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One of the types of human lumbermills.

Saw mill lumber lumbermill

Lumbermill (Model)

16:33, 6th Aug 2014 MiniMage: Could be useful.
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^I see your comment on every resource :O ARE YOU A BOT?? *clicks report button hundred times*

I can't see View in 3D - button :/ But it's a good variation to the standard lumber mill, it fits countryside better imo. Well done
the circular saw that gets half cut off in the grey wall looks weird to me.

when you make a model like this, its supposed to have an amount of ''interior'' meaning I think you need to at least fully expose the circular saw with a void space around it, other wise its just odd looking.

the wood looked like gold to me too at first, its very bright in color, perhaps try using the wood texture on in game workers so that it better matches what people may be using to harvest for the lumber mill which I would suspect to be peasants.

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Deleted member 219079

Odyssey Online Classic is a mid-evil styled, top-view, 2d online RPG originally released in the early mid-90s. It was the first game of it's kind to use the Visual Basics programming language for a successful online role playing game. Code Mallet has been controlling the server and the game's upkeep for over six years now.
16 years and still running strong!

The source code for the project was released back to the community in hopes that one day a successor will arise from an aspiring developer who understands the game similar to how the Classic branch itself was born.

The current main active multiplayer server is Odyssey Reborn located at


Good feedback! Helps mike a lot :) you have fascinating points about the models wrapping!
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Aug 19, 2014
Cool building I like the wood texture it looks old to me 5/5. Can you make one without team color?
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