Need some ideas

Level 15
Mar 8, 2009
Well, i'm a little out of ideas, it seems =))
a class called Noble (for ORPG). it's a weak class, but with most money.
currently has these abilities:
Gather Taxes - when he meets some kind of a vllage, he can get some money from it.
Diplomatic Approach - has a chance to make target group of mobs neutral passive for some time
Surrender - grants invulnerability and orders the Hero and his allies move to some safe spot

need some more peaceful abilities. it may be trading/utility/diplomatic/etc. abilities, but no combat ones.

EDIT: there will be some peasants/villagers in some locations, so some skills can make use of peasants, in some way.
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Level 4
Mar 23, 2008
Haggle? so he gets items for cheaper (every level gets a little cheaper) and mabey something like Harmless Appearance, so creeps have a smaller radius of aggro
Level 6
Feb 23, 2008
Respect - Deals additional damage to lower level units
Respect - Units that is 7+(any number will do, but i think 7 is a good number) levels lower than you won't attack you.

Disrespect - Deals additional damage to higher level units (kidding)

Backup/Bribery - Units that are 7+ levels lower than you will aid you for 12(or higher/lower) seconds for as cost 2x gold of their level.

you can still kill lower 7+ level units, but they will be agressive after that.

well, it's a weak class, it needs something to at least strenghten it up.