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[Life of a Peasant] Re: Creative Jobs

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I'm currently making a massive LOAP/RPG hybrid and so far I've run out of ideas on what kind of jobs to put. For context, it is set somewhere between the medieval times and just before the industrial revolution.

What are some jobs you would want to have in a LOAP/RPG map?
Book publisher, shoemaker, shop manager/owner, mason... there are plenty of jobs that existed around that time if you do some reading. Wikipedia can probably tell you plenty of answers about obsolete professions.
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
So Renaissance / Enlightenment?

Well, there's agricultural jobs, so farming, herding, and fishing.

If archery hasn't become obsolete yet, there could be competing techtrees between archery and gunnery.

There could also be a kind of "entrepreneur" system where worker units gather a resource, which is then sent away for sale, and the PC could gather the resource at a faster rate, then guard the caravan until it reaches its destination, with upgrades like gather rate or caravan speed and guards.
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