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mis-loaded water texture...

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Level 11
Nov 12, 2006
these first 2 screen shots are what i think is mis-loaded water texture.. thing. i know i switched regular textures *with the WE*, from it all being like grassy plain to all being a dirt plain, and added a "white marble" texture to this. so does anyone know how i can fix this? if this got messed up should i worry about other terrein problems? should i dump my imports/triggers/objects to a blank map and start over? i just dont want to finish most of the map, then do terrein and find out i have to like, restart somthing :(

look between the water and the cliff...

not that this is visible (while playing), but i know its not normal.

now this is what i did to try to fix it up, does it look natural to you?
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Level 12
Mar 16, 2006
that worked. thank u very much. and then i pasted over the land and it still worked so thanks everyone :)

*rep increased* ^^

Remember when you do this, it's not for just a certain instance, it's for the entire map.

I would copy paste if you have multiple instances of water you wish to keep intact.
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