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New RP for warIII: The Relics of the Old God

Level 1
Mar 25, 2008

We're in the world of Loria. It is an alternate dimension where the same races of warcraft lore exist, although they are all very different. Their organisation has changed, their leaders aren't even similar. Everything seems to be changed in that world.

For this RP, I intend to start with atleast 4 factions: the human empire, the tribal council, the summoner alliance and the sea pirates.

Human Empire: Formed solely by humans, for the moment. They seek to be the dominant race in the world. They are against other races that can be of any small danger. They'll fight whoever and wherever to protect their land and conquer more territories. They have the best of the technologies, siege weapons, gunpowder...

Tribal Council: The wild barbarians have always existed. Some of them are humans, others are from other races, such as trolls. They live hidden in the wilderness, the human empire is their main enemy. They have always fought them, and tried to survive. They live to run away from the empire, since the empire doesn't give them time to do anything else. They are in a constant war, trying to hunt eachother. They live in peace with the nature, and are the main beast tamers.

Summoner Alliance: The wizards. Their only strength is magic, and the gold they gather magically from the goldmines. With that gold, they can contract whatever mercenaries or demons from the Infernal Realm. Some of the summoner's cult can be considered evil, but most of them are just investigators and use magic only for good. They research and develop many artifacts to aid them in the war. They have never proved to be allied with the Tribal Council, although they have always have peaceful relationships and commercial treatments. They can summon elementals and creatures out of magic, without demonic portals, and can control the elements and the arcane power.

Sea Pirates: An alliance made out of sea creatures: lizards, turtles, and other beasts, tamed by the humanoid races such as mermaids from the depths. They are always sinking the boats of the human empire and the summoner alliance. Since the tribal council hasn't got an advacned technology, they don't sail so much, and that's what keeps them safe from the sea pirates. They seek treasures from the humans, and since they used to live in the rivers and lakes until human pollution arrived, they have always seeked revenge.

Appart from that, in this world there used to be a Prophet, called Azur. Azur used to be one of the mages in the summoner alliance, but after he told everybody what he had seen in his vision, they thought he was crazy and vanquished him. He had to flee the alliance and seek refuge in the wilderness. With his magic, he managed to build his own tower and with the help of his apprentices they all managed to survive and summon incredible forces. He's considered one of the best wizards in the world, but he serves none. He only trusts those inside his walls. The prophecy spoke about the seven relics of the old gods.
They are suposed to be seven mystical and powerful... things... none's sure about what shape could they have... with unique powers, sent by the gods to destroy the world, for only the tribal council prays them nowadays. None else remembers them, and for that reason they seeked revenge and sent those "weapons". None knows whether this is true or false, but it is known that many explorers, warriors and mages have searched for those relics. None has ever found them yet, but what if they did? The prophecy said that if certain of those relics are gathered together, the power to destroy the world would be unlocked. For that reason some search them: some of them will try to destroy the world, others would want to rule it, while some will try to save it, and others will just want their marvelous powers to achieve minor selfish goals.

From this point on, you are the ones who will pick up the races and post them here in order to play. You must make a description of the race and their important characters. You can be on one of these sides or just have your own neutral faction, but I would not recommend that until we have some players on each team first.

I will post later with the race I will play, appart from Azur's tower, since he's still alive.