[Campaign] Malfurion's Quest

Level 16
Dec 8, 2009

You are Malfurion Stormrage, arch druid of the Night Elves and protector of Kalimdor. A great prophecy has foretold the return of the Burning Legion, who seek to destroy Azeroth once and for all.

For 10,000 years you have roamed the Emerald Dream, awaiting the day for your return to lead your people against the demons. However, you feel that the world has changed much during your absence. Despite Nordrassil being heavily guarded and Illidan the Betrayer sealed deep within his prison, you sense something terribly wrong that threatens your people's survival from the coming invasion.

Your mind is left in doubt, and the Prophecy's fulfillment draws near. Will you make sacrifices to ensure Azeroth's survival from the Burning Legion? Find out as you play Malfurion's Quest, the epic finale in Turnro's series of Warcraft 3 campaigns.

Main Features

Choose Your Own Destiny
Malfurion's Quest will feature two separate story lines, with each providing different units, heroes, items, and much more. The campaign currently contains the complete Highborne story with the Sentinel path coming out in v2.0.

New Custom Race: The Highborne
This campaign will give you the opportunity to play as a fully new custom race: the Highborne. This mystical faction's strength lies with their powerful spells and their deep knowledge in arcane magics.

New Boss Fights
Malfurion's Quest features several boss fights that will test your skill and ability in playing Warcraft 3.

36 maps, including 20 Chapters and 16 Interludes
Note that Malfurion’s Quest is still under development. The current version has 20 maps.

New Feature: Pouch Utility
Drop items into Malfurion's pouch throughout the campaign, allowing you to hold onto additional items for later use.

New Heroes, Units, Spells, Items, and more!

Night Elves and their allies

Malfurion Stormrage
Malfurion Stormrage was the first night elf druid, and is an inspiring ruler amongst his people. He is wise, righteous and willing to help others in great times of need. His powers over nature are second to the demigod Cenarius who taught him the ways of Druidism.
With the Oracle’s Prophecy drawing near, Malfurion awakens from a nightmare haunted by the Burning Legion’s arrival and the destruction of the world. With doubt in his mind regarding the perils and the shattered society of the elves, Malfurion must find a way to combat the Legion while facing his own demons or embracing them.
Will he struggle to unite the land against the Legion while fighting his doubts and fears that hunger for his powers at every step? Or will he sacrifice everything he once stood for to ensure the destruction of the Legion while consuming corrupted powers to further his ambitions? The Fate of Malfurion rests in your hands.
Tyrande Whisperwind
Tyrande is the passionate and occasionally rash leader of the night elf Sentinels. She is also the High Priestess of the Moon and worships Elune with total adoration. She’s a cunning leader who commands the Sentinels to fight restlessly against the spreading corruption in Kalimdor. After the events in Jeopardy of the Horde, Tyrande focuses her efforts on building a stable defense around Astrannar while planning an offense against the seemingly unstoppable forces of Satyrs who pose a serious threat in Ashenvale.
She loves Malfurion Stormrage and will do anything to help him. Tyrande is a caring soul at her core. She is decisive and may take courses of actions that others find disagreeable, but always has the well-being of Kalimdor at the forefront of her thoughts.
Cenarius is one of the most powerful Demigods in Azeroth and the leader of the Cenarian Circle. He is crafty, powerful and has a strong connection with the natural parts of the world. The Cenarian Circle is an elite group of forces who uphold the balance in Kalimdor and seek to purify the land’s corruption and maintain balance in the world.
It is Cenarius who first taught Malfurion druidism and appointed him as his apprentice. He is a proud creature with tremendous power over nature, being able to command the forests, heal his armies in battle and summon powerful ancients to his aid. His military skills are effective as well as his strategies, often taking and considering advices from his most trusted people.
Faradrella is one of the only few daughters who is close to Cenarius. She has a great fund for nature and life, despite that this obsession of hers can get to her comrades. While her father is calm and composed, Faradrella comes as annoying both to her enemies and her allies. She often rushes and makes brash decisions which have lead the Cenarian Circle to repeatedly save her from grim situations she creates for herself.
Her powers, however, are very effective which is why the Circle needs her aid in certain operations throughout Ashenvale.
Velinde Starstrike
Velinde is a profound general of the Guardians. She coordinates the defenses at Mount Hyjal and has sworn to defend Nordrassil’s grounds for nearly ten thousand years. Brave and daring, Velinde has a pride unmatched in Kalimdor. She’s intelligent, quick, has brilliant military tactics and uses the terrain to her advantage.
She’s loyal to her guardians and very cautious to anyone who steps near Mount Hyjal including the Sentinels themselves. Velinde dislikes the new Night Elf society thinking that it’s become a shadow of its former self, becoming too weak and unable to protect Nordrassil. Velinde refuses to send reinforcements in the South to fight against the corrupting threat proffering to fortify the defenses at Mount Hyjal.
Ysera the Dreamer, aspect of the green dragonflight. She is the guardian of the Emerald Dream, a spiritual world that exists outside the boundaries of the physical world. As one of the guardians of Azeroth, Ysera is both wise and vigorous, upholding her duty to the best of her abilities. She sustains the Emerald Dream through her tremendous power, granting the Night Elves and the Cenarian Circle mystical abilities that aid them in fighting against their foes. Due to recent disasters in Azeroth and the imminent threat on Kalimdor, the Cenarian Circle attempted to awaken Ysera and her dragon flights to aid in the defence against the Legion. Ysera however did not awake despite the Druid’s attempts and now they are forced to seek help from other parts of the land.
Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, aspect of the red dragonflight, is the guardian of all life in the world of Azeroth. Compassionate and wise, Alexstrasza treasures life in all its forms. She prefers peace and solitude, although she will defend her lands with all her power against any who threaten them without due cause.
Nozdomu the Timeless One, aspect of the bronze dragonflight and the guardian of time. Nozdormu is tasked with ensuring that the flow of time occurs normally, without interruption, and that events happen as they are fated. To accomplish this mission. Nozdormu is closely associated with time itself and is the very soul of patience.
Jarod Shadowsong
A former commander of the night elves. Jarod's ability to inspire others and thoughtful leadership tactics earned him a high level of respect among his people during the War of the Ancients. Shortly after the great war ended, the profound commander lessened his presence within night elven society, reluctant to continue living under the pressures of leadership that was highly expected of him. Jarod is humble, modest and is able to remain resilient in the face of extreme danger.

The Burning Legion

Kil'jaeden the Deceiver
Leader of the Burning Legion and the main villain of the story. After having secured his power over the Legion, he now plans to invade Azeroth and consume the magical energies that flow beneath the World Tree. It is his dark will to destroy the mortal world and take revenge on the Night Elves who defeated the Legion 10.000 years ago. Kil’jaeden is cunning, demanding and has grown confident to believe that he is capable of accomplishing a task that even Sargeras could not. His paranoia however keeps him from throwing his full power in Azeroth as he believes there are others who will conspire to take his place as soon as he lets his guard down and exhaust his powers. Witty and powerful, Kil’jaeden is a very calculated Warlock keeping a close watch on the other members of the Burning Legion.
Kazzak the Supreme
Leader of the Doomguards, a race of demons usually positioned as captains or generals He servers as Kil’jaeden’s right hand and leading commander of the Burning Legion. Kazzak is ruthless and bloodthirsty yet extremely loyal to his master which is probably why Kil’jaeden assigns him with important tasks regarding his armies. He wields the legendary Warblade of Archimonde into battle that has the power to crush through anything which stands in its path. Kazzak is a demon of a few words but his demonic energy surpasses almost everyone in the Legion.
Lord Jaraxxus
An influential demon who took Kil’jaeden’s place as leader in the eredar after Kil’jaeden took control of the Burning Legion. Jaraxxus is vengeful and opinionated, yet he has a strong sense of belief that the Burning Legion will succeed in their endeavours on Azeroth. He is especially close to Mother Shahraz, who he was able to bring into the fold bolstering the Legion significantly. Jaraxxus cares about his people and works towards building a sustainable and secure future for the eredar where they remain in power across the Twisted Nether.
Mother Shahraz
A charismatic Shivarra of the Burning Legion. She is devoted to the will of Kil’jaeden, and is very good at inspiring her troops into battle. The Shivarra are tasked with spying operations throughout the Twisted Nether and are mostly needed for infiltration missions which provide the Burning Legion with crucial information on the status within the demon realm. Despite the fact that the Shivarras prefer espionage to brute fighting, they are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield making them perfect spell casters in the backline of the Legion. When not serving Kil'jaeden, Shahraz spends much of her time with Lord Jaraxxus.
A skeptical and devious demon. He is the only surviving dreadlord who aided Tichondruis the Darkener in their attempt to destroy Azeroth. Now that he has returned to the Twisting Nether, Varimathras' interests have changed from conquering worlds to maintaining the fallen Nathrezim. He dislikes taking orders from the arrogant Mephistroth, the new leader of the Nathrezim, who he sees as a puppet to Kil'jaeden's evil schemes.
An ill-tempered Pitlord and ruler of Outland. His hate for Kil’jaeden drives him to reconsider his services to the warlock, though his power is not strong enough in comparison. He schemes behind Kil’jaeden’s back and strongly suspects that the warlock trapped Azgalor on Azeroth to end his reign, enforcing Magtheridon’s hatred and suspicion. He sees himself as a powerful leader who is better fit to lead the Burning Legion, but despises the fel orcs who he believes are unfit to be more than mere servants of the Legion. He resides at the Black Citadel in Outland.
Eredon the Illusionist
One of Kil’jaeden’s most loyal servants and the reason behind the Legion’s success in Azeroth. Eredon acts behind the scenes as a perfect infiltrator and spy for the Legion. Kil’jaeden found him in the Twisted Nether as he overcame challenges that his kin were faced with. His methods were unorthodox however as Eredon relied more on trickery and manipulation than brute strength and direct sorcery. This made him an eredar of great power, capable of confusing his enemies by creating multiple copies of himself. Such a feat impressed Kil’jaeden appointing Eredon as his top confidant even more so than Jaraxxus. After aiding his master overthrow the Legion's previous leader, Azgalor, he now resides on Azeroth, helping prepare the arrival of the Legion into the mortal world.
After betraying his own brother, Kil’jaeden appointed Mephistroth as the new leader of the Nathrezim. Cunning and powerful, the new dreadlord leader follows Kil’jaeden’s commands closely and remains vigilant of the other members of the Order who may not agree with him.
Balnazzar is a cunning and fierce warrior of the Nathrezim. Since Mephistroth's rise to leadership, Balnazzar has been forced to question his loyalty to the Nathrezim who have become a vessel for Kil'jaeden in his goal of destroying Azeroth. In order to reclaim the Nathrezim, Balnazzar has sided with Varimathras with a secret plot to free their order from the Legion's dominion.
Smolderas the Gatekeeper
Smolders is an ancient firelord who has served the Burning Legion for many centuries. While he is not of demonic heritage, he shares the Legion's vision of eradicating all life and takes great pleasure in doing so. It was Sargaras himself who brought the firelord into the fold although his reasons for doing so remain unknown. Despite his heritage and undeniable loyalty, Kil’jaeden does not think highly of him as he’s often given lesser positions than Kil’jaeden’s own lieutenants which furthers the firelord’s outrage. Nonetheless, Smolderas serves as an ideal lieutenant though he is known for his hot temper and has little patience towards his subordinates.

Independent Forces

Illidan Stormrage
Malfurion’s twin brother, and imprisoned since the end of the War of the Ancients due to the creation of the new Well of Eternity. Maiev Shadowsong and her Watchers were originally assigned to keep him imprisoned, but since their departure, Illidan has been able to escape. With a deep hunger for magic, Illidan now seeks to reclaim himself by using the Burning Legion’s own power against them.
He is a troubled and reckless individual who tries to leave his mark on the world through his actions. Having a new goal in mind in order to avert the Oracle’s Prophecy in his own way, Illidan focuses on acquiring various sources of power to combat the Legion seeking redemption and acknowledgement from Tyrande and the society which casted him out. However, Illidan often clashes with his brother who has his own plan on eliminating the demon threat.
Kath'ranis Remar
Kath’ranis was a promising Night Elf scholar who studied the ancient arts of sorcery and began practicing them with his brothers. Escaping the Night Elf society along with his fellow scholars who followed his ways, Kath’ranis established his own cult worshipping the arcane magic as Highborne believing that their new powers will restore the Night Elves to glory.
Using the chaos in Kalimdor as an advantage Kath’ranis and his newly found Highborne acted discreetly to increase their numbers and strength by converting and absorbing demonic energies.
Kath’ranis is dedicated to his people and humble towards his allies, yet feared by his enemies.
Exiled One
His name is long forgotten, and there are only rumors and tales surrounding the ancient being known as The Exile. When Sargaras began his conquest on other worlds, The Exile’s home was one of the first to fall. Some claim that The Exile betrayed his own world in order to gain favor of the Dark Titan. Impressed by his mindset and abilities, Sargeras appointed him as one of his top lieutenants. However, the Exile One's great power and its origin was seen as a threat to Zaelthrun who could not allow a being outside the Burning Legion to take the mantle of a leader. As a result, Zaelthrun and the Nathrezim trapped the Exiled One in secret and branded him a traitor, claiming that it was the Exile’s plot for revenge that led to the death of the Legion's other lieutenants such as Mannoroth and Archimonde. Being trapped forever, his imprisonment would become his very name that other demons would whisper about
Zaelthrun the Harbinger
Zaelthrun the Harbinger was the first Nathrezim leader appointed by Sargeras himself. While his memory has been forgotten throughout the millenniums, most Dreadlords claim that only Tichondrius the Darkener had come close to matching Zaelthrun’s power. His death forced the Nathrezim Order to choose a new leader and led to constant debates among themselves. As a result, Zaelthrun’s death was left a mystery while the others strive to take control.
Medivh is the last Guardian of Tirisfal, an ancient line of protectors bestowed with great powers to do battle with the agents of the Burning Legion. Legends say that the Guardian’s tactics are planned and precise, though he prefers to attack his enemies at great range with powerful spells. Shrouded in mystery, the hooded prophet has involved himself in more of Azeroth’s affairs ever since Azgalor’s death. His motives, however, remain unknown.
Azshara is the queen of the naga and former ruler of the kaldorei. Charismatic and beautiful, Azshara outwardly portrayed herself as a kind, generous, loving monarch who adored her people and her empire with all her heart. In truth, however, she was a vain, cruel, power-hungry narcissist who cared for herself above all else. During the Great Sundering, Azshara sold herself and her highborne to the Old Gods in order to save their lives, transforming them from night elves into the serpentine naga. Bitter and vengeful, the former queen has spent the last ten thousand years building her naga into a mighty empire, eagerly awaiting the day of her return to rule the world once more.

Map Development

Prologue - The Oracle's Prophecy (COMPLETED)
Chapter 1 - A Destiny Unravels (COMPLETED)
Chapter 2 - Trail of the Betrayer (COMPLETED)
Interlude - Council of the Legion (COMPLETED)

Good Story Path
Evil Story Path
Chapter 3 - Ending the Chase (COMPLETED)
Interlude - Path of the Exiled (COMPLETED)
Chapter 4 - Spread of the Corruption (COMPLETED)
Interlude - Fear of the Prophecy (COMPLETED)
Interlude - The Return to Azeroth (COMPLETED)
Chapter 5 - Search for the Demigod (COMPLETED)
Chapter 5 Bonus - The Restless Dead (COMPLETED)
Chapter 5 Bonus - Ruins of Zin-Azshari (COMPLETED)
Interlude - Rise of the Nathrezim (COMPLETED)
Chapter 6 - Cave of Shadows (COMPLETED)
Interlude - Battle Preparations (COMPLETED)
Chapter 7 - Cries of the Aspects
Chapter 7 Bonus - Realm of the Tides
Interlude - Dangerous Crossroads
Chapter 8 - The Eternal Nightmare
Interlude - Demons of the Past
Chapter 9 - Final Conflicts
Chapter 10 - The Defense of Nordrassil
Chapter 11 - Light and Darkness
Chapter 3 - An Arch Druid Reborn (COMPLETED)
Interlude - The Yearn for Magic (COMPLETED)
Chapter 4 - Assault on Astranaar (COMPLETED)
Chapter 5 - Tragic Farewell (COMPLETED)
Interlude - Lying in Deceit (COMPLETED)
Chapter 6 - War at Mount Hyjal (COMPLETED)
Interlude - Battle for Tomorrow (COMPLETED)
Chapter 7 - Shattered Skies (COMPLETED)
Chapter 7 Bonus - Remnants of the Ancients (COMPLETED)
Interlude - Pillars of Power(COMPLETED)
Chapter 8 - Howling Treachery (COMPLETED)
Interlude - Unexpected Measures(COMPLETED)
Chapter 9 - Ysera's Heart (COMPLETED)
Chapter 10 - The Last Guardian (COMPLETED)
Chapter 11 - Darkness and Sorrow(COMPLETED)
Epilogue (COMPLETED)

Testing/Polishing Stage - (0% COMPLETE)


Tech-Tree Changes

New Units

SENTRY - Tier-1 melee unit with supportive spells. Has the Shadow Meld, Elune's Blessing and Swiftness of Elune abilities. Can be trained at the Ancient of War.
FURBOLG SHAMAN - Supportive spell-caster with the Barkskin, Lightning Shield and Healing Totemspells. Can be trained at the Ancient of Lore.
STALKER - Melee stealth unit. Has the Shadow Meld, Critical Strike, and Evasion abilities. Can be trained at the Den of Shadows.
JAILOR - Tactical ranged unit with a poision attack. Has the Shadow Meld, Ensnare, and Blink abilities. Can be trained at the Den of Shadows.

New Building
DEN OF SHADOWS - Stealth unit training building. Trains Stalkers and Jailors, as well as containing the Permanent Invisibility, Ensnare and Blink upgrades.

New Upgrades
ELUNE'S BLESSING - Grants Sentries with the Elune's Blessing ability, which allows them to recover 250 lost hit points per use.
LUNAR UPGRADE - Upgrades Archers into Lunar Archers, permanently increasing their hit points by 100 and damage by 3. Lunar Archers also have access to the Moon Arrows ability, which allows them to deal area-of-effect damage to enemy units. Hippogryph Riders also benefit from the additional damage and Moon Arrows ability.
SWIFTNESS OF ELUNE - Grants Sentries with the Swiftness of Elune ability, which increases the attack and movement speed of a single-target friendly unit for 45 seconds. This ability is auto-cast.
ETHEREAL FORM - Allows Faerie Dragons to transition in and out of ethereal form. Ethereal units are immune to physical damage but cannot attack.
FURBOLG SHAMAN ADEPT/MASTER TRAINING - Increases Furbolg Shamans' mana capacity, mana regeneration rate, hit points, and grants them Lightning Shield/Healing Totem.
PERMANENT INVISIBILITY - Permanently upgrades Stalkers to be invisible. However, Stalkers will break their invisibility while engaged in combat.
ENSNARE - Allows Jailors to trap enemy units and bound air units to the ground.
BLINK - Grants Jailors with the ability to teleport in and out of combat.

Other Changes
  • Huntresses now start off with the Moon Glaive upgrade automatically
  • Glaive Throwers have a new skin and icon
  • The Marksmanship upgrade for Archers has been removed in favor for the Lunar Upgrade
  • Mountain Giants now start off with Resistant Skin automatically upgrade

Legendary Items

Find all 8 legendary items while playing Malfurion's Quest v1.4b in Hard difficulty:

Gem of Power
Increases the mana capacity of the Hero by 200 and mana regeneration by 25% when worn.
Wand of Feedback
Increases the attack damage of the Hero by 10. The Hero's attacks also destroy 12 mana per hit against any unit, causing bonus damage equal to the mana destroyed.
Ancient Totem
Increases the Strength and Intelligence of the Hero by 6 when worn.
Shield of Darkness
Increases the Hero's armor by 5 when worn. Also reduces all piercing and magic damage dealt to the Hero by 33%.
Moon Orb
Increases nearby ranged units' damage by 10%. Also increases the Strength, Agility and Intelligence of the Hero by 5.
Sphere of Nature
Increases the hit points of the Hero by 300 and regeneration by 4 hit points per second.
Master Scepter of Healing
Grants the ability to heal a friendly unit for 400 hit points. Also increases the Intelligence of the Hero by 12.
Orb of the Void
Increases the Strength, Intelligence, and Agility of the Hero by 10, and blocks a spell from hitting the Hero every 40 seconds.


NOTE: This list of credits reflects only the resources used in Malfurion's Quest Version 1.4.1b.


STORY DEVELOPMENT: Turnro with FallenStar

Blizzard Entertainment
Ujimasa Hojo
Champara Bros

Blizzard Entertainment
Dan van Ohllus
Apheraz Lucent
Dan van Ohllus
Darkmoon Hero
Blood Raven
Raging Ent
The Panda

Blizzard Entertainment - WORLD OF WARCRAFT, STARCRAFT 2
Jo Blankenburg - GARADORS FLIGHT
Soundcritters - DARK TIDES
Ian Livingston - BIONICLE HEROES
Mikolai Stroinski - TESHAM MUTNA
Henry Beckett and Keith Zizza - ZEUS: MASTER OF OLYMPUS
Nick Phoenix - THE LAST STAND


Paladon – Malfurion’s Lifesurge spell
NFWar – Kath’ranis’ Crystallization spell
Maker – Illidan’s Fel Rush spell
Chenralstrasz – Original logo design


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Level 16
Dec 8, 2009
It has taken a while, but I have finally created a map forum for Malfurion's Quest for all your info during the campaign's development progress!

It has been a long time since the Demo Version was released, and so I apologize to all players if I have been slow. I do not have as much time to work on Warcraft 3 campaigns as I used to, but that hasn't stopped me from working on Malfurion's Quest :)

Above all, I hope you all enjoy the next map I have finished for Warcraft 3 :)
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Jul 19, 2011
At last, I wanted this so much, and i found 1 bug, i can walk out and in the Force Wall, and how much time am I supposed to wait for Malfurion to destroy this generator?
Level 16
Dec 8, 2009
At last, I wanted this so much, and i found 1 bug, i can walk out and in the Force Wall, and how much time am I supposed to wait for Malfurion to destroy this generator?

You can walk in and out of the force wall? I'll have a look into this.

In answer to your question, Malfurion will destroy the generator once you have survived all three waves of Wildkin.

Nice thread,Turnro,and can you updates the campaigne by the screenshots.

Some screenshots would be good. I'm still anxious to see what those choices be good at? It seems that Malfurion is quite undecided:/ Anyway good luck Turno.

Yes, some screenshots will be needed. I just didn't have the time yesterday to create and upload them. However, I will be doing that within the next day or so.
Level 16
Dec 8, 2009
i have one question turnro.in this campaigne do you will do voices actor or something?

That idea is being left for now. If I wanted to implement voice acting into this campaign, I will first need all the dialogue for all the maps done and finalized. Because I am only making one map at a time, work could only commence once the beta version of the entire campaign is complete.

I killed them and waited +10 mins and nothing happened.

Don't worry :) I have found the bug testing Chapter 3 earlier today. I will be updating the Chapter on this forum very shortly.

Hi Turnro when i finish doing the forcefield to stop faradrella.but i don't find any items of ensare.

Oops. Sorry to confuse you, but you are supposed to use the Fire Cage ability Malfurion has to capture Faradrella, not Ensnare. I will change the text in the map to better clarify what to do for future players.
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Deleted member 212788

Hey, this is finally on it's way. Awesome. really enjoyed the other ones, was fun to go back to the warcraft 3 roots and what made the game great.
Level 16
Dec 8, 2009
After receiving useful feedback, I have included some screenshot of Chapter 3 into the forum, as well as vastly improve the forum's look.

In addition, I have fixed the major bugs that have been found in the new map so far. While I won't keep patch notes for these changes (because the map hasn't been included in the Demo version yet), I will write them down here for those who are interested:

- Proof-read over all dialogue
- Fixed a bug where the Generator wouldn't get destroyed once the last Wildkin was killed
- The Forcewall during the second quest (the Defiled Fountain) can no longer be walked through by the player's units
- Fixed a bug which prevented Clerics from using Heal on Malfurion
- Fixed a bug which prevented Arcane Explosion from damaging nearby enemy units
- Changed the Faradrella quest description from "Use Ensnare" to "Use Fire Cage"
- Fixed an exploit which allowed Malfurion to be continuously healed by Rejuvenation while he is destroying the Generator
Level 20
Apr 5, 2012
Wow, i really liked the chapter three, as well i do with the others two chapters, i don't find any bug, maybe because i downloaded the newest version. Also, the tech-tree is nice and well done, i liked the way you fit the building for them.

Good work Turnro! I can't wait to see the sentinel version, to my sight will be better, i liked the way to change Malfurion, it's nice, but is get me angry :c
Level 16
Dec 8, 2009
Good work Turno,I like the Screenshots.Keep working like that.

Wow, i really liked the chapter three, as well i do with the others two chapters, i don't find any bug, maybe because i downloaded the newest version. Also, the tech-tree is nice and well done, i liked the way you fit the building for them.

The changes are good! Good job Turnro!

Thanks guys. Happy you all like the changes I have done :)
Level 3
Mar 2, 2014
ahh i see you have a highbourne version of the map and a sentinel version of the map. That will add a lot of replaybility. Once it comes out i will probaly try out the high bourne side of the campaing and do the sentinel campaign afterwards. Are you gonna add more decisions?
Level 3
Oct 5, 2008
Took me a while to complete chapter 3, very well done. Catching that enchantress from escaping was quite challenging, i must've reloaded 10+ times. Nice thread.
Level 16
Dec 8, 2009
ahh i see you have a highbourne version of the map and a sentinel version of the map. That will add a lot of replaybility. Once it comes out i will probaly try out the high bourne side of the campaing and do the sentinel campaign afterwards. Are you gonna add more decisions?

Probably not. Because Malfurion's Quest already has 18 Chapters in planning, adding more decisions that branch off from the main storyline would only increase the time it takes to finish the campaign.

Also, thanks for informing me about the Ensnare description bug :)
Level 3
Oct 5, 2008
I feel like Malfurion is going same path as his brother did 10000 years ago. Slowly losing his mind, soon fully addicted to magic, he is gonna forgot his purpose to gain power in first place. This is going to be interesting, Highbourne.
Level 2
Oct 4, 2013
They may head towards similar path but the reasons are not the same. One has an uncontrollable lust for power while the other seeks power to protect his homeland. I think Malfurion is too wise to have the demonic nature to influence him. There may be a way to purge its demonic component enabling Malfurion to become a demi-god but that will depend on the author ;)
Level 7
Dec 9, 2012
They may head towards similar path but the reasons are not the same. One has an uncontrollable lust for power while the other seeks power to protect his homeland. I think Malfurion is too wise to have the demonic nature to influence him. There may be a way to purge its demonic component enabling Malfurion to become a demi-god but that will depend on the author ;)

but he killed some of his people and he had destroyed the timbermaw furbolgs will the night elves forgive him i dont think so specialy when he captured a dryad a daughter of cenarius.
Level 16
Dec 8, 2009
Thanks for all the support so far guys :)

The next map of Malfurion's Quest, Chapter 3 Sentinel version, will be ready for testing by the 3rd April. I have updated the forum to clarify this, as well as updated the credits section.
Level 1
Oct 9, 2013
When you are leveling Kath'ranis's abilities, his W has Level 1,level 2 and level2, which is supposed to be 3
Level 16
Dec 8, 2009
Hey guys,

Just a quick post to say that the next map for Malfurion's Quest has been postponed to the 6th April. I have been busy with life in general, but the map will definitely be done and ready for testing by this date.
Level 3
Feb 2, 2014
oh I almost forgot to ask you something turnno.

In this alternate history created by you.
Why they have not done their archimonde and mannroth appearance?
* I wonder who happened to those two demons of the abyss?
* thanks for reading ... and have a nice day.
Level 3
Oct 5, 2008
If you have played his other 3 campaigns or read his comments there, you would know. His stories does not follow nor imitate main Warcraft story.