[Cinematic] Neverwinter Myths

Level 7
Aug 17, 2008
Neverwinter Myths UPDATED!!!

This is the first book of Neverwinter Myths. A campaign composed of cinematics only.

Current Credits -
Obsidian Enternainment
Wizards of the Coast

Based on
Neverwinterwinter Nights 2

General Frank




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  • II - An Ironfist Dwarf UPDATED.w3x
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Level 13
Apr 21, 2007
Well, it was alright. Pretty decent but nothing really special.

Your terrain is above average. You have nice tile variations and in some places good doodad placement. However, some scenes have horrible height variation where you can actually see spikes of land coming out of the ground. Smooth is your friend.

The camera work wasn't really good. You have some nice angles at times but you lack camera movement. The camera barely moved.

The screenplay was pretty bad. You have a lot of grammar errors such as using "is" instead of "are" for the plural form of the present simple of be. You also lack many punctuation marks and I think I noticed a few spelling errors.

The story itself is alright, I guess, although I would prefer an original, new story instead of an adaptation from an existing game. Your script, however, is pretty badly written at some points. For example, when the girl days the main character basically says "Goodbye. So, what's for lunch?" You need to add emotions to some extant at least, especially if you aren't using voice actors.

That's about it I think. The cinematic is alright, but it's far for perfect. Hope these tips help.
Level 31
May 3, 2008
I notice you take my advice.

The terrain have quite a improvement, especially the beginning of the scenario. But, the hill look slightly unnatural at this moment.

And it was a good for you to cut down the battle scene where everybody just hack and slash one another.

By the way, it seems like you mistype planet as plane.
Level 7
Nov 4, 2008
lol I love NW2!

Good cinematic but the story made me "lolwut" a bit because Blade blissfully agreed to what his dad told him to do without even questioning it.
"Take this shard and go see your foster uncle in a city all the way across the ocean." "Ok".
It was so weird and unrealistic to me. And Bevil going with him wasn't what really happened... but it's an adaptation anyway so changes in the story are supposed to be there.

And the music was lacking too. The music in the beginning was nice but when the town was already being attacked by the githyanki it shoud have changed to more battle-oriented music but instead kept on looping. It only changed when Amie died and still after that the music remained the same even when they weren't talking about her death anymore.

Oh and change Daeghun's model 'cause he looks too much like the other soldiers. And maybe you could get sounds from the game? I don't know how but maybe you could find them in the game file or something. Good luck! :D
Level 13
Apr 21, 2007
Well, it was sort of... too simple.

The cinematic itself is pretty short, but this wouldn't be a problem if you used more than one terrain. Basically you created one spot for the dwarf meeting scene and another for the fight with the orcs. That's a bit too simple if you ask me. If it was two times longer it would be enough.

Now the terrain wasn't bad but it wasn't really good either, especially if you consider that you only had two scenes. Might want to add more height and tile variation as well as more doodads.

The cameras were good at some points, nice angles at the orc ambush part, but most of the times it just stood still and the angles were like standard w3 melee map angles.

The shaman(chaos orc warlock) just appeared in front of them? Did he teleport or what? If he did teleport a special effect or two would be nice. Also the orcs could have been hidden a little better.

There were a bunch of grammar errors and a few spelling errors. Might want to fix that.

All in all it was pretty good. If you continue like this you'll soon be better and better and with a story based on Neverwinter you can't miss. But please, next time try to make it longer. I'm not saying you should make half-hour cinematics like I do, but at least aim for 5-10 minutes.
Level 31
May 3, 2008
Hmm chapter 2? Let's see...

1) Music - Music should be trigger instead of leaving it that way.
2) Terrain - The terrain doesn't look natural at this point. From what I seen, it seems to be lifeless environment. Try add some critter and use a destructible/doodad of a flock of bird to make it more lively.

The terrain at front seems to be too smooth and empty as well, try lower or make the ground a little higher and add a little flower or shrub.


4) Typo error - You mistype "want" as "wan't".


5) Animation - It seems like you are using potrait talk animation, but you doesn't reset the unit animation upon usage. I see the mouth of Blade character continue to do the talking animation despite the other character are the one who been doing the talk.