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My First WC3 RPG

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Level 2
Jan 24, 2008
Hey guys, I'm seeing some great work on this site. I'm new to WC3 and to Hiveworkshop, but I've got some great ideas for my first RPG.
Not going to reveal too much here, but I would like some help making a desert-themed RPG. All of the characters, spells, creatures and geography will be thoroughly arid wasteland-oriented.
I've lived in the Sahara in northern Africa for several years, and I know a fair amount about desert survival techniques and esoteric folklore/mythology that many Africans still believe. I'd like to make a fantasy game out of some of the fascinating tactics and stories that I've heard.
Former Starcraft BW Mapmaker here, but not at all familiar with WC3 World Editor though, sadly. I'm in desperate need of someone to perform the manual implimentations. I'm confident I can make your effort worth the while, so PM me if you have the skill and interest. I'll reveal more over an Instant Messenger. Thanks, and keep up the good work here, all.
Not open for further replies.