Magi Deathmatch Arena v1.2

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Version 1.2

From the creator that brought you Damage Team Survival, comes a new PvP orientated projectile Deathmatch game:

Magi Deathmatch Arena

Quick Map Summary:
This map pits each player in a free-for-all fight using a projectile based damage system. Spells must be learned by picking up magical tomes from spawn pads and you must take aim with your shots against enemy players. Expect dirty tactics such as kill stealing, on-the-fly alliances and stun-locking - all's fair in love and war! Once a player reaches 5 kills on the current map, a new one is chosen. After 5 maps have been played, the player with the most kills wins - or an additional sudden death mode is played should there be a tie*. Use you items and abilities to the best of your skill and emerge victorious!

This game is fully compatible with any number of players or even AI opponents. The host can also be whatever colour he wants to be and still retain the rights to kick players (by typing "-kick [color]". Players who leave the game are automatically taken over by the AI.

When the game begins, you will have the option to choose from 1 of 5 different character classes. Each one has a set of base stats with one additional perk, plus a different starting spell.
Base Stats are as follows...
Health: 500
Health Regeneration: 0/sec
Maximum Mana: 10
Mana Regeneration: +0.75/sec
Movement Speed: 270

The blood elf magi are attuned to magic much more so than their counterparts, giving them a natural affinity for regaining their power at a greater rate. She favours fire.
Bonus: +0.55 Mana Regen/sec
Starting Spell: Firebolt

A goblin fitted with mechanical enhancements, making him exceptionally fast. He even fitted himself with a rudimentary shielding system.
Bonus: +180 Movement Speed.
Starting Spell: Reflective Shield

Undead servants with unnatural longevity. The undeath of this particular magi gives him a peculiar ability to self regenerate. The cold of the grave is this magi's speciality.
Bonus: +1.5/sec Health Regeneration.
Starting Spell: Frostbolt

Demonically enhanced magi from the nether, they have an unusually resilient form for a spell caster. Brute force is favoured by this monster of a mage.
Bonus: +100 maximum health
Starting Spell: Forcebolt

Mana Scion
Dragonkin magi with an born talent for the arcane. Their mental fortitude grants them the ability to use much more demanding combos of spells. The arcane is a key teaching of this magi.
Bonus: +2 maximum mana.
Starting Spell: Arcane Bolts

Throughout each arena you will play, various "spawn pads" can be found. Each pad will spawn an item on top of it depending on what colour the pad is.
Green: Book of Stunbolt
Red: Book of Firebolt
Purple: Book of Arcane Bolts
Orange: Book of Forcebolt
Blue: Book of Frostbolt
White: Random Book or Orb of Lightning
Black: Blink Shard or Reflection Rune or Drainer Wards or Disruptor Ward or Reversal Module

There are also health and mana runes that will spawn from a killed player - be sure to grab them quick as they can easily be stolen by a nearby opportunist!

When you pick up a Book, your mage will learn the spell contained in that book, allowing you to cast that spell as many time as you want. However, if you die all your spells will be reset when you respawn!
If you already own the spell contained in the book, then your spell rank will advance by 1, improving the damage and other stats of the skill.
The maximum rank of a spell is 3. If you are already rank 3 with a spell, then a "Special" will trigger. Depending on the spell, a different special will trigger.

Firebolt Special: Firebolt Explosion! 10 firebolts are launched in a circle around you.
Stunbolt Special: Stunbolt Volley! 10 stunbolts are launched in a circle around you.
Frostbolt Special: Frostbolt Volley! 10 frostbolts are launched in a circle around you.
Forcebolt Special: Forcebolt Eruption! 10 forcebolts are launched in a circle around you.
Arcane Bolts Special: Arcane Disruption! 20 arcane bolts are launched in a circle around you.
Blink Special: Speed Boost! Your speed is set to 522 for 15 seconds.
Reflective Shield Special: Mass Reversal! Every projectile on the map reverses direction and changes ownership to you.
Lightning Mines Special: Mine Layer! 3 mines are placed at your current location.

For details on what each projectile does, see the next section on Offensive Spells.

Magi Deathmatch Arena's offensive spells (with the exception of Lightning Mines) are all projectile based and must be aimed at your opponents. The details of each spell is shown below.

Firebolt (Hotkey: A)
Mana Cost: 4
Cooldown: 0
Damage: 72/153/210
Shoots a burning fire projectile at medium speed and range. If you hit, the target is ignited, taking damage over time. If the target is already on fire - either by you or someone else - the total damage of the fireball damage is dealt instantly.
Ranking up this ability improves the damage and burn time of the firebolt.

Stunbolt (Hotkey: G)
Mana Cost: 3/2/1
Cooldown: 4
Damage: 20/40/60
Fires a low damage fel meteor projectile at the target. A successful hit will stun the target for 3 seconds, making it a good choice for an opening spell.
Ranking up this spell reduces the mana cost and increases the speed and maximum range of the projectile.

Frostbolt (Hotkey: F)
Mana Cost: 3
Cooldown: 0
Damage: 50/100/150
Fires a fast moving and long range frost projectile at the target. A direct hit will deal moderate damage and slow the movement speed of the target by 60% for 8 seconds.
Ranking up this spell improves the damage.

Forcebolt (Hotkey: W)
Mana Cost: 3
Cooldown: 3.5
Damage: 10/20/30 (+40/80/120)
Shoots a fast moving but very short range bolt of pure force out to the target. The projectile explodes when it collides or expires, damaging and knocking away all enemies in contact with the explosion. The explosion does minor damage, but a direct hit from this projectile causes additional bonus damage.
Ranking up this spell improves the damage.

Arcane Bolts (Hotkey: D)
Mana Cost: 4
Cooldown: 4
Damage: 15/30/45 (x5)
Fires a cone of 5 very fast moving short range projectiles towards the target. This spell deals exceptionally high damage if the user manages to make multiple projectiles collide at once, and otherwise is very easy to aim with on low health targets.
Ranking up this spell will improve the damage.

Lightning Mine (Hotkey: T)
Mana Cost: 8
Cooldown: 10
Duration: 120 sec
Damage: 8/16/24 (x12)
Creates an invisible lightning trap at the target point. The mine takes 5 seconds to arm itself (indicated by mana bar) at which point it will trigger itself when the next enemy comes close. The mine damages enemies by unleashing a flurry of lightning balls at its victim. The mine can be destroyed though by enemy attacks and has only 50 health.
Ranking up this spell will improve the damage.

In addition to offensive spells, there is also a selection of Utility spells/items that you can use to keep yourself alive.

Utility spells and items are typically found on the Black Spawn Pads but can also drop from players if they were carrying one in the case of items.

Blink Shard: Teaches you Blink. Blink allows you to teleport a short distance. The cooldown of the spell reduces with each rank you earn (10/6/2 seconds).

Reflection Rune: Teaches you Reflective Shield. When cast, you are granted a protective shield which gives a chance to reflect enemy incoming projectiles, bouncing them away from you and gives you ownership of them should they hit enemies. Higher ranks of this spell improve the duration and chance to reflect.

Drainer Wards: An item, and will drop from a player if killed. Allows you to deploy 3 wards with 75 health that drain nearby enemy mana. The wards are also capable of blocking projectiles.

Disruptor Ward: An item, and will drop from a player if killed. Allows you to deploy a 750 health ward at the target point that prevents spell casting when too close. The ward also redirects all nearby projectiles towards itself until it expires or is killed.

Reversal Module: An item, and will drop from a player if killed. When used, all projectiles in a large radius around your magi turn about and change ownership. Results in some spectacular kills if you time it with an enemy Book special.

Rune of Healing: Created when a player is killed. Instantly heals you for 100 health.

Rune of Replenishment: Created when a player is killed. Instantly recovers all mana and resets all your ability cooldowns.

Magi Deathmatch Arena is a free-for-all game, meaning all players are considered enemies with each other - if it moves and it's not you, kill it!

When the game begins, a random map is selected by the game to be played. There are a total of 14 maps, each with a unique layout and special features.
The maps are listed below.

The Spam Box: A very small map with a huge amount of pick ups and items.

Incinerator: A map that has a central area filled with utility pickup points. However, a trap can be sprung to burn people who linger in this area for too long!

Long Yard: A basic map. The shape of the map encourages long range projectiles due to its tight and straight corridors.

One-Way Streets: This map contains 2 "Flow Zones" that redirect all projectiles to move towards the direction of the flow.

Downflow: A large amount of deep water restricts movement, but allows projectiles to pass. However, downward pointing flow zones make aiming difficult.

Waterworks: A large whirlpool room is what crowns this map - sending projectiles spiralling around in the room. There are also 2 large caches of pickups situated at the disadvantageous bottom of long flow zones.

Mountain-Side Brawl: A basic map. This map contains a large amount of blocking objects making close range duels more profitable than long range shoot outs.

9-Room Knockout: As the title implies, 9 rooms are linked in a rotational pattern. At the corners, teleporters provide quick access to the opposite sides.

Hall of Reflection: The room is populated by Divine Reflectors, which periodically redistribute themselves throughout the room, reflecting all projectiles that come near them. These reflections retain original ownership.

The Flood: All flow zones point to the centre of this + shaped map, but with all the utility pickups being situated at the centre, it becomes increasingly risky to get at those rewards.

Channels: A basic map, but covered in deep water, restricting movement but allowing projectiles to pass. The Blink spell vastly improves the ability to traverse this map, making the utility pickup points a great commodity to fight over.

Stranded: A basic map on an island. Cliff edges and rocks provide blocking for projectiles and the players.

Tower of Power: A spiral ascent brings the players to the top of this tower where a utility pickup can be found. Taking the nearby teleporter will transport the player back to the bottom, allowing a round trip of pickups to be collected on the next ascent.

Mana Scorch: A basic map that has large blue coloured fires at various points of the map. Touching a Mana Fire causes your mage to be instantly drained of all mana - an effect that be easily exploited to your ends by using Forcebolt's knockback.

Sudden Death Arena: An exceptionally tiny map with many projectile blockers. Only 2 random weapon pickups are available on this level, but all players spawn with maxed out offensive spells and are given a free Rune of Reflection.

Once a player reaches 5 kills on the current map, the round ends, all spells are reset and a new map is launched. Once 5 maps have been played, the player with most kills is crowned the winner of Magi Deathmatch Arena.

In the event that 2 or more players are tied for 1st place, a special Sudden Death round is activated. The map picked will always be the Sudden Death Arena, and the first player to score a kill is instantly declared the winner*.

This map is protected.

Credits (Also viewable in game via the Quest Dialogue)
Models/Textures: Dan Van Ohllus, General Frank, Alastor, [email protected]
Preview Image: Thisisdelicious
Systems: Paladon
Artificial Intelligence: Lord Damage with assistance from M0RT.
Beta Testers: Arxos, Thisisdelicious, NaOH, Floris2, Jimi003, KileRatz, debode, tag1080
Special Thanks: Arxos, M0RT, Thisisdelicious.

Version 1.0:
- Initial Release

Version 1.1:
- Fixed a potential projectile break due to invalid calling of bj_wantDestroyGroup.

Version 1.2:
- Fixed computer stunbolts and frostbolts not applying their effects
- Kill messages are now colour coded for your convenience.
- The game will automatically zoom out at the beginning of each round.
- Disruptor Wards now have 750 health, down from 1000.
- The game gives a more appropriate message when a player leaves at the end of the game, rather than stating an AI will take over from them.
- The Round number now displays at the start of a round and shows the number of rounds remaining.
- Changed HiveWorkshop Map Type to "Shooting/FPS".

Current Version Information
Version 1.2:
- Fixed computer stunbolts and frostbolts not applying their effects.
- Kill messages are now colour coded for your convenience.
- The game will automatically zoom out at the beginning of each round.
- Disruptor Wards now have 750 health, down from 1000.
- The game gives a more appropriate message when a player leaves at the end of the game, rather than stating an AI will take over from them.
- The Round number now displays at the start of a round and shows the number of rounds remaining.

Known Issues
* The AI has trouble avoiding Wards if they get cornered by them.
* The Sudden Death Round is currently untested, and cannot be guaranteed to be working.

Free for all, deathmatch, damage, projectile, arena

Magi Deathmatch Arena v1.2 (Map)

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Aug 31, 2009
I'm currently investigating a weird bug where the slow effect of Frostbolts and the Stun effect of Stunbolts aren't actually being applied if cast by a computer player.

Should have a fix for this soon, as I'm near certain was to what is causing it and how to fix it.

Look for an update soon.

EDIT: Updated the version. There's a few bug fixes and some other little general improvements such as player colour coded death messages, auto zooming and round number info. Also nerfed the Disruptor wards a bit.
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