strenght his attack for 6 strikes dealing (depends on LVL) damage.
Land Crash:
Slams the ground and stunt units in selected area dealing (depensd on LVL)damage
LVL 200
LVL 300
LVL 400
LVL 500
Shadow hits:
Creates images that do 30% damage,but have 30%hp less (DEPEANDS ON LVL Number of MIROR IMAGES),after casting adds normal abilyti
named Soround:
All images and Hero Suround target and lock it to ground for 30 sec,can be interupted whit any ultimate spell....
I want to make sugestion to Ice frog for this hero there is skin on this site that fits my idea perfect but will need soem help whit icons...
Level 12
Dec 20, 2011
Seriously, I am not getting a thing. I don't know what the hero looks like, since you didn't give his name, nor his hero name, making this hard to do.

All images and Hero Suround target and lock it to ground for 30 sec,can be interupted whit any ultimate spell....

Anyways, this looks so imba, it would get rejected just after you give him that idea. 30 seconds? That's like 10 heroes stunning a guy, which would be overkill, lol. Plus, it being only be able to be canceled by another ultimate spell is crap. Why shouldn't normal skills be able to cancel this? They're still stuns, mini-stuns, so I don't see why they shouldn't be used to cancel this spell. And, there's already a "Blackhole" spell there, so adding something like that again, would make combos too imba or too gay.

About the Land Crash skill, wtf? It's a Centaur-ish stun which deals 500 damage?! It's an AoE, deals stun, and deals 500 damage. Cool bro. It should be below 250 since it's a stun, not targeted one, and it's an aoe skill. Maybe 175 damage would be good.

I think those skills are too plain. Mainly because:
Dark Burn = attack speed and bash = Troll's fervor and bash from axe skill.
Dark Bat = +dmg for 6 attacks = Tiny's war club plus Ursa Warrior's fury swipes = this.
Land Crash = aoe stun = Centaur's stun which deals 2x damage.
Shadow Hits = Yay, another mirror image skill! = Too common nowadays.
Surround = 30 seconds disable plus land crash, ftw!

Overall, if I were asked to rate this, I'd rate the hero 2/10 or even 1/10. I don't need to explain why, since I've already told you why this guy would suck in DotA, lol.
Level 3
Nov 24, 2009
You should explore the triggers that wc3 offers. It is probably how icefrog came up with skills like barathum's damage based on move speed and skills that affect attributes. I have noticed that icefrog has lately been creating abilities that affect attributes. E.g Goblin Shredder's skill. [I forgot the name]

And you said in the story "Soul thirsty creature", I dont see any part of the spells you just came up with have any relation to it. Thats the most important thing, to be able to fit abilities into the story.

Since he is a soul thirsty creature, make something to leech mana from the enemy but make sure not to let it resemble mana drain from lion.

Soul Eater [Active ability]
During the duration this buff is active, each attack this hero makes on a enemy hero will steal mana from it and reduce the enemy hero's attack damage. Lasts 4/5/6/7 seconds
Level 1 - 20 mana leech/reduce enemy attack damage by 5 [per attack made]
Level 2 - 30 mana leech/reduce enemy attack damage by 10[per attack made]
Level 3 - 40 mana leech/reduce enemy attack damage by 15[per attack made]
Level 4 - 50 mana leech/reduce enemy attack damage by 20[per attack made]

Cooldown:30 Manacost:100/110/120/130
Damage reduction lasts 7/8/9/10 seconds

This is an idea i just came up with. It is effective against DPS and Spammers. It may look imbalanced at first but it only applies to one target, the one which the hero is attacking and lasts for a short period. It is also a good way to recover mana early game and helps in lane control.

Although I think this will require quite a substantial amount of triggering. Hope this spell idea helped.
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