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Blitzkrieg - New Map Project

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Sep 7, 2011
Hi guys. This is my first post on the Hive.
Ive been designing a map and I just posted a beta.


Im not sure if it will work online but please check it out anyways.

Oh and I have been using a lot of content from the Hive so if you see your work in my map and youre not listed in the credits section, let me know. I have just moved a lot of imports and lost track of who all needs to be credited. Thanks for the great content!

Map Description:
Blitzkrieg is a fast paced strategy game based on the dynamics of full scale modern warfare.
Control a small force of strategically selected units and wage war against the opposing team.
Each unit plays a specialized role and has a strategic strength and weakness.
4 different branches of available units : - Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Mechanized and Airborne
Purchase Tactical Aid strikes such as Chemical Strikes, Rocket Artillary, Cruise Missiles, EMPs and Nukes.
(Upcoming) Upgrade System allows you to specialize your class of units to suit your strategy.

Resources: Reinforcement Points (Gold) are given to a player at beginning of game and are replenished when the purchased units die.
Munitions (Lumber) is awarded for killing units, as a percentage of their value.
Tech Points (Food) are aquired over time and used to purchase upgrades for your units.

Currently only one game mode is available. Players must capture and hold the majority of the battlefield to achieve victory over time.
This game is not about gathering resources or building up your hero/army.
It is about out-thinking your opponent strategically every step of the way.

I am really hoping to get this map up and running properly but I keep having difficulty with unforseen bugs.
It is all made in GUI as I do not know Jass so maybe somebody could help me clean it up one of these days.
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