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Model question

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Level 12
Apr 28, 2012
Hi, I was wondering Is it possible to make a model appear on top of everything?

here's an example:


here the peasant is viewable


but here he isn't viewable due to the flying unit, so what I want is to make the peasant viewable always by editing model or unit or texture or anything.
So is it possible? and thank you.
Level 25
May 11, 2007
That would look very weird.




Like here, the moment the Dragon Hawk flies over the Peasant it looks like he's riding on top of the dragonhawk.

You can get the effect of having the peasant flying on the dragonhawk by using attachments if that's what you're trying to do.


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Level 11
Aug 24, 2012
In the object editor, change the peasant's (the unit you want to be on top of everything) movement type to flying (I think hover may also work but not sure).

Then change the peasant's mininum and maximum height to something really high (400 is the maximum I think, which is higher than flying units).
Level 24
Aug 1, 2013
I do understand Storm hih.
I tried to have it too quite some time ago trying to make custom HUD.
However, I ended up being disappointed because WC3 cannot do such a thing on its own.

In my case of HUD, I could be changing the flying height... if I did use units.
Without making them fly over everything else, it is impossible.
Level 12
May 20, 2009
I think he wants something similar to what SC2 does in LotV.

In LotV, units will have a halo glow around when they're behind something so that you can see the unit there. What he probably wants more specifically is just the unit being visible if something is blocking it from view.

A system for this COULD be made, but it'd be a very complicated system. You'd have to check for the camera angle of the player and figure out somehow if a model is blocking another model from view. The easiest way I think you could do that is to check if an air unit or building is within a certain radius and a certain angle of a ground unit, then that air unit/building will become transparent (Via trigger)

For a building, I think you could check if it's within about 200 distance, and for air units about 700 or 800. Both of which check if they are within a 75 to 110 degree angle from the unit you want to see. (For buildings, the angle may vary depending on the size. For air units, the distance and angle could vary depending on the size and flying height. You may just have to index units to find the height and size easier)
You can enable the "ignore depth check" model flag in the unit model directly, that makes it draw over everything else, regardless of z-depth.

This is how the health and mana bars are made so that they are always visible even when in the ground.

It can be done in Magos. However, that requires you to import the worker model instead of using the default.


Map Reviewer
Level 29
Feb 19, 2011
Couldn't it be made with triggers?
Checking every x of game time (constantly) if there is a flying unit flying at Z height in point (player camera) with certain offset and a ground unit (you need to calculate this one) with Y offset of the flying unit. Then make the flying unit 50% transparent.

I think it could be done, but it ain't easy. You would have to check all the possible angles to the ground unit to be in (or then just set the flying units' flying heights around the same value so you just need to check 2~ points around every flying unit.)
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