Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! (2011)

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Jan 12, 2011
Well, it's 2012 in GMT+8 time, so ... Happy New Year ^_^


On a side-note, It's the end of the world! ruN 4 ur lyfes!11!!1!!
Stay calm, there won't be a year end, mate. :) The mayas did their calendar wrongly (maybe they could not finished it or they were killed.).

Happy New Year for you. :thumbs_up:I hope this year wil be luckily and very good for you. And i pray that there won't be huge disasters like in this (or last) year.

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Feb 4, 2005
Happy New Year

Hah, with the racket around the year thanks to movies when I see it on my mobile or PC, I feel strange, don't take it as indifferently as the others, look at it strangely. All 'thanks' to movies.. im in a movie. It is the year of the Dragon,

So around all the noise, if not anything different, for me it is time for some changes, like New Year resolution or smth. Let me see:

- get to know more ppl and more social life, including girls and mostly, already started but was interrupted...
- more sports for the summer and non-snowy seasons and getting more fit
- job or education, more success as it was planned last year, it was mostly a fail..
- getting also more engaged into SC2 gaming, again planned for last year but didn't do well, actually first months of 2011 I did

for THW:
- as an old member who has lost interest long ago and was supposed to leave like all others did, with pwnies I'm limiting myself to just sc2 news, pony thread, bye all other silly offtopic threads
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Sep 18, 2007
Guys, today is our Orthodox Christmas!
Antiochian Orthodox Church, Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, Russian Orthodox Church, Serbian Orthodox Church, Poland church (which has two Christmas) and Georgian Orthodox Church which contains over 20 countries are celebrating Christmas in 7,8 and 9. January:. Merry Christmas to all!
To Serbs: Мир Божији Христос се роди!
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Dec 21, 2011
Merry Christmas! Horeo, Horeo, Horeo, Horeo!
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Jun 5, 2011
Come on... you really want to tell me it's real, the fact that 2012 is the last year? Please... it's just a myth, the world's end has the same probability of happening right in this moment as it can happen 100 years from now... We simply can't predict the future that easily... at least not us, usual people... if you have a "clearer" way... then please enlighten us.

I still don't see the reason why people should post here any longer since it's past christmas or new year for too much already.
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