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Sep 1, 2011
Map creator: Deomor

I need help with a map I've been making for the last few days, it's a dungeon map similar a instance in world of warcraft called The Sanctum of the Dead.

On the island of Agnarmond a unlikely band of heroes has gathered outside the remains of a deserted sanctum.
Led by a mysterious man only known as Gandariel it's their duty to inspect the ruins after strange and strong traces of magic has been recorded from it's inner core.
It's up to Prince Davan Denerthor and his friends to enter the sanctum and find whatever could cause the magical trace.
But behind it's high walls, lurking in the darkness of it's hallowed halls, waits a merciless creture for young Davan

About the map:
As I've said it's close to a dungeon in world of warcraft, meaning that there's bosses and mechanics to defeat them. The map is heavily focused on the boss battles and not on role playing. It follows a strict pattern where the player go from boss to boss and fight regular minions in between. It is however focused on a story that is constantly being built on, meaning that the main characters are just as unaware of the further story as the player.

Gameplay Info:

  • There's a total of 5 bosses on the map and 3 unit wave events, 2 story driven events and 2 sub-regions for the two last bosses.

  • In singelplayer mode the player takes controll of every 6 heroes, these includes: a Paladin, a Warrior, a Assassin, a Blood Priest, a Mage and a Hunter.

  • In coop-mode player 1 takes controll of the Paladin, the Assassin, and the Mage. Player 2 takes controll of the Warrior, the Hunter and the Blood Priest.

  • Each hero has their own spells and abilities unique for their class (for example the Hunter can summon a pet, the mage can summon a elemental, the assassin can increase his attack damage etc) and they're made to fit their role to make the group survive (for example the warrior and paladin has greatly reduced damage to hits that kills the other heroes in one strike.)

  • The heroes do not level or get new spells until half the map is over (I want to change this, see below for information.)

  • Each boss has their own unique set of spells, both single-target and AoE. They all have mechanics to eliminate the "hack and slash" kind of feeling. As the map progress the bosses gets harder and require more concentration from the player.

What I've done so far:
For starters I must say that I'm not very skilled with scripting and triggering. I've made maps for WC3 before but then because I was bored, but for this map I've really focused on the triggering part, though I'm still not very good at it.

  • I've created the layout of the map, most of the terrain, most of the doodads. (I'd say that I'm done to 70% on that part.)

  • I've made every boss and triggered them.

  • I've tested every boss with the heroes, and they're all doable.

  • I've made dialog for every boss; quotes when they use a certain spell conversation as text text messages so gameplay won't be interrupted.

  • I've triggered the unit event and story driven events, but they still need work on.

  • I've have imported units and effects from this website (thanks guys they look awesome!!)

What I'm doing at the moment:
For the moment I'm fixing a wipe system for every boss, meaning that when all units die at a boss it will reset and re-enable the triggers that's already been performed. I'm also colouring and putting the final touches on certain spells. I'm testing the bosses one after one to see if they behave properly, I've checked 3/5 bosses so far.

What I need:
Here's the thing: I study for the moment and has to get done with a whole year course before november cause I'm traveling to India as a backpacker, and at the side I also work on a local ferry, this means I'm starting to have a worrying feeling that I won't get done with the map properly. So I need someone who can help me on the side to dubble the speed, someone who's good at the things that I feel I have limited skill in. This include making cinematics, helping in adding the custom scripts and help me overlook the triggers and events to see if they trigg properly and, of course, testing the map.

I'll take any help I can and have no problems taking criticism and suggestions from others. If you are intressted in helping me just send me a PM or comment and I'll give more information.
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