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Monster Rancher 4 Worth or not?

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Level 25
Apr 27, 2008
Monster Rancher 2 for the Ps1
everything after it is shit with all my respect.
We even have a monster Rancher 2 group here at hive.
(Difference between monster rancher 2 and after is Like: take pokemon for an example, they take pikachu then decide to remake him and makes him look more like an actual real yellow rat)
Level 11
Jul 20, 2010
Okami is great
it's on the Ps2 and the wii, I prefer the Ps2 version to be honest
but it's the same game, just different consoles.

I know,i once have it for ps2 but the DVD didn't work anymore for some reason...maybe it got overly scratched or it wasn't good,cuz for my ps2 only certain types of DVDs work like Traxdata DVD-R

Oh well i will be looking for it again...hope i may find it somewhere
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