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Life of a...

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Level 11
Dec 15, 2007
loap idea fac.
For now tis' LOAP, but i may change name and have a few stories to go with it, but i dunno quite yet. I've basically, or am basically, redoing the map, adding lots of jobs, taking out lots of stuff. Data i'm leaving in i'm re-designing. I'm really obsessed with Dragonlance series, so ideas from the books will have soe sort of influence, but it won't cause like rigged heros or anything above normal LOAP life... atleast on this V lol. I havn't decided but i might make it unprotected since it's a LOAP but I think i'll only release a protected version for like a month or so, untill atleast no one can take the credit so ppl know who made it lol.

Need lots of ideas still, i mean lots, i have alot in the game, and in my head but i need alot more. It's moving as fast as this shit computer loads. I'd like suggestions no matter how small or big, i don't care lol. Also i still would like doodads and units that have small file sizes, noticed already added lots of nice ones like beds, and new tables, i'd like more random room accesories, just imported computer and walls, so probly will take cliff tiles out, but if anyone can find better walls that'd be nice. Using campaignindoor wall lol, its like a stone and almost a strip of wood in it. Doodads are playing a big part, i mean i want to try to have it like rl but also fantasy lol.

Also i'm tired of current peasant models and want unarmed models too so you don;t have to be 14 carrying a staff lol, but I gotta watch my import limit =P


  • Loap a new Sunrise.w3x
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