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New Map: Advanced Warcraft 3 Strategy

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Level 4
Nov 22, 2004
in this map, i took all the HP, MP Attack, Scale and such, made Modifications> easier to kill, chance to avoid, chance to crit, unit ranking, suply for maintaining units in battle, peasants is the number of units u can train (like, amount of people u can train to become fighters), cheaper units, buildings are alittle bigger, increased buildings def, upgrades have 5 lvls, some custom skills, habilities and upgrades, units(units are a little smaller to keep size realism) gold gathering (u have to find the gold mine. until there, u have an income) chop woods, need more units to build buildings faster...

well i modified in a way it becomes more realistoc and strategic. no need to worry bout making AI.

i played and it was a awesome game. normal duration, if played in a just and strategic way.

this is my first complete map since i have WC3 TFT (1 week now)

so please, take it easy on me. :D
Not open for further replies.