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Masonry Upgrade Kills Towers With Lightning Orb

Hi! God's mistake here coming in with a weirdass bug that makes no sense. I have a line of towers in my map that have mana (cold towers). These towers, like all other towers in the map, use a Masonry upgrade. The masonry upgrade adds 25% HP and 1 defense upgrade bonus per level. At tier 4 masonry, you cannot build any more cold towers because they'll just immediately explode. Pre-existing cold towers will be fine, but if you try to upgrade them, they will also explode. The masonry upgrade does not affect mana, and no other towers kill themselves. Just cold towers. What is going on? Please help. Thanks.
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Aug 10, 2018
Have you tried removing the mana and seeing if the same thing happens? I would try that first before making any assumptions.
ok tru idk why I didn't try that, I did remove mana and it still suicides on upgrade, the only other special thing is that it has a lightning orb ability with frost nova
EDIT: removed the lightning orb ability and it upgrades fine
EDIT 2: put the lightning orb ability back on and lowered the masonry HP increase value so that t4 resulrs in a 96% total increase and it's fine, so I guess you just can't have 100%+ bonus HP on a lightning orb unit?
EDIT 3: I know I said "explodes" in the first post, but it actually didn't really explode, it just swapped to the base elven tower model and then removed itself. I tried triggering the addition of the lightning orb ability upon upgrade instead of having it on the unit by default, and now it actually plays the explosion animation.
so this brings me back to: what is going on?
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ok an update to this bug: it works the same exact way for units with spellbook. if you create an illusion of a spellbook unit that existed pre<100% bonus HP teching but now has 100+% bonus HP, the illusion dies immediately too, which is weird because they're not even supposed to have active abilities in the first place.
Hi, just as info i faced same issue [Bug] Hero dies with Slow Bonus ability + HP Upgrade.
Also using different base research or data fields for HP bonus did not help.

It's not clean, but working around with increasing max HP via code works. For newly units the current research level needs to be fetched, and for living units the finishing event of new research level needs to be fetched.