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Last Activity:
Feb 28, 2021 at 8:06 PM
Jan 19, 2008


Terrainer/Game Designer, Male, from Texas

WoS: Tribulations 1.12 is out. More bug fixes towards a few known fatal errors we found out about plus some other tweaks. Oct 9, 2019

Saken was last seen:
Feb 28, 2021 at 8:06 PM
    1. DkD_Killer
      Darn I didnt know Saken still was in Hiveworkshop, I kinda wonder how many hours of my life my friends and I spent on SOTDRP
      1. Saken
        Hey what's up! I'm not as active on here as I used to be, but I do still check on it from time to time. Funny enough, a new terrain of mine just got released today for a different RP series, SotFRP. I'm about to link it on my signature with my other maps now.
        Sep 20, 2020
    2. karliky
      Hi! The map Survive From zombies is super cool. It's crashing on Reforged when a boss appears, it also has some typos in English, I would like to translate it to english and spanish and add some balance. I tried to contact the original author of the map but couldn't manage to do it. Is there any way I can help with the development of the map?
    3. Childeric
      Installing now. Whats your name on battle.net?
      1. Saken
        I'm still Saken on US East. I'm at work though for another couple hours. I'll PM you my discord name so we can keep in touch better.
        Dec 15, 2019
    4. Childeric
      What's uppp man. See you on Reforged?
      1. Saken
        Yo man! Yeah I already pre-ordered mine. I'm just realllllly hoping they fix all these busted ass changes Lemonsky did to a lot of models. A lot of original scale, rotation, and even entire models/textures have been changed, which ruins basically all of my maps. I'm hopeful though they will listen and fix things.
        Dec 8, 2019
    5. Captivate
      Hey man been a while, any updates on SFZ?
      1. Saken
        Check out here, sorry that I never updated you on it but SnoWolF974 was able to find someone to fix the issue of the latest map not being playable.

        Nov 21, 2019
    6. Saken
      WoS: Tribulations 1.12 is out. More bug fixes towards a few known fatal errors we found out about plus some other tweaks.
    7. Saken
      New update in the works for WoS: Tribulations
    8. uyarrr
    9. Krath
    10. Saken
    11. deepstrasz
    12. Saken
      World of Strife: Retribution and WoS: Exodus will be getting another update soon. Some of the new items from Exodus will be added to Retribution to help add more variety. With Exodus, we've gone through and fixed a handful of bugs, buffed the Leader's summons, nerfed his cleave, added more loot spawns, added more quests, and updated the UI/descriptions for all of the abilities, items, and quests menu. We also hope to finally include the three new non-human heroes in both maps when we get ready to re-release them.
      1. Fang
        cool looking forward to it :)
        Sep 26, 2018
    13. Saken
      Exodus and Retribution have both been re-released!
    14. Saken
      Since the new heroes and our PC troubles are getting the best of us, we plan on releasing a teaser version that will include the new updated terrain with lore & quest items + the new items and recipes, more loot chances; just with place holder icons for our heroes.
    15. Saken
      MY PC's crapped out on me, so I'm unable to continue any of my current Clan WP projects or any of the RP terrains I've been working on lately. Hopefully this is only temporary and not a long time thing.
    16. Saken
      Krath's PC is back up and running but Blizzard has messed up every chance we try to continue work on Exodus. At this moment we need a fix to the extremely low limit of 6-k objects in the game that the normal editor has set in place. Until Blizzard update's their object count to match the file size limit increase to be comparable, we will have to continue work on our other projects in the mean time.
      1. Saken
        As a side note; WoS: Tribulations is making more headway. We're perfecting the final boss round, making more UI and level design improvements. As well, Krath has begun making the 6th faction, Kamek Dra'kil, the Water Mage.
        Jul 21, 2017
    17. Saken
      Krath's computer took a turn for the worse, so we lost some progress with the World of Strife: Exodus v1.2 update. Thanks for being patient y'all! Hopefully my next update on here will be the announcement of the next release.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Saken
        We do utilize Dropbox, however the latest version that he was working on wasn't uploaded to DBox just yet, as we typically put them there once we've completed our work for that version. Thankfully we still have all our of our old versions so coming back was easy. These last 3 heroes are just a pain in the ass lol.
        May 29, 2017
      3. deepstrasz
        May 29, 2017
      4. Saken
        Thanks for all the support deepstrasz!
        May 29, 2017
    18. Saken
      World of Strife: Exodus v1.2 is in the works!
    19. deepstrasz
    20. Saken
      We're working on the three new heroes for WoS: Exodus now, the next update is coming along nicely and will include new items, new enemies, and two new areas to explore. As well, we are furthering progress on the 3rd unreleased installment to the World of Strife series, WoS: Tribulations. The arenas are almost all detailed, and the win game triggers have been added now. All that is left are the remaining 4 builders and their respective armies along with a hero round we are adding for the final boss level.
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  • About

    Current Project:
    • SotDRP 1.03a - Vanguard (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • RotRP 3.3 - Requiem (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • YARP - Vanguard (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • YARP - Requiem (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • YARP B7 - Riverlands (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • SotFRP - Vanguard (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • SotFRP Felmire (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • Jewels of the Sea Terrain
    Game Type: RP
    Subject To Name - Change, terrain needs reworked, needs triggers

    • World of Strife: Retribution v1.52D
    Game Type: Builder/Defense/War
    Finished and Released - Pending Update

    • Defend the Trap
    Game Type: Defense/FFA
    Needs minor terrain adjustments, and we are adding more content as we go.
    Currently looking to fix a crash that only affects some people at the start of the game.

    • World of Strife: Exodus v1.14a
    Game Type: Hero Defense/RPG
    Playable, working on adding in 3 more characters and more items and quests.

    • World of Strife: Tribulations v1.0d
    Game Type: PVPVE Arena/Army Builder
    About to be released.

    • World of Strife: Fratricide
    Game Type: Tug of War
    Needs game mechanic adjustments for spawning and more content.

    • Commanders TD (Terrain)
    Game Type: FFA TD
    Playable and being updated by Watsine.

    • Ultimate Domination v0.04 (Terrain)
    Game Type: FPS
    Playable & being updated by CanFight

    • Auto Battle v0.36b (Terrain)
    Game Type: Army Builder
    Playable and being updated often by Uyarrr

    • Survive From Zombies v1.50a English (Terrain)
    Game Type: Tag
    Re-vamped terrain by me. Translated & being updated by SnoWolF

    • The Plague II Beta 4d
    Game Type: Survival/Tag
    Updating terrain and QoL improvements.

    • The Gainer's War
    Game Type: FFA Hero Arena
    Needs UI improvements, flashier spells, and more content.

    • Elemental Wars
    Game Type: War/Builder
    Needs minor terrain adjustments, unit work, and AI work.

    • Orc Tribal Conflict
    Game Type: 4v4 Builder/War
    Needs terrain adjustments, triggers, and balancing.
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US East
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
    Still making WC3 games.

    -Role Play Maps
    -Clan WP Games
    -Other Collaborations

    •SotDRP [1.03a] Vanguard (Done)
    •RotRP 3.3 Requiem (Done)
    •YARP - Vanguard (Done)
    •YARP - Requiem (Done)
    •YARP - Riverlands (Done)
    •SotFRP - Vanguard (Done)
    •SotFRP - Felmire (Done)

    •Natural Selection 1.4b (Finished terrain for Callex)
    •Commanders TD (Finishing Terrain for Watsine)
    •Ultimate Domination v0.04 (Creating arenas for CanFight)
    •Auto Battle v0.36b (Terraining the map for Uyarrr)
    •Survive From Zombies v1.50a English (Updated terrain for SnoWolF)
    •The Plague II 4d (Reviving this old game and bringing in QoL improvements)

    •World of Strife: Retribution v1.52d (Pending Update)
    •World of Strife: Exodus v1.14a (Pending Update)
    •World of Strife: Tribulations v1.0d (Awaiting updates by Krath)
    •Defend the Trap (95% Ready)
    •Elemental Wars (15% Ready)
    •World of Strife: Fratricide (80% Ready)
    •The Gainer's War (90% Ready)
    •Orc Tribal Conflict (50% Ready)
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