[Life of a Peasant] Creative Jobs

Level 11
May 7, 2006
Maybe something to do with stock markets and investing?

Could be simple like buy shares in a company and have it randomly go up and down, could be more complex.

You could have a number of made up companies with stock prices, or link these to actual stores in the map, whenever a player buys from a store that store's score goes up by a percentage of the amount spent at the store. The investor can then choose which stock to invest in or buy put/short options.

For a more fantasy theme you could have the banker designing/testing mythical creatures to defend their vaults, or fight those mythical creatures when they escape.

As a minigame the banker could have a mini tower defence type game where they build towers to defend against stealthy theives - this might interact with thief jobs where the thief has to run the gauntlet of the bankers tower defences.

You could create "crises" for the banker/government to deal with, a quest: "make players spend x money within 5 minutes or a bad thing happens". So the banker will drop the interest rates (to dissuade people from saving money) and the government lower to value added taxes to try and make people escape the recession - or the government could use money saved by taxes to spend their way out of recession.

A banker could buy debt - this would start a quest to collect the debt - different grades of debt would be more risky, so A grade is always gonna pay back but it's expensive and rarely appears in the "shop", C grade debt is risky but cheap and is always available. If there is too much C grade debt (either the banker didn't buy it, the banker didn't collect it or the banker tried to collect it but they defaulted) then a financial crash happens and fucks the economy for the rest of the game.
Level 25
Apr 6, 2010

Caravan: Creates a trade caravan (supply horses and guards) that goes to a distant location via a predetermined route (also spawns bandits along the route) and gives [100+X]% profits at the end of the route based on the caravan's total health. Also allows the Caravan Guard job.
* Caravan Guard: Payoff is based on caravan's total health at the end of the route. Once several caravans have been escorted to the destination, unlocks the Caravan Captain job, which gives the player control of the caravan and its NPC guards.

Foreign Trade: Invests X+Y money in a trade ship, which gives [20-150]% returns or fails and gives nothing. X increases the maximum amount returned, Y are upgrades that can be purchased to increase the minimum returns and reduce the chance of the ship sinking.

Magic Production: Invests in an alchemist's guild to create potions and magical items for sale. The more money is invested, the faster items are produced and of higher quality. Has a chance of exploding, dealing cataclysmic damage to nearby buildings and units.
Level 24
Feb 9, 2009
Sheep catcher, reverse of dodge the sheep custom game provided by blizzard.
Loitering Officer, find units that are doing nothing around town and lock them down to be hauled away unless owner pays fee.
Ward repair, perimeter of town has wards that keep beasts away, overtime they can degrade, repair or replace them lest beasts wander into town.
Magic Licensing department, hunt down unlawful casting in town by offering cutthroat prices for the privilege of casting in town.
Anti-Edgelord department, hunt down Players who become too edgy.
Legendary Equipment Tax, players found with legendary equipment must get a serial number for their legendary items and seek a license to carry in town.
Skeleton Safety Act Committee, Patrol graveyards and ensure no unlicensed hunting of endangered skeletons, this includes the randomly spawning Chinese Censorship Demon.