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Last Activity:
Nov 1, 2009
May 3, 2008
November 28
Dun need 1,not in a hurry to get one


The Digital Raider., from Around...

Master334 was last seen:
Nov 1, 2009
    1. Master334
      Your nuts, completely bonkers, crazy beyond nuts and nuts beyond insanity, good day to you.000
    2. Byaku
      Happy Birthday :grin:
    3. Formula1
      I want more
    4. Formula1
      Clearly things are always what they seem....
      Maybe they are...
      So maybe its not so clear...
      But is it?
      :O O NOEZ
    5. Formula1
      I know............... >.>
      I thought that it was sarcasm <.<
    6. Formula1
      .............................. <.< I don't believe you
    7. Master334
    8. Draelren
      Hey! Would love to see my model used as a unit in a map, when you get it done - send it my way please! :D
    9. Misha
      Excellent shots with the editor lol ^_^
    10. MasterHaosis
      Master334, :cgrin:
      Whoa another Master here! hehe
    11. AntoMarc
      ok sorry I don't know what was in my mind ... sorry
    12. General Frank
    13. AntoMarc
      and what is the problem I have help him he helped me a lot he is oen of my best friends I'm not a spammer and I have don't do any bad things on hive and I work on my campaign making skins terraining I do something on hive If I don't post any resources Its my problem I want to practice first to make good skins and maps ...
    14. Freiddie
      Oh alright then!
    15. Formula1
    16. AntoMarc
      yeah I know lol
    17. Freiddie
      Uh, I'm kinda confused by that visitor message you left on my profile, unless that was meant to be funny? Still, thanks for leaving my first message! :grin:
    18. Formula1
      Yeah that shet happens
      Hey... if your just looking to finish a project... I'm trying to make a tactics simulator

      What it will include is.....
      -Awareness of traps
      -Creating Traps
      -Mana Conservation
      --Destroying/Escaping Traps

      All just to kill your enemies

      The way to trap someone is with the collision size of your units

      THere will be no stun
      There also will be no invisibility

      THe way I'm thinking of destroying traps is this
      -Each person has a semi auto finger of pain spell you can cast (Or Area of Effect if you aren't very quick with clicks. when you do this

      THe way to set up traps will be summons and Maybe a constant number of ally troops
      Just so that it will be a mix of tactics (Slow Combat/Mental Gameplay) and quickness...
      THen ways to make people waste mana

      If two people get up close to one another the ways to attack will either be immolation or Warstomp (No stun)

      Semi auto for quick fingers for the finger of pain spell
      Tactics in terms of summons

      And have a buff mech thats interesting...
      -I'm not sure if I want to make it damage over time or defense/attack lessening but I'm thinking maybe three types
      1) Tank Buffs-Defense up/Defense down
      2) Ranged attack Buffs-Attack up/attack down
      3) Hero Buffs-Speed up/Speed down

      And I'm thinking a couple different types of defenses
      -Mirror image-Mostly for the agility attackers so they can trick their enemies and they won't know which is the real and would have to use area of effect spells or take a chance and attack one
      -Blink-Mostly for Intelligence people so they can get out of a bad situation

      No stuns, No Invisibility...

      These are just thoughts......
    19. General Frank
      General Frank
      Thank you, man. I appreciate it.
    20. Goreface
      lol yea thats true.

      speaking of late.... Im thinking of putting the STALKER project on hold till master 5800 decides he has time to work on it cause im at a stand still with no models =/

      Ethier way I have a great idea for a map i think im gonna put into action. It seems alot easier to accomplish and alot more fun to play so we'll see how it is.
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  • About

    November 28
    Dun need 1,not in a hurry to get one
    Current Project:
    Projects include: My rpg map witch is called Paths of Destiny. Also am working on a small defence with Anime-Junkie.
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Cult of the Damned
    Master of hosting, Master of mastering
    Master of myself

    loap wc3...... ect


    Thanks Hive! You alone grew three adults ^^


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