Tales of the past RP

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Jul 8, 2009
This is my RP for warcraft 3.
Using SotDRP and other of that type.
I won't be GMing but I will have people who are better then me do that untill my warcraft works online. IF you want to be a GM Say so.

Thanks to RPC for the rules. Altered by me.
Hero rules

1) Max start level 1-5
2) Max three heroes
3) Realistic Inventory
4) No bashing. Or nukezors or overpowered skills.
5) Hero armor must not go above 50% damage reduction.

Inventory rules

1) No soul edge/gem
2) No dark trident/shooting star
3) Basically, no overpowered items. Especially, quiver of strafe.
4) Realistic Inventory

Roleplay rules

1) Use proper, coherent language while role-playing
2) Don't spam/mass units.
3) Don't spam overpowered abilities. This is meant to be SotDRP, not DotA.
4) Try not to annoy other players in the game, if you need to ask a question, ask politely and wait patiently.
5) Have fun.
6) Don't bash or repeatedly write hurtful or disturbing/hurtful comments in a game. Especially if you're host.
7) Most important rule. Literacy.

In an alternate realms. Where all sides are trying to gain power in the world. This story takes place in the world of Sarcos, which is far away from the any other realm. It also has various races in it. The path between Sarcos and the other realms is trough one Gate, who is located in the planes of eastern Marlos. There aspects of time opened that portal, so they could drive the evil out of the other realms and put them into parallel dimension. Many hundreds of years later, it was reopened found by a expedition lead by Lord Ran.

Races and Alliances:
The Empire
Human-Humans originally came from Earth. That's the last humanity in that universe. Sometime after Humans created two castles for themselves and they grew very powerful on Sarcos. Their castle is the Holy Might castle.

Elf-Elves are the magical race. All they want is to collect magic and feed their hunger for it. They believe that they are Emperor's royal guards. They live in the forests of magic and their home caslte is Al'kazir.

The Chaos Kingdom
Chaos Humans-They are a chaotic race, unaffected by darkness and hide in the shadows. They use dark magics to summon up dangerous chaos creatures. Some magic cannot effect them. They are fast, and strong even though they look warped. Chaos Keep is their castle.

Chaos Orks-Filled with the demonic power and strength, they are born to bring chaos and destruction over all other races. They are living in the Chaos Keep in the very roof of the world.

Chaos Demons- They come form the deepest pits of insanity. They are warped and life is not the same after a demon touched it. They live in the northern parts of the world. They are castle it the deepest pit in the Chaos Keep.

Ork Conclave
Ork- This brutish race is known as Outlanders. They were the first ones that crossed trough portal to Sarcos, and that gave them handicap over other races. They've build their new homeland in the barren wastelands on the eastern continent of Ograthar. Their new castle is named Big Teeth.

Character Sheet:

Character NameRaceGenderJobAllianceStatusCurrent locationPlayer
Lord Ranus KrallHumanMaleLordEmpireAliveCytos IsleNpc
Roran StaricusHumanMaleWarriorEmpireAliveCytos IsleSoLmaster

Episode 1- Fall of Cytos Isle
Map:SotDRP vanguard 1.03
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