[General] Morphed worker doesn't build

I've created a worker (peasant) which can morph into another worker unit with different build abilities (and back).

I've used two modified Destroyer Form abilities:

The other one is the same except it morphs into the original peasant.

Problem is, the advanced version can't build anything. The correct buildings show up in the build menu, and I can order the unit to build a structure, but once it arrives at the ordered location, the order is cancelled.

It's like the UI is updated, but the unit isn't.
Yes, nothing else has changed except structures built and upgrades used, and militia has been removed.
The same thing happens when using a peon, though.

It's the same way the other way around, so if an advanced peasant morphs into a regular peasant, it won't be able to build the regular buildings. Even when both units are on the map at init.
Level 23
Feb 2, 2006
Hi, this is a very old thread but I am facing the exact same problem. I want to provide morphing abilities to allow workers to build different kinds of buildings but the morphed workers won't start building anymore. Is the only solution to replace the workers with triggers?!
Level 36
Feb 27, 2007
I believe the issue is specifically that they won’t start construction on anything that wasn’t in their original build list. Someone else just posted about this issue in the past couple weeks so you should be able to find the thread.

What they did was make a base unit in the OE have all the buildings of both forms, then upon being created morph it into whichever one of the 3 unit types should be the ‘default’.